Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Further Adventures of Lizzie Liar

The absolute fucking state of this

WAS MADDIE DEFINITELY SEEN DURING THE WEEK? See list below. If anyone has one I have not included, please let me know.
Yes she was. Get a life, you mad midget 
There have been efforts to DISCREDIT my research on whether witnesses really DID see Madeleine or whether they were mistaken. I have NEVER claimed witnesses/nannies lied, mainly because I don't believe they did. Here is a SUMMARY of what I have put together over the LAST 8 YEARS!
It's not really possible to discredit your research, because it never warranted any credit in the first place. Of course you believe they lied - you are just too dishonest to say it.

No-one gives a shit about what you have ''put together''. It's all absolute bullshit.
Discrepancies started Tuesday morning which seemed, to me, to be an effort to cover up something. Had something happened to Maddie by Tuesday morning?
No they didn't, and no it hadn't. 
Back in 2010 I decided to study and scrutinise all the statements of those that claimed to have seen her, and if I came across one that was sufficient to believe she was definitely seen on that day, I hoped to be able to identify WHICH day something happened.
The only problem is, dear, YOU decided what the standard of proof was, using some demented arbitrary system of your own devising. None of the police agree with you, but of course they are not bonkers or deranged from years of breathing in paint fumes. 
Fatima the cleaner's daughter was the ONLY statement I saw where Maddie was identified with no questions in my mind.
No-one gives a shit about your ''mind'', halfwit. 
Sunday lunchtime around 1.15pm. She specifically identified Maddie outside her apartment and met with them as she was going upstairs to join her mother cleaning in the apartment next to David Paynes (where the McCanns were heading for lunch)
I found NO other statements, TO THIS DAY, that I can feel comfortable and sure that the child they saw was Maddie.
No-one cares, Lizzie. If you want to be dishonest enough to dismiss numerous statements from people who knew her, then fill your varnish-splattered boots, sweetcheeks 
Knowing that one of the Tapas children was identified by Miguel Matias as being Maddie when we KNOW she wasn't at the Paraiso according to the CCTV is EXACTLY what may have happened to other witnesses.
Bull fucking shit. He didn't know her. The other witnesses did. 
Some of the were not specific enough to allow for me to claim they definitely saw Maddie.
Nobody is interested in your claim, dear, just theirs 
I will post the individual statements in the following 30 or so, messages. Please let me know if you are not in agreement and consider any one of the statements as being a DEFINITE sighting.
I am not in agreement, neither are any of my readers. I have not had a single message in support of you, despite the bleating of your army of pantwetters 
I do not claim Maddie WASN'T seen... I have only attempted to see if there was a day in the week that she WAS seen.
Oh for fucks's sake - at least own it - you are desperate to try to convince people she wasn't seen - so desperate that you dismiss out of hand the accounts of people who knew her, the paper records and the photographic record, you old fraud 
1) - Catriona Baker
2) - Emma Wilding -
3) - Charlotte Pennington
4) - Jacqueline Williams
5) - Lynne Fretter
6) - Lyndsay Johnson
7) - Kirstie Maryan
8) - Sarah williams
9) - Amy Tierney
10) - Leanne Wagstaff
11) - Stacey Portz
12) - Susan Owen
13) - Shinead Vine
14) - Cecilia Dias Firmino -
15) - Georgina Jackson -
16) - Jeronimo Salcedes - Tapas Barman
17) - Maria M A Jose - Tapas Cook
18) - Paula Cristina da Costa Vieira -
19) -Fátima María Serafim da Silva Espada(5A Cleaner's daughter) -
20) - Luisa Ana de Noronha de Azevedo Coutinho ( Receptionist)
21) - Elisa Dias Romao -
22) -Daniel Stuk
23) - Sandra Maria Dos Santos Lourenco Murtinheira cleaner
24) - Alice Stanley - Took children sailing May 3rd - No Formal statement
25) -Chris Unsworth - Took children sailing May 3rd - No Formal statement
26) - Jeremy (Jes/Jez) Wilkins
27) - Stephen Carpenter
28) - Bridget O'Donnell
29) - Miguel Matias, manager of the beach-side Paraíso restaurant - Was mistaken and saw one of the other tapas children dancing with her daddy proven by the CCTV footage.

It's quite sneaky, what you do, isn't it? You include accounts that were quickly ruled out by the police, as if you made some startling discovery.

You are such a fraud, Lizzie. It's an absolute insult to the memory of that poor child 


  1. Oh how the tide has turned.A sea change.
    Just like Blacksmith said it would. A true prophet indeed.
    The three main suspects preaching their false gospels,Bennett,Hideho and Textusa, slowly but surely exposed as frauds before our eyes.
    Fire and Brimstone in Bennett's case,downright lies by Hideho and repressed sexual desire and revenge like a woman scorned from Textusa himself.
    How the 'mighty' are falling, tearing themselves to pieces.
    Enjoy the show folks,it can only get better.

    1. laugh I've had in ages.

    2. Hello. Good to hear it. Now it's textusa's brief turn over there too.

    3. Evening JB,

      Great article. I must admit, I was stunned to hear that I invented a human being. That must have been a hell of a session

  2. Hi Mr B.. Great blog.. As always ..
    Dave wanted me to ask a question.. About OG..

    1. Hi. I don't mind questions. But I don't know any Dave.

    2. Hi..Dave Hall.. He wanted me to ask , why the sudden change in public opinion since March & how anyone can interpret 7 years of zero results to suddenly cusps of arrests.. ?
      His question not mine.. :)

    3. Hello. I don't think it's for me to take guru questions on this site. First, it's not my site, secondly I'm not a guru and thirdly it introduces a note to debate here which NT has so far successfully avoided. On reflection you might agree with me.

    4. Just to throw my two ha’ppence in here - I don’t have a lot of rules because I’ve never needed them, but the one thing I ask is that we don’t have bickering or goading of other posters or any personal attacks on people posting here. I’m not saying that’s what it was, but life is too short to sit here and read people who I like and respect taking chunks out of each other.

      If you want to take chunks out of a conspiraloon, however, I will happily hold your beer 😁

    5. Mr B and Dave are both great... 😍
      On another topic I'm currently starting a tablecloth business.. Personalised.. I've got 3 orders already.. Plus my own.. :D

    6. Can I just check I have this right?

      In May 2007, someone lifted up the tablecloth and took a picture of the naked table because they had a vision that some years later a cross-dressing idiot savant would need to know how it was constructed?

    7. Yes that's the gist of it.. But only from the 4th.. Somehow amongst the media circus that was camped outside the OC they managed to roll in a BRT..
      I've never had a table named after me, have you...? Blessed... :D

  3. Hello JB, great post. You'll be pleased to know that you saying "little Misty" is the newest conspiracy over there. They think they're being very secretive and interesting, obviously.

    1. Hello Sade. Unfortunately there's a lot of collateral damage, isn't there? People who have trusted in others and believed that they were being told the truth by their guides are now being forced into doubt and confusion because events, I repeat for the fiftieth time - not me, not NT but events - are kicking their chair legs away one by one.

      Hence the fighting which they themselves can sense has grown now beyond their control.I've watched it for decades as belief systems collapse and it isn't a pretty sight but it was always inevitable.I'm not taking any pleasure in that - except with the ones who defamed me for half a decade for telling the truth and were applauded for doing so. They can go and f*** themselves.

      Interesting to watch Misty making the transition from pro to something rather more complicated and, I must admit, more interesting. At least she has an exit strategy.

    2. No, there's no pleasure in it. Whilst there's still room for a bit of a laugh at the most incredulous bits (we're all human after all - well, most) there's still a certainty for me that there's an actual decline in mental health going on here. The saddest part is it's unlikely to come to end along with Grange, whatever the result. An obsessive mind will always find something to pick apart.
      I don't see any real believers, the few that are left defending have fallen for the 'gang' slurs hook, line and sinker; so they only had to despise one of - dare I say it? - 'us' to immediately find all sense and reason rests with Textusa. None sink so low to afford Bennett the same, so perhaps it's just early days in that respect!


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