Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Some light relief

I thought I would bump this in the hope that I might remember what prompted me to write it in the first place


Evening all.

It'll be a couple of days before I respond fully to Textusa's latest work of fiction, but I thought I'd leave you with a couple of points to consider in the meantime

Firstly, Textusa has clearly sunk so far into a pit of her own making that she has lost the will to loon. Hence she is now recycling the ideas of other loons - in this case, Loon-in-chief, Tony ''FOI'' Bennett.

Yes, she's tossed in a few swingers for added flavour, rather like a cook who can't be arsed making a proper stock and lobs in an Oxo cube at the end, but essentially it's Bennett's theory with idiot-flavoured knobs on.

It's all very silly, as we will discover, but in the meantime, consider this:

How big a twat do you have to be to say to yourself "Oh my God, I am about to be unmasked as a swinger. I know - I will confuse them by pretending to be a child killer instead! That'll throw them off the scent''?

In the meantime, a note of caution to our readers: Textusa has clearly contracted Bennettitis, a rare and debilitating condition. Or Bennett has contracted Textusa Fever, a similarly debilitating condition, which also, distressingly, leaves the sufferer smelling of wee. 

This raises the Doomsday scenario that either one, or both, has gone airborne.

The WHO have been concerned about this possibility for some time, and have produced a checklist of symptoms. You should consider Bennettitis or Textusa Fever if you observe any of the following:

  • Bloodshot, staring eyes
  • Compulsively creates additional accounts and conducts conversations with self
  • OCD symptoms, which may involve the sufferer being unable to walk through their own front door unless they have completed three FOI requests, or one dossier.
  • A manic use of flipcharts, organisational arrows or maps of PdL with luminous shite scrawled all over them.
  • An obsession with the security services
  • May make reference to ''Black Ops'' and believe themselves under scrutiny by MI5.
  • Smells of wee (usually only present in Textusa Fever)
  • Delusions are common - sufferers may believe they are a barrister and try to get into court wearing a gown and wig (only present in Bennettitis)
If you observe any of the above, do not try to handle them on your own.

Call 999 and ask for the Lunatic Isolation team, or email 

for further advice.

Stay safe, people. 


  1. For a blog that recently proposed to ignore Textusa you Gollums seem mightily obsessed. 'Her desperation and nastiness,' indeed.

    1. if It bothers you, feel free to fuck off at your earliest convenience.

    2. Is this the scientist talking, or the street bully?

    3. Oh my god, you are so funny.

      Run along now

  2. It's an absolute disgrace, a f#cking disgrace that match last night.
    The ref was biased as hell and the tosser who scored the goal for those c#nts should have been sent off for play acting long before that.
    Was sat on his arse stopping play everytime we attacked. A f#cking disgrace.
    There should be a petition to replay the match to those twats at fifa. Though I suppose they dont give a toss.
    They wanted us out anyway.
    Corrupt bunch of w#nkers!
    And people wonder why we voted to get out of Europe.
    Bunch of f#cking foreigners all of em.

    1. Man you're an angry belgium fan:)

    2. Lol Belgium fan.

      Hey mate (not Nick) you serious?
      It used to be called flaming when computers ran on steam and that's the era you belong to.

    3. Dont know what the problem is. Yes I was a bit cross when I wrote that comment but no need to go overboard like he/ she is and her desciples are next door.
      Anyway I only asked for a petition to have the game replayed.
      There are lots of articles on the net in the last day or so saying Croatia should be disqualified from the World Cup and England put in the final instead. Lots of people are saying that,so how the holy one next door can call me a bigot I just dont know.

    4. Ignore her, she's just attention-seeking

  3. Somewhere out there there's a football blog with one letter different to nottextusa 😂

    1. Yes indeed! I think maybe Carla got lost

    2. Lol! Of course, the hashtag is her little clue haha!

  4. Just look at the latest next door.
    "Hello… NT has said explicitly that "No cadaver found" and apparently THAT doesn’t get to you. Why?"
    Ermm...because there was no cadaver found 🤔
    She's literally taking the piss right? Or still doesn't know what a cadaver is? Either is feasible I suppose.

    1. Honestly, she's pathetic. She seems to think that repeating her nonsense will drive people away from here and back to where she is rattling about like the last toffee in the tin

    2. And Sade..with that comment...she has proved her nutjobbery beyond all doubt. Maybe she should go on countdown..pretty sure the losers still get an oxford english dictionary. Can look up cadaver there.

    3. It really is like dealing with a very simple child, isn't it? I would try explaining it again for her but what is the point? She would only find some other way of getting it wrong

  5. For the record, as that would appear to be required, publication of a comment does not indicate agreement with the opinions or sentiment expressed. I try to withhold as few comments as possible and normally only withhold those which consist of pointless abuse with no substantive point.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Tony Bennett? :)

      Just kidding - can't really help, Lesley, I was never a member there and all I really remember is that they could talk for 100 pages about the angle of an ice cream

  7. LOL .... But in the early days it was quite good! Then it went South big time. Sad.

  8. Textusa

    "Maureen Hopkin, there has been, and still is, a huge effort to sideline us.
    But then when understands that most are but people who cheer on relentlessly the lynching mob to demand the blood of the Mcs. And as they know the establishment will never hang the Mcs from the nearest oak, they can perpetuate their outrage against the horrific denial of justice for poor little Maddie.
    We have called their bluff years ago when we were the first to show that the hoax involved others in Luz outside the T9.
    Then we committed a capital sin: we took the side of the truth, which is boring and involves friends of friends (if not friends or even those there) of those in Luz, instead of taking the side lynching mob thirsty for Mc blood.
    No need to check profiles. :) A friend of truth is always a friend.
    Going to copy your comment to the blog. "

    Breathtaking in its arrogance and its complete contempt for those who cannot accept it's 'theories'. Typical of the classroom bully or religious zealot. Any credibility as someone who seeks the truth about what happened to 'poor little Madeleine' has now been completely destroyed as far as I am concerned.

    1. She's basically a very silly woman with a personality disorder. Can you see why I have been insisting for years that she is completely off her head? Now, she just makes me laugh, she is so ridiculous

    2. This is the woman who just recently was labelling us we're ranid anti mc canns not interested in truth. Which face is she talking out of now?

    3. She's out of her tiny fucking mind


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