Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Suffer little children.....

So far we have seen how Textusa began  the process of systematically destroying a young child whose evidence did not accord with the Textusa vision of the world

Now we are going to look at what she did next.....

Well, what she did next was what she usually does

Roll out the arrows

After all, nothing bullshits the posters like a load of arrows and angles.

Having rambled on like a brain-damaged trigonometry teacher for several pages, she cuts to the chase

''And you know where this really did happen? I tell you where: inside TS’s 11 yr old mind. That’s where all of the above, and then some, really did happen.''

Right. So we have moved on from ''Her family made her do it''. Now we are in ''she invented the whole thing'' territory. It was ''all in her mind'' ?

On she rambles, throwing in some speed calculations - yes, again - and comes up with a theoretical period of time for which she claims the witness could have observed the ''suspect''

Then she issues homework to the troops

Take your own 11 year old
Give her the same length of time
See how much she remembers

I guess her 11 year old couldn't remember enough, because :
''I won’t tell you the result I got from my granddaughter. She’s still in her room crying.''
Did you get that? She has bullied her own grandchild into participating in this farce and reduced her to tears. What a star.

She then spends a long time ridiculing the child for the number of aspects she remembered, reducing them to bullet points. The aim seems to be to humiliate her by making these seem as numerous as possible, hence we encounter sequences like this:

'' that he had no beard;

- that he had no moustache;

- that he was clean shaved;''

....when of course all the child noticed is that the man was clean-shaved. The rest kind of goes with the territory.

She invites her readers to participate in the abuse

'' You don’t believe that she could see that much in so little time? You don’t say…''

Of course, she wants it all ways

'' Please don't forget that we consider TS, as the child she was at the time, to be blameless and unaccountable for any of the actions we've here referred.''
But you said she made up her account.  That it was all in her mind. That does not equate with being TOLD to lie. You can't pat her shoulder with the same hand you just used to punch her in the face, Textusa. That's not how life works

And what of her followers?

Well, by now they were starting to join in. ''Shame!'' they cried, hurriedly explaining that the child wasn't to blame, but fuck it, she was 16 now, she ought to be getting herself out there and shopping her family for the imaginary abuse.

So is that it, was she finished now?

Sadly, no. As we shall see.......


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