Thursday, 4 October 2018

The Hawk Flies at Midnight

You know what you have to do.........



  1. Roger that...
    Over & out..

    The Jules...

    1. Oh dear, you've just eclipsed your "Save the oceans from plastics" post. Who will see it now?!

  2. Agent Powers (this isn't my bag baby)4 October 2018 at 12:53

    I'm not talking to you, so thanks for using this method of contacting me.

  3. Martin Lewis (money expert) and the McNews4 October 2018 at 12:59

    Don't take money,
    dooon't take fame,
    don't need no M & S credit card to ride this train,

  4. Marty McFlightHome and Doc Gordon Brown4 October 2018 at 13:08

    M McFH: Doc, Doc! You gotta help me Doc!

    Doc: What is it Marty? Do you need the Delorean to take you back to the 29th...wayback in time?

    M McFH: What??? No Doc, it's Textusa, he's bitten a nurse and is refusing to take her meds.

    Doc: Great Scott! Has the nurse had a tetanus?

  5. Is this the 'Writing' room? 1st drafts only?

  6. How the hell did you get past security, Whimpering? Everyone is supposed to show their M&S ID cards at the door.

    The only draft here, is that created by all matter that goes right over your head - an empty head that's firmly wedged up Barmy Brucie's batty. I pity your barber.

    Thanks for watching, I've been kindly fuck off.


    1. Sorry, that 1st draft has been rejected, Bugsy Malone. In fact it's shit. Your comma is also in the wrong place -- we know you're trying hard to express yourself. Perhaps the "Beano" would be better suited to your skills and mind set? Yours truly, Jack Warner

    2. Rejected from where? It's here, we all see it 🤔
      Kids, here's your first class; never take grammar lessons from the punctuation police. They don't know the difference.

      Anon, I was almost impressed with your attempt at intertextuality until I realised it was accidental.

    3. But then your teacher always praised your command of English and writing; yeah we know. You have an irony bypass, my dear. But carry on... and please do 'donate' soon.

    4. She did indeed 'Maria'. Pity you didn't manage to pick up some basic concepts whilst you had the privilege of access to my Facebook profile.

    5. This is not Maria, but Jack. Forgive me but I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Facebook, concepts? But do carry on... if you like.

  7. We? Did it take more than one of you to write that response?

    Better to have a comma in the wrong place (which it isn't, given that I was asking if anon was someone who goes by the name of "Whimpering") than an entire mindset. Wouldn't you agree?

    Thanks for dropping by Jack. Bye Jack.

    1. Sorry, you've got the wrong comma, but that's understandable, 00Bugsy - seeing as you're quite thick. Where did you get those earrings BTW? Lovely!


    2. Earrings? I have no idea what you're talking about.

      Here's the thing. If all you can pull here is my misuse of a comma or ten, then you might want to jump back over the cyber fence, and back to the walls of text your master (or you) seem so in awe of; they are strewn with bad grammar. Worse than that though, the content is littered with lunacy, lies, misinformation, reams of stalking, incorrect outings and attempts to frame.

      As a side note; did you know Stephen King - best selling author with over 350 million books sold worldwide - is also critised for his grammar?

      I'm not comparing my ever improving abilities to his, merely making a point. A point that you can either take as it was intended, twist to shit, or coat in Carolina Reaper chillies and ram sideways up your hairy arse!

      Please opt for the latter, my little space cadet.

    3. One more thing, JackUsa. I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you for acting like a total diva when you refused to take a perfectly polite and reasonable message from me, and rectify your incorrect outing of yet another anti.

      That was the defining moment that saw us part ways, and caused me to read this blog and 'meet' NT. I shall remain eternally grateful for that, fella.

      NT's blog has proved to be far more popular on the groups, than yours ever was. Not only that, but I've made a genuine friend.

      So thank you, and than you once again.

    4. ROFL - you couldn't be farther from the truth, but keep trying. It's good to talk.

    5. Am I physically "farther" from the truth, or metaphorically "further" from the truth? 1 point to B Rabbit!

      I have the group statistics right in front of my eyes. Oh, you didn't know groups had that feature? "Please do" keep it up JackUSA. You're flapping like a creepy catfish out of water.

      Oh, and "do stop" time travelling; the DMC-12 is reserved solely for M & S agents. Mind your head on the gull-wings on your way out. The last thing you need in your condition, is a bump to the head...perhaps.

  8. There was a commentator called jack
    Over a comma he went on the attack
    But this grammatic prat
    Was nowt but a twat
    Who was typing out of textusa's crack

    1. Lol! Hi Nick. Long time no see.

    2. Been at gym and busy with kids...just having the odd lurk and occasional stalk.��

  9. Operation Titanic is being assembled..
    We will never let go Jack... We promise.. SPLASH..

    The Jules... 😎 (donated)


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