Sunday, 4 November 2018


Guys, I hope it's okay my bringing this across - let me know if it's not, but it was just too funny not to share



  1. I nearly choked on my steak slice roll there you bastard....oh thats fecking genius.

  2. Hi NT

    I'm just narked that Silvs got a BRT named after her so I've upped me game.
    Oh, and apologies to Nick for his near-death encounter with his steak slice.
    Those bastards always go for yer throat!

    DaveHallCoLtd©®™ BRT Pending

    1. Don't worry, Dave, I'm sure you'll get your own table eventually. In the meantime Brucie is wanking like a theme park chimp because of all the attention. :)

    2. Hi NT

      Great analogy lmfao!
      I feel I have earned my own signature BRT over the years. In fact, I have some weapons grade, industrial strength coach bolts already waiting to nail the bastard tablecloth down on it.

      DaveHallCoLtd©®™ DH-BRT PATENT No.19309

    3. Dave Hall

      Noticed you being very vocal on Twitter just now and agree with every word.

      'So now TPTB resort to brute force, as in "What you gonna do about it?"'

      Hence 'The Cry', a sanctioned broadcast, as if to say: "Of course we know what happened, but this is the nearest you, 'Joe Public', will ever get to an unveiling. Trial? Don't make me laugh."

      Loving the graphics btw.

    4. Agree with you there mate.
      I like Daves Rev sermons too.
      Bet Bennett doesnt though??? ha ha!!
      Go on Dave give the freak some more. Bible bashing nutter!!

      Someone on twitter posted some pics up of Bennett yesterday.
      Christ that hair!! See what Blacksmith means now.Bald with long hair at the sides.
      Baldylocks??? Ive only seen that hair style before in black & white photos!!
      I wish somebody would post a pic of Textusa. Bet they would look very like him.
      For fucks sake,identical twins??? ha ha!!
      Just imagine it for christs sake!!
      Would crack me up!!

  3. As it is an "interlude", let me say that I was an occasional comment maker on T blog, but not properly an "avid reader". I used to read T very rapidly, as one lives only once and time is precious. But when a swift reading started to be impossible due to a mixture of tweets and comments, links to T old posts instead of synthesis, issues without obvious connection and, worst of all, sorts of turf wars against anonymous triple or more masks, I asked for answers to some basic questions that eventually could justify those interminable and gruelling posts. T promised a clarification about evidence supporting his theory, but finally didn't reply, confirming that promises only commit those who believe in them.

    1. Amazing you never got an answer there Anne...just a lot of prevarication from textusa as it waited for its attack dogs to have a pop at you for daring to ask for evidence. It's backed into a corner put down like the confused and possibly doubly incontent creature it resembles.

    2. Hi Anne. I was just thinking about this yesterday, how your question remained unanswered. In fact, it's almost as if everything that's come since then has been a stalling technique - or rather just a cover up attempt; talk enough rubbish and hope everyone forgets completely.
      Says a lot.

  4. Hello Anne. I hope you're well.

    We've talked before about difficulties in getting clear and authoritative statements of fact about Portuguese law. Your contacts have been closer than most.

    The latest, and rather significant, piece of hysteria from Team McCann is explicit:

    "The McCanns’ Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte said: “This will be our final appeal. The basis is the violation of my clients’ fundamental human rights.”

    The ECHR in its official documents states: "The Court does not act as a court of appeal in relation to national courts; it does not rehear cases, it cannot quash, vary or revise their decisions."

    In the UK I could immediately complain to the Law Society or Bar Council under their codes of conduct and ask for clarification. But what does one do in Portugal about a senior lawyer apparently stating an untruth or impossibility?

    Meanwhile, and perhaps by no coincidence, Bennett is apparently on even higher doses of speed in his claims and denials. He and textusa seem to be converging: even when he's dealing with very serious accusations against him, as he is now, instead of confronting the questions at issue he pours out the fictions. Tonight he repeats the garbage about Henri Exton, that he was "head of covert operations for MI5".

    Exton was never "head of covert operations" for MI5; he was never an executive of any operation for MI5; he was never a department head for MI5; he was never a member of MI5. He was a copper. This is all just so imbecilic.

