Saturday, 14 July 2018

Grade A Pomposity

Evening all.

I have taken to ignoring her nonsense, but this is such comedy gold, that I just can't.

In reply to some bint who apparently contacted her on Facebook, although I can't see it on her facebook page, Her Loonyship wrote the following:

"Textusa Maureen Hopkin, there has been, and still is, a huge effort to sideline us.
Has there? By whom? Me, taking the piss every Friday? Anyone with half a brain realising you are completely full of it and wandering off to pastures sane? 

But then when understands that most are but people who cheer on relentlessly the lynching mob to demand the blood of the Mcs.
Oh really? 
So what does that make you?

You have claimed for years that the McCanns were in PdL to do a little freelance shagging, in the course of which their daughter was killed, leading them to embark upon a massive conspiracy. The things you have claimed about the McCanns and others are far and away the worst accusations I have seen bandied about as a result of the disappearance of this child.
And as they know the establishment will never hang the Mcs from the nearest oak, they can perpetuate their outrage against the horrific denial of justice for poor little Maddie.
You have been blogging bollocks about it for ten years, you demented shