Sunday, 23 September 2018

Perfect Storm

Evening all,

I decided to wait and see if there was anything else in the Sunday papers, but it seems they have exhausted themselves for now.

There are so many articles, all basically the same, that I am just going to use one and reduce it to the key points. If I miss anything out, let me know and I'll add it.

I'll use the piece in the Mail as it's by Ms Kandalohahawaii

  • The online shop to raise funds for her search has been closed down by Kate
It closed down last year, idiots 
  • Kate has told how she has shut the shop due to 'commitments and pressures'
Those pressures of returning to work after a ten year lie in. No wonder she's knackered. 
  • A source claims that donations for the search 'dried up a long time ago' 
Of course they did. We know that.  
There was nothing abrupt about it. In any case, it appears to have been a total shambles, with people frequently taking to Facebook to complain that they haven't received their goods and statements that Kate was ''a few weeks behind on orders because of half term" Frankly, it always sounded like she couldn't be arsed. 

Too-busy Kate has told how she has unfortunately had to shut the website store selling travel packs, T shirts, posters and car stickers bearing her daughter's face with slogans 'Please don't give up on me' and 'Still missing, still missed' because of her 'many commitments and pressures.' 
Yeah, right. I'm sure she could have managed to shove a few bits into envelopes. Frankly, the entire set-up was very iffy - have you ever known a campaign charge you for stuff they have asked you to distribute? 
In another fresh blow it has been revealed that donations from the public to the Maddie Fund have dwindled to 'virtually zero' over the past 11years.
Of course they have. Why should anyone contribute to a private fund when we pay taxes to fund the police? They were the ones doing the searching. 
A source close to Kate and husband Gerry said: 'The idea that money is still flooding in is just wrong. Donations dried up a long time ago. At times the story comes into the news a few kind people send in a quid or two but their is nothing of any real value.'
What a fucking nerve. People send "a quid or two but their (sic) is nothing of any real value"
Maybe it had ''real value'' to the people who sent it, you ungrateful shower of shite.

The McCanns are still waiting to fund out if Scotland Yard will request extra cash to keep the search for Maddie going when their current funding runs out in just eight days.
Well, they haven't asked for any, so it's a case of wait and see 

A sum of £750,000 is left in the pot which the McCanns will dip into to pay for their own private investigators if the police search is shelved. But a threat of losing a vast chunk of the money in a bitter legal battle which is still ongoing against a former Portuguese police chief looms over them. Retired officer Goncalo Amaral accused the McCann's of being involved in their daughter's accidental death and covering up - false claims over which they couple sued him for libel.
It is not still ongoing, it wound up nearly two years ago. They lost. 

Heart doctor Gerry and former GP turned medical worker Kate, both 50, of Rothley, Leicestershire, are waiting to hear of the European Court of Human Rights will consider their ultimate appeal against a ruling against them made by the Supreme Court in Portugal.
No they are not. This is an absolute falsehood.
The case against Amaral is concluded. They lost. They have exhausted all appeals
The ECHR can neither overturn or ammend the result nor alter any award, including that of costs, made by the domestic court. It has absolutely no jurisdiction here and the McCanns know that
Their friend said: 'If the case goes ahead and they lose they will have to pay Mr Amaral £430,000 in damages and legal fees which could wipe out the fund for their daughter. Three quarters of a million sounds like a lot of money but it is not if a legal payout has to be made at any point in the future.'
The case has already gone ahead and they lost. They have to pay costs and legal expenses, the same as in any other case. Mr Amaral has not sought any damages and none have ever been awarded. These are simply bare-faced lies 
Mr Amaral has called on the McCanns, who have paid their Portuguese lawyer helping them fight their libel battle, to reveal just how much they have spent on 'court cases.' He said today it was not his fault if they run un out of cash, insisting he has never taken any legal action against them. He told news website Portugal that the couple should explain 'how much money they have spent on lawyers' fees', adding: 'These were thousands of pounds not spent on looking for their daughter.'
Good for him. I agree. 