    1. Hello JB!
      Isabelle Duarte is all what a lawyer shouldn't be. I remember it passed my mind in 2010 to tell the MCs "better get another lawyer". ID is strangely convinced she's a righter of wrongs, she instantiates how well the strategy of emotion can work !
      Lacrimal and indignation forbid to think, and especially to think right.
      The Portuguese are a bit like frogs put into cold water slowly heated up. When they realize they're cooked, it's too late. Boiling water is better, it stimulates the jumping reflex.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry if "avid" sounded cheap.

    3. For those, as always, interested in the facts.

      The “D notice” stuff put out by Bennett, Morais, Reis was complete rubbish. I’ve never even bothered to correct them, so risible is the claim.

      As always people can find out for themselves.

      And you can find the original letter here:

      No D (properly DA)notice of any kind was issued in the Exton affair because no DA notices are ever issued for specific events.

      The first paragraph of the threatening letter which made the three heroes, Morais, Bennett and Reis s*** themselves in sequence was an untruth which our little snowflakes fell for because, as I’ve repeated many times, none of them can tell truth from fiction. It was designed to intimidate three very gullible people and it succeeded.

      The letter claimed that publication of “such information is prohibited in the UK by DA notice 5”. It is not prohibited in any way. That is an invention of the hustler who was using Bindmans. Having not been executed by SIS blowpipe poison the three survivors now love it for its Martyr Drama.

      The DA notice reference, which had no relevance to the actual claim and which has no enforcement mechanism, being purely voluntary, was put in to sound threatening and mislead.

      If you read the letter, as Bennett never does, you will see the action threatened had nothing to do with “national security” at all. It was a straightforward civil breach of confidence claim from somebody defending a right to anonymity in view of claimed undercover work. And it referred to a typical piece of overblown MSM junk in the Standard – Bennett’s preferred type of source.

      It had no application to the original panic-monger Morais herself because, of course, UK civil law and the law of confidence does not apply overseas.

      Finally, from the site FAQs:

      “What is meant by ‘slapping a D-Notice on’ something?
      This very dated phrase is still used by some people, and sounds dramatic…”

      It does to myth-making drama queens and liars, yes.

    4. I disagree with you on this one JBS. Exton was former MI5 as per his statement to the Sunday Times . The very same way Cris Steel is former MI5 and now also a private investigator on all things Russian via his company Orbis. That is an established fact.

      ALso what Joana and the others received, yes it is not valid outside of the UK, it was done to intimidate yes but it was in deed a threat counting that people would be too silly to reply precisely that, the UK has no jurisdiction in Portugal although the Internet is not quite regulated as simply as that. Yes D notices are general and not obligatory but the UK media more often than not obliges. Again let's go back to Cris Steele, references to him as a former MI5 are not complied with but you will notice that references to a certain Pablo Miller have been wooshed out of the internet re his relation to Orbis.

      As for Duarte, the word she probably used in Portuguese was Recorrer or Recurso that was more than likely translated to English as an Appeal. Recurso is indeed the correct word to describe what she has done on behalf of her clients , hence there is no grounds for a complaint. I do agree though she is not a very good lawyer. Her legal reazoning is quite mediocre.

    5. Hello anonymous writer.

      Please don't quote newspaper articles at me as sources: it doesn't impress, it demeans you, putting you on a level with Bennett. They are not sources, they are mediums; a medium, by definition, is a non-source. If you claim Exton was MI5 then show me the source evidence please.

      Next.Joana did not receive ANY "notice", either D or DA. The reference copy that she shouted about was a public document quoted by Bindmans with no connection to the event. It appears to have affected you too. I repeat NO NOTICE of any kind was issued. I note, without surprise, that she has never corrected her untruthful claims.

      The issue was one of civil law and confidentiality which, according to Bindmans, had led a court to issue an injunction. That doesn't apply anywhere outside the UK because there is no form of enforcement. The so-called notice is irrelevant because it never existed.

      No, I'm not interested in Chris Steel, nor Sunday Times articles nor "whooshed" anythings, nor Orbis, nor other long strings of "connections" about anything but evidence of your claim. I prefer to stick to the points at issue.

      I have no idea whether your comments on Duarte's language are valuable or not, nor the significance of your use of the word "probably". Anne probably will.

      I'm very sorry but if you intend to reply on the previous matter you'll get no further response from me unless you provide:

      a) Documentary evidence from a known, accepted and reputable UK source proving that Exton was an MI5 agent, since you have made that untrue claim here.

      b)An English translation of what you mean by "it was done to intimidate yes but it was in deed a threat counting that people would be too silly to reply precisely that, the UK has no jurisdiction in Portugal although the Internet is not quite regulated as simply as that."

      c) An acknowledgement of the established facts that D Notices do not exist and that DA notices are Defence Advisories, with no enforcement or penalties for anyone in the UK or anywhere else and that Joana Morais did not receive one.

      Otherwise we are simply wasting each other's time.


    6. JBS, I will reply briefly: The Sunday Times article is based on Exton Statement. The documentary the McCcanns and the Conman has his participation and also his co-"investigator" participation , etc where it is referenced he is former MI5. If you wish to disregard two pieces where Exton himself provided a statement or participated , that is fair enough.

      Regarding the letter with reference to D-Notices , it exists, it is there and I agreed with you that it was an intimidation tool and also agreed regarding the general nature of D notices.

      Regarding the Portuguese words I was merely trying to provide you with an answer to your question, the word "probably" is used for the simple reazon that I have not seen the Portuguese statement and therefore cannot state it as a fact.

      As per your words ,I don't expect a reply nor will I interact with your posts in future since I am not into this type of fighting, but frankly less animosity in your replies would not harm you.

    7. "Appeal" likely translates "recurso", but neither of these words is appropriate : according to the protocol you lodge an "application" with the ECHR.
      Which of the fundamental human rights is/are at stake ?

      ID adores throwing ambiguities to the media, she certainly has a part of responsibility in feeding ignorant journalists with whatever suits her agenda. Concerning the MC case she's in a delicate position since she made fatal mistakes, like confounding a filing order with a judgement, i.e the prosecutor's job with the judge's one.

  5. Has anyone covered the chairs...
    Were extra seats drafted(sic) in.. Were they cushioned..?

    1. Cushioned?
      To hide squeaky bums on the Thursday evening perhaps?

  6. Very clever bit of distraction now from Sextusa.
    Breach of copyright matters.
    He must know he lost the BRT battle good and proper and wants to divert his disciples attention.(and ours)
    Throwing a cloth over the table issue!

  7. Sextusa says his 'ship' is still on course, sailing to the BRT.
    Will not admit he is wrong will he.
    Stubborn and obsessive or what?
    It will eventually go the same way as the Titanic I'm sure.And will probably take his disciples down with him too.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I've just been on twatter and
    seen Silverdoe.Looks like she enjoys a pie or two.
    Reminds me of Nia Jax.
    You wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley.You wouldn't get by!

    1. As opposed to you of course, who is obviously so beautiful you daren't even use your own name, let alone a photo.
      Did you have any contribution requiring brain activity or was it just a release from your arse you needed?

    2. Oh dear..Someone's been on the wine gums.. Shell is lovely inside & out..

    3. Hmm, anonymous.

      I allowed your comment through as it was clearly a cry for help. I imagine it is very stressful for you, wondering what you'll do for a face when Jabba the Hut wants his arse back, but I'm sure you'll manage.

  10. Congratulations on your achievement of reading this blog, getting onto Twitter, then finding your way back without an adult, "anon". Shame such a monumental task left you so exhausted, that it rendered you incapable of writing anything that would warrant further "praise", and that you felt it more constructive than Anne Guedes' comment above.

    Might I suggest you keep away from your mum's sherry, and stick to soft drinks from now on.

    1. Wow! Thank you for your input!

  11. Hi NT.. if I can just leave this here for Tex please, who has gone beyond losing the plot.. And, might accidentally on purpose miss my tweet..
    The 2 pics are 1: taken at different angles.. 2: By different photographers.. 3: 2 different dates..
    The Tapas counter can clearly be seen in Frogs BRT.. I'm not even going to go into sushi..
    One last thing.. Tables can move.. Even BIG ones..

    1. Of course! I am just reading it, but I am only about 2ft in. Another 12ft to go!

  12. ele é nojento refers to the male gender... Tex can't get anything right..
    Off to eat my kebab.. With salad.. I hate sushi..


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