Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Attention-seeking missile

I debated for a while over whether to even respond to this, but I think it has gone far enough.

As you may have seen, Textusa has posted a claim that a daughter of one of his ''team'' was followed home from school and that the incident was reported to the police.

I'm sure it was very distressing for her and clearly reporting it to the police was the right thing to do.

Allowing Textusa to use it for his own ends is, however, NOT the right thing to do.

For idiots like Carla Spade to be making her usual allegations on Twitter is a very silly thing to do. It's also rather hypocritical - she is squealing like a stuck pig at her own details being revealed, yet thinks nothing of falsely claiming that I am Walker and Wright; something she has been doing for over a year.

So bugger off ladies - and Textusa. I have no time for people who would exploit the distress of their own children for the sake of point scoring.

Sad, sad wankers.


Incidentally, Carla, Textusa used your full name on numerous occasions, as on here

Perhaps you should direct your impotent rage at him?


  1. In our times of dictatorship of victimity and strategy of emotion, what chance has a young pretty girl to be followed by a budding saviour in the event of occurring an attempt of abduction, MadeleineMcCanning her ?

  2. Strange how Tex has edited that post since yesterday and removed the police report and certain things..
    If the 'sister's' are unknown then how it can be connected to the case..

    1. I didn't see the original, but I understand he made several references to this blog and it's readers. That was very foolish, which is presumably why he removed them. If anyone captured a copy, do let me know. His blog is already under investigation for harassment, any copies will be passed on to the Google team

  3. It seems obsession is alive and well in Textusa land.
    Instead of possibly sedating their kiddies all the McCanns needed was to read a few of Textusa's missives

  4. If Carla reads this then I'd like her to post the officer in charge of the allegation so I can eliminate myself...Thanks..

  5. I mean, OK, we all have goes at each other but this is just horrible, horrible and makes me wonder whether we're right to go on with stuff that can provoke actions as sick as this. I posted here before how worried I was about Textusa and how vulnerable he might be and now it looks like I'm right again, we've all gone a bit far. I mean I'm so upset I'd better re-phrase this to -

    - piss off texutusa. Looking for a way out are we? - "the police have told me to close this blog down - I don't fear for myself but there are others - great sacrifice - dark lickspittle forces forces are capable of anything - it will soon be time to go now before I answer that question about whether Nick Townsend is dead or alive. You repulsive, lying fraud.

  6. I see Tex has edited the post again but it's still not back to it's original form...No doubt an anonymous will have saved a copy minus certain things.. Vile person.. How low can one go..

  7. What an absolute disgrace this is. Hardly an issue for NT or any of us, I think it's easy enough to prove which country you were in on a certain day.
    The fact textusa needs to sink this low for attention is worrying. If it truly happened, linking it to his pathetic blog is deplorable - especially knowing exactly what that nutter Carla would do with it.
    If it's all lies, well, say no more.
    Yes! I did just consider whether there's any truth in it. Perhaps even the girl is lying? Textusa of all people understands how young girls can lie, does he not?

  8. Well, after another day of complete nonsense it seems that the Textaloons will swallow anything.

    Clearly, it's very distressing that someone's child was followed, but how in the name of sanity does one get from that to some supposed 'dark, shadowy forces' intent on revenge for TableGate?

    If anyone hasn't realised yet, the whole table/swinging thing is complete bollocks, created by Textusa who is fixated with swinging for reasons unknown (but much guessed at)

    The swinging came first - forgive the pun - followed by the table. Or not followed by the table, depending on which side of the gateleg you perch.

    Everything else - literally everything else - is bullshit, used by Textusa to add flavour. I know, it's disappointing, isn't it? Like waiting ages for your meal to arrive then discovering that it's just one chicken wing and a fuckload of garnish.

    So Textusa, or whichever sister/brother it is, I suggest you worry about your kid and stop fucking about with fairy tales. No-one in Camp McCann will be giving a shit about you, if they've even heard of you.

  9. "......we have come to the conclusion that it was a scare tactic.

    Plus, in our opinion it involved at least 3 operatives."

    Seriously, I hope you are not telling your kid this

  10. A member of your family (pretending for a second that it's not just one bored guy writing the whole thing) is stalked.

    You've done the right thing, going to authorities for help. What next?

    A. Allow authorities to look into it, and await their conclusions. Keep quiet about what you think happened so as not to cause hindrance.

    B. Bleat about it in public, potentially stunting any progress police could make/making sure to include a microscopic image of a nonspecific police report/drawing conclusions by yourself/instead of thinking of safety measures like providing her a phone, openly arse about in the streets playing investigator/create new characters on the fly (1 weirdo becoming 3 'operatives', which sounds so much more important)

    C. Nothing because it never happened, and this loony attention grab wouldn't fool anyone

    1. The idea of farting about doing reconstructions and generally getting in the way is just mental. If the plods subsequently ask the public if they saw anything they'll say "Yes, there was a group of them - two dozy bitches and a cross-dresser, following people about and measuring tables. Very dodgy"

    2. Ah, but the reason they did all those reconstructions they will keep to themselves. I rather think that if they didn't, they may well receive a visit from Nurse Ratched with strait-jackets and taken for some frontal lobotomising.

  11. Okay - a request.
    Frankly, I find this business rather distasteful to say the least. I certainly wouldn’t be happy about someone posting my business all over a blog if I was the young person concerned and it was absolutely disgusting when it was done to a young witness in the McCann case.

    I won’t be publishing any further comments on this matter. That is not a reflection on what has been posted already, but I am not having this place used for a certain person’s psychodramas. Can we move along please? The matter is in the hands of the police and it should be left with them to deal with it.


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