 Over the years money had been flooding into the Fund - which once topped nearly £2million - much it from online sales of merchandise to help the search for Maddie, who would now be aged 15.
Bullshit - the shop never generated all that much 

In the first months of Maddie's disappearance from the Algarve £1.8million poured into the fund including more than £64,000 from sales of T-shirts, wristbands and 'holiday packs' — posters and car stickers holidaymakers could paste up when they went abroad.
See? Small potatoes 
The following year generous supporters donated more than £600,000, with merchandise again a s large part of the fund. But over the years is has dwindled to a few thousands pounds and now virtually nothing.
Not supporters - newspapers, stung with libel actions. Again, the shop was small potatoes 
A Home Office spokesperson said today: 'To date no request has been received from the Metropolitan Police Service to extend funding for Operation Grange beyond the end of September 2018. Before we would even consider an application from the Met Police to continue its Operation Grange inquiry we need to know what work is left to be done and how much is would cost.'
Next Saturday Maddie's eminent cardiologist dad will be giving a rare and powerful radio interview discussing his heartache and mental health issues over the loss of his daughter. In a bid to raise awareness and help others open he will speak candidly in 'honest, personal and sometimes painful terms' in BBC's Radio 4 programme 'Pearl: Two fathers Two Daughters.'
It will be broadcast on September 29, coincidentally just one day before the search for Maddie could continue or be axed
Big coincidence

Okay - what is behind all this?

The following is my opinion only

What we have here is a Perfect Storm.

I know a little place where three rivers meet. It's a place you don't want to fall into, as three competing bodies of water pound down on your head, doing their damndest to grind you into a bloody pulp, before gaily scooping away your sodden remains and carting you off to a nice sandy estuary 40 miles away.

This is the McCann's perfect storm and the three bodies of water are Operation Grange winding inevitably to a conclusion, the need to pay their dues in the form of a shitload of legal costs, and the likelihood that the ECHR will tell them to fuck off.

Nothing can remove their liability for the costs, so I believe that what we are witnessing is a cynical attempt to generate donations to the fund, in the first instance, although I doubt they realistically expect to generate much, and failing that, to make it appear that the nasty detective took all their money and an evil cabal of Europeans refused to stop him.

I doubt the McCanns will be at all bothered that this story isn't true - it's never bothered them before. 

I think that this is all part of what I am calling Operation Blur.

If Grange ends, they can't carry on any search as the money won't be there

The inevitable questions about where it went are batted away in the direction of a demonic detective who 'ran away with all their money'

Will people who know about the case fall for this? No, not in a million years.
Do they care? No, any naysayers will be dismissed as trolls, whilst in the meantime the great British public will continue to believe whatever they read in the paper


  1. Hi NT.
    "The inevitable questions about where it went are batted away in the direction of a demonic detective who 'ran away with all their money'"
    I think you're absolutely spot on there. Though I'm not sure it'll serve any purpose - who believes any of this now?! You only have to look at the comments sections of these "articles" to see that, and they're not just the likes of us who follow the case. Which makes me question then, who is it to benefit? What is the aim?
    The conflict in the articles of late is clear to see, like they just don't know what side they're on anymore. If that's true it can only be a good thing - but not for the McCanns.

    1. Hi Sade,
      I know, it's rather baffling, like a pop star claiming she hasn't had any ''work'' done, despite the fact that her eyes are clearly an inch further apart than they used to be.

      The McCanns can lie all they like, but sooner or later they will have to cough up the money and the outcome of the ECHR will be in the public arena, for anyone they were able to convince. So what's the point? If you're going to tell a lie, choose one that can't be proven by any bugger with an internet connection

    2. As long as Mitchell has been in charge of newsfeeds the team are focused; when he’s not things fall apart. When he was recalled in 2007 the pair did their own PR and it showed: Mitchell would never have allowed the chaos of the “deal” and other hostages to fortune.

      But when things get stressful they tend to fly apart again. During the 2009 Lisbon trial Mitchell went missing: he seems to have been in shock at the trial evidence. Thus, with no CM to restrain them, they went freelance on the court steps with results we know.

      2015 he did the same thing in the face of the first Amaral victory and ran off to Australia in that slept-in polyester suit with the dangling codpiece. Again the pair did their own PR. I think he went missing also when the Clement Freud stuff came up. Trouble is, since 2009 he doesn’t cope with shock so well and gets increasingly depressed. With reason.

      I think the silencing warnings from Grange have sown complete chaos in the camp and there is - unsurprisingly - no agreement among the three on the way forward with feeds again being put out by different people.

      Of course, as posters not that far from here might suggest, I could be a pitiable fantasist making all this up.

      On another subject: as one or two twitter posters have suggested – there’s something up with the Bennett account. I don't mean the spoof one this morning but the whole series recently. The writing style simply isn't his, although the ideas (!) couldn’t be anyone else’s.

