Wednesday, 31 October 2018


I'm dying



  1. It would seem Textusa has made a right arse of himself with that BRT photo crap.
    So the pic is online for all to see.No Judas in the ranks after all? (What is it with all this religious shit?)
    All that reams of text for nothing.
    What a dork!

  2. Hi NT
    Thanks for putting the pic up. You can see how even King Arthur was right pissed off with TExtUSA back in the 6th century, so he ordered Merlin to put a D-notice on that table, ostensibly for it only to be unleashed at The Ocean Club from April 28th 2007. Apparently, although adequate to suit any esplanade, Merlin did insert the caveat: "At at no such time shalt 9 place mats be plonked upon it forsooth the bastard wilst collapse like a shit-house door made from rotting fish-boxes"
    [Extract from "The Wizard's Sleeve, aka TexTUSa" circa 590 AD]


  3. Textusa starts off his long waffle by saying if he is wrong then will say so.Yet when conclusively proved completely mistaken because the Tapas photo is freely available online and for some time too, he tries to divert and obfuscate.Known in political circles as toughing it out.
    Mind you Textusa is like a politician so that analolgy is very apt.He's an utter bullshitter just like them.

    1. He’s always been the same, just as he obfuscated about Martin Brunt, filmed at what was clearly a big table. Only the most feeble-minded fell for his “digitally remastered” nonsense, which doesn’t even mean what he suggested.

    2. As Textusa has now been discredited over the photo fiasco,he should do the decent thing and close his blog.After first apologising to everyone for leading them on a not so merry dance for x number of years.
      In much the same way a disgraced MP has to go over a scandal.

      Textusa should resign at once IMO


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