Thursday, 1 November 2018

Live, from Twitter.......

And now we're going live to Twitter, where Textusa's fuckwitted campaign about a bastard table enters its 1,750th week.....


  1. Lol!
    It's ridiculous isn't it. Sadly, it's even causing people to actually fall out, which I'm sure Textusa is delighted with.

    1. Apart from being an opportunity to avoid explaining how the claim of abduction would, better than the fact of domestic accident, protect the incognito status of individuals not at ease with themselves, divide ut regnes might be a motive, even if the final rulers are ironically bound to be the protagonists of that either vaudeville or drama.

  2. Why can't Textusa just admit he was wrong about the table as he said he would in his essay if anyone could show proof? (Which someone on twitter did.)
    I suppose it's impossible though as the whole swinging lark comes tumbling down.
    Just keep toughing it out and divert with more bullshit is the only option left available then.

    Is it?

    I know a better way.....RESIGN

  3. Some of the anon comments across the road are blatantly obviously done by Textusa.So much so they are almost embarrassing to read.Cringe worthy ideed.
    One about lifting the table cloth is so obvious,without any attempt at disguise,that it's a joke.
    Maybe Textusa doesn't care anymore and is going into meltdown mode?
    All the recent justified criticism must be getting to him/her.(medical men coming soon?)
    Or maybe his/her feeble minded disciples are too stupid to notice and that's the only audience Textusa cares about.

  4. It's ok folks.. The tablecloth is the crux of the case now...
    As predicted...


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