      He’s not quick or precise enough for twitter to and fro which is why he's always been a post and run man. I assume that when he started this flopped omelette twitter "counter-attack" a few weeks ago he openly enlisted help to precis the posts. Now it's absurd and transparent.

      Funny how the disarray in the McCann camp is being mirrored elsewhere, isn’t it? It's not just the McCanns who are watching their hopes die.

      But of course Scotland Yard – you know, the plods – haven’t slowly and inexorably kinked the oxygen tubes of the whole crowd of bastards on both sides until they’re gasping. Oh no, plods are much too thick and corrupt to do something as f*****g brilliant as that.

    3. Hi JB. Yes, that makes sense. In fact, wasn't there a period of time last year when Mitchell wasn't around and a similar thing happened then? Or maybe that was 2016.

      As for Bennett, yep. Something's definitely amiss, and it really is a mirror image of the desperation elsewhere. Anyone can see someone else is using that account - funny isn't it, how easy it is to spot from just a few letters on a screen.

    4. Seems pretty spot on nt...especially with the "poor me,i have mental issues" the day before funding ends. thinks the police are stupid...but time will tell if the non corrupt,or non political career advancers,or even non players of "black dog" are running the show at the moment. Fingers crossed

    5. Hello Nick. I think the contempt for the police among antis is pretty strong but that's just a matter of opinion. The crazy thing is that it's an unnecessary hypothesis. If there was a clear and visible prosecutable case against the McCanns then I could understand people lashing out at potential protectors, although since it's the CPS that decides prosecutions, not the police, it would be somewhat pointless. But there isn't.

      The clue, of course, is that the McCann supporters are 100% behind Grange on the net and elsewhere. Why is that a clue? Because, just as the McCanns said publicly how well they were working with the PJ in 2007 while lying about them to selected journalists on a weekly basis, so they talk sweet, along with the supporters,about Grange.

      But we know that the situation is exactly the same this time, with Grange, not the PJ, the target. There are no other suspects except Team McCann for the several-year-long campaign to rubbish Grange and mislead the public about its work. None.

      Janosch was the person providing the "leads", including his lies about the "last line of inquiry" (two years running); Mitchell, nobody else, is the one with the contact book and trusted hotline to the newsdesks to get the Janosch junk into multiple outlets simultaneously (it isn't easy and it's utterly impossible for a foreigner unaided); and his commenting on the stories under various identities before publication is clear evidence that he was involved in their preparation.

      If you are under protection of any form or you know that an inquiry will come out in your favour, then the last thing you do is attack it behind the scenes - that would be suicidal, wouldn't it? And the same applies to an incompetent investigation following false leads - you sit back and let them get on with it, comfortable that they looking in the wrong direction - and back them all the way, publicly and privately, asking your chief supporters to do the same.

      I mean these things are just so crashingly obvious to me from the evidence that I'm bewildered at the number of people who think it's controversial. And because I don't under-estimate the intelligence of the police - not the has-beens like Sutton and others but the force itself - it's also clear to me that if I can see it then sure as hell they can see it a lot better.

    6. Thats why i feel its a cold case. Anyone thinking the police fools are fools themselves. If all roads led to rothley evidentually...they'd be there. As i myself have said before,political meddling would more likely come at stage when the cps has a decision to make. At least the idiots subverting and perverting the mass media pretending to speak for grange have been silenced.

    7. Back on the cops again, following the Sun stuff, but always worth remembering that the ones who write for/talk to the media are the ones who've been culled ahead of normal retirement because they're never going to make it to the top.

      Here’s a link but it'll only be of interest to people who have the time to look at the way UK police actually work.

      (the link works)

      This is the transcript of the police being interviewed by the home affairs committee about the phone hacking investigation, some of which I watched at the time. It includes Andy Hayman of the Yard, who became famous for being a caricature of a stupid and possibly corrupt copper. Well, MPs like their soap opera characters as much as the rest of us and Hayman was a gift.

      Still, what matters is the evidence of Peter Clarke, his subordinate. The first thing that jumps out is that Mr Clarke is not just cleverer than Mr Hayman but a great deal cleverer than any of the MPs on that committee. Secondly, every organization has senior people like Hayman whose role is to shout and scream that they want it done now. It’s just the way that these things work.

