Saturday, 4 August 2018


It is often said of  the McCanns that they had friends in high places. Personally, I don't think that's really true - they knew someone who knew someone who lived next door to someone; it was that kind of connection, for the most part.

What I do think is true is that they certainly liked to cultivate friends in high places.

Again and again, whether it's Kate or Gerry, we see examples of the McCanns in full-blown, narcissistic "Treat me like I'm important" mode.

We saw this right from the moment they reported Maddie missing.

Having lucked out on the request for The Avengers to be called in, and with all the helicopter gunships busy doing other things, the next group to feel the wrath was the PJ - who can forget these kind words from Kate?

 I was appalled by the treatment we received at the police station that day. Officers walked past us as if we weren’t there. Nobody asked how we were doing, whether we were OK or needed anything to eat or drink or to use the bathroom. Our child had been stolen and I felt as if I didn’t exist

When Gerry took to blogging about their every movement - beach, zoo, bowel - he was very careful to let us know when they encountered someone special or important. For those following the case, they could rest assured that Kate and Gerry, after an inauspicious start when they were assigned TweedleDee and TweedleDum, were being welcomed by lots of important people. Phew!

Pretty soon, names were being dropped as regularly as trousers at a Chippendales gig. 

Ambassadors? Oh yes, we've lots of those; seven or so over the first few weeks, which conjurs up  visions of an army of bewigged lackeys bearing huge trays of Ferrero Rocher.

Ministers? Yes, six of those!

Cardinals? They managed a couple, yes.

Kings? Well, not quite, but they did manage to press the flesh of a senior advisor to the King of Morocco, so they mentioned that, naturally!

Of course, the really big cheese was the Pope. Okay, there's only one Pope, but Gerry did mention him a lot. I mean, A LOT.

In fact, he dropped the Pope bomb ten times, the namedropping scamp.

Then, for a bit of variety, he treated us to three Pontiffs, a Holy Father and, as they were such good friends by this time, three Benedicts.

However, in case we were still in any doubt, Gerry assured us that, not only were they spending their time with the great and good, but the great and good were doting on them, when he shared this little anecdote with us:

We attended mass this morning and the Bishop had sent a very nice message that he and everyone else was praying for Madeleine. He also said that our attitude in this time of adversity was an example for others.

Now - I'm sure that was a very nice and well-intentioned message from the bishop, but let me just take a step back here - this is a couple who went out socialising with friends every evening, leaving their children at the mercy of any number of possible dangers. Their adversity was their own bloody fault, regardless of what you think happened to Madeleine

But that isn't really the point. The point is that Gerry felt it appropriate to recount this, smarming in the undeserved praise.

Because the aim of Gerry's blog was never to inform readers how the search was going. It was to create the impression that they were special, that they were important and that they were admired.

This, of course, wouldn't last. But more about that next time.


  1. Netty estelle has done a couple of cracking articles on the mc canns behaviour of justice for madeleine fb page...and the more of this character reference material i read, the more and more she appears to be on the money. Its utterly textbook much more concerned with how they appeared than looking for their daughter. Or just keeping their heads down as a family unit. I mean if i had "lost" one child i'd be at home making sure the other two were close to me...not gallivanting over the globe networking for all i was worth. Its another in a series of red flags.

    1. Hi Nick - yes, I read one of them, about the early chapters of the book? Excellent article, I totally agree with her and please pass on my thanks if you get the chance, I thought it was one of the best articles I have read about this case. I must look for any others she has written

    2. I'm sure Ben could send them over. I like how she doesn't claim to know what happened...just what she does know about personality disorders. Keep these coming mate.

  2. I believe the "staged neglect" was enacted to enable the "staged abduction" to take place.

    1. I disagree.
      There is ample evidence that the group were leaving their children unattended, so I don't see how you can say it was 'staged'

  3. Your opinions are just that my friend and worthless. Why not allow the police to get on with the operation in hand and you stop making waves where none were .

    Your opinions don't matter and neither do the rest of the hater mobs.

    1. Now come on my friend, is that anyway to respond to a person? I gather politeness is not your forte?

      Personally I see nothing wrong with Gerry's reactions and words nor his wife's if it comes to it. they did all they could but were up against the police force of a foreign country and to all intents and purposes this cost Madeleine her chance of recovery.

      How would you have reacted in similar situation? Rolled over & accepted it all?

    2. A couple of things

      1. You are not my friend
      2. You are talking absolute bollocks
      3. In case I didn't make myself clear the first time, fuck off.

    3. You do type rot anon. If you think that instead of searching the immediate vicinity for your child in case they have wandered from an unlocked apartment you should
      Not physically search
      Shout abduction from the off with no evidence
      Put about friends,family and british media the "abduction" story..jemmied shutters etc then deny doing so
      Writing a false timeline on the childs colouring book trying to backfill a window of abduction instead of searching for a child,at that point if to be believed,missing for 90 mins.
      Be pictured 3 days later bellylaughing uproariously
      Hindering a police investigation by not answering 48/49 questions
      If you honestly believe this is "normal" you are either a shill,a loon or have some deep seated psychological disorder.

  4. Hadn't realised you are that Shoota woman before. What a revelation!

    1. Jesus, another fucking loon

      No, I'm just me. No-one else. And I'm not on twitter. Sorry to disappoint, etc.

    2. Oh dear, another fool. How many people are you supposed to be now?

    3. Christ knows - I need one of those clicky things to keep track. I gather this latest piece of fuckwittery is because the person in question posted a link to here. Well, I once posted a link to NASA, but it doesn't make me the International Space Station, you gurning loon. (Not you, Ben)

    4. Well that's it then, case closed. My guess is that the accuser is Textusa, and that they're also Nigel Nessling. Why? I hear you ask. Well, I used the same logic as they did - none whatsoever!

      These idiots will do anything to distract from the superb facts and observations you make here.

      To anyone looking in, I ask you to simply read the blogs, and judge them not on the words of proven liars, but with an open mind. Check what's been said by NT for yourselves. You'll soon realise why certain deceitful entities are desperate to smear a fine blog, and a very knowledgeable author.

  5. Any attempt to 'out' people or bring in issues from other places end up in the bin. Anonymous, that's where your posts are. Kindly piss off.

  6. Anonymous tosser:

    No, this is not a subsidiary of the Justice for Madeleine group. I have no connection with that group and do not belong to any facebook groups. If people from that group with to comment here, they are very welcome.

    Take your shit-stirring elsewhere; I am not interested.

  7. Excellent post NT. I've felt much the same way since Ben's blog on similar, I think it's called 'it's not what you know, it's who...'
    JB also did a cracking one. It served them brilliantly didn't it, and still does.


  8. Great post. Bit off topic but wonder if you have seen this

    "Selling victims’ details would constitute an offence of misconduct in a public office. The maximum penalty is life in prison."


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