Saturday, 29 September 2018

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Afternoon all,
Just a very quick one -

This is from the Twitter terms and conditions

You retain your rights to any Content you submit, post or display on or through the Services. What’s yours is yours — you own your Content (and your incorporated audio, photos and videos are considered part of the Content).”

Therefore if a certain blogger steals your tweets and refuses to remove them, you can report them to both Twitter and blogger. Twitter even have a legal dept who will act for you

Here to help 


  1. Does that include you?

    1. Interesting that 'NT' answers on behalf of Jules, and on that note, how come Ben Thompson in the tweet below isn't saying the same about you NT, or perhaps he is?
      That's just a pathetic troll. Too cowardly to do anything in his own name. Bennett is an absolute moron, but at least he has the courage to say what he does in his own name. This pathetic no-life loser, is too much of a snivelling wimp to do that. #McCann

    2. That tweet was aimed at a particularly twatish coward who wrote posts about my young son, who sent me a message to let me know he knew his date of birth, a creep who threatened to stab me, as you would have seen.

      NT is anonymous, and has written blogs about an anonymous blogger who stalks people who use their own names, who lies about the case, invents evidence, and speaks to women in private message about problems they may be going through, whilst pretending to be one himself. Ergo I fully support NT.

      Try getting some perspective, you pathetic prick.

  2. So finally...she's beginning to get it.

    That's right T: Remember what I said to you about "timing" earlier this year? Look it up. You've been told for months now that 2018 is different from all previous "cycles" but is something quite new.

    "And all this confusion is set against a backdrop of a silence that this particular cycle seems unusually to have when in comparison with all other previous cycles that we have witnessed. A silence so loud that it really is eerie. Uncomfortably so."

    Uncomfortable for you T, absolutely.

  3. In the NY criminal court's published decision and order here:, it's proven that Twitter in fact own all published tweets, notwithstanding 'content' creators copyrighted images, video or audio.

    Unless of course you can document a court case which has overturned that order, which I suspect you can't.

    1. Doesn't apply outside of the USA, which is why there are two different sets of terms and conditions


    2. Bullshit, Twitter is an American company, so anyone legally arguing against them would have to successfully sue them there. Tweets are republished and reused every day thousands of times, and nobody has ever sued Twitter successfully as a result, not one person. You're pathetic.

    3. The quote is taken directly from the terms and conditions for non-USA customers. I suggest you read them. Nobody suggested suing Twitter, dickbrain. Any tweet is lifetime-licenced to Twitter - that's in the T&C too. The author retains the copyright, which means that walking gonads like Textusa and your good self cannot just help themselves to someone else's tweets.
      Now I suggest you get someone to crack open your skull and pop in an upgraded brain - one from a pigeon, perhaps, or a small rodent?
      Fucking cockwombles.


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