      But Clarke tells us quite a bit about how Yard squads work as well. The hacking inquiry was a great deal less important than Grange, much of it, in fact, trivial showbiz stuff but his resources were thought-provoking. Asked about the number of officers involved he said:

      Mr Clarke: At the beginning of the investigation, partly because of the sensitivity of it and partly because it was a very focused investigation, we kept it very tight and I would say perhaps there were 10 to a dozen.

      Nicola Blackwood: So about 10 to 11 officers working exclusively on the case and supplemented by additional officers at various times?

      Mr Clarke: And other means of support such as analysts, intelligence officers, document readers.

      “Analysts and intelligence officers” available to the squad. And that was just a domestic argy-bargy, not an international missing person case. Can you imagine what they’ve had for Grange?

  2. Hi NT,

    Operation Blur? I prefer Oasis. (I know, Father Ted has been such an influence on me over the years).
    OK, what you've catalogued up there is spot on. That's exactly what's happened and why and I have a very similar set of rejoinders to yours for every point.
    We expected the by now, usual biannual McBegging bowl, but I have a question for

    It's September 13. I'm on Twitter and SkyNewsBreaking sling out this:
    "Scotland Yard has asked the Home Office for another six months of funding to support its joint operation with Portuguese police in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann"...

    Same day that was refuted, thus:

    "NO REQUEST MADE Madeleine McCann probe blow as Home Office DENIES police have requested more cash to hunt for missing girl as funding running out. The government said it's received no formal request for more funding in the search for Maddie, who disappeared on a family holiday to Portugal in 2007
    By Sam Christie The Sun"

    So someone (SKY) jumped the gun, almost like there was already a memo (as if eh), but no one had seen the freshly minted memo that said "WAIT! This time there HASN'T been a more loot/bung request. Hope you get this before...oh fcuk..."

    So has SKY shown it's McHand, cocked up on what they thought was a cert and tried to pull off a scoop (yeah right) putting out the '19309 to 1 on' bet as skynewsBREAKING?

    Begs the question(s), have SKY been sold a pup, kept out the loop for once, Home Office and Operation Grange at loggerheads? The Mcs are always kept in the loop - hence this "telegraphed bizarre Pearl/Bacon Professor Flathead is now a Poetry scholar but it hurts his head" shite the complicit BBC are promoting for 29th Sept. What a treat that will be. Is the test card on the telly same time?

    This year's second previously effortless shoe-in for more loot has seen a either the McFoot suffering severe gout or the welly's been downsized (by Brexit, obviously) because nothing fits this time.

    Having said all that, once again we hear the feverish salivating "tick tocks": "they're gonna be arrested", now a fixture every sodding year since Napoleon was a Cadet.

    Go on go on go on...

    Father DaveHallCoLtd©®™ [That money was just resting in my account...]

  3. Just a few considerations on the court costs:

    In my opinion the court costs have already been paid by the McCann otherwise we would have read it in the Portuguese press. The deadline for payments is at the most 6 months.

    Another fact that should be mentioned, court costs in Portugal are nowhere as prohibitive as in the UK, they are subject to a series of formulae and tables. I would say the court costs as such would not exceed 50-55 K.

    -The lawyers fees (do not forget that they also have to pay TVI's fees as well as the other several parties they tried to sue) if they are paid or not I simply do not know.

    This to say that the 430K fee mentioned in the articles is utter cobblers, it is mentioned absolutely nowhere but only in their press release / piece of spin news by the usual idiots.

    If you look at the accounts filed for period ending March 31st 2017, you will see that there is an amount of 51.718K (page 5)to go to Isabel Duarte -there is a footnote stating that. As you know, payments to courts are made via one's lawyer and I dare say that this amount was indeed the amount corresponding to the judicial costs owed to the Portuguese state.

    The remaining of the articles is more of the same clumsy mess we usually see, they can't even copy paste proficiently these days.

    1. Hi, thanks for that.
      I did wonder if that amount to Duarte included the costs but to be honest I was dubious because of the amount; it seemed remarkably low considering the number of hearings they had. However, you may well be right, in which case remind me to use the Portuguese courts if I ever want to sue someone! If you are right, and that is the amount due for court costs, that presumably means they have not settled Duarte’s bill, which I am assuming won’t be cheap
      The £430k amount was the sum originally awarded to them, wasn’t it? It’s like someone threw all the facts into a blender and hit “go”

      If they do pay the legal fees for all parties from the fund, it will also raise the spectre of their tax liability - the plaintiff wasn’t the fund but them personally. I believe any settlement made by the fund would represent a “benefit in kind” and be subject to tax at 40%. That’s a fair bit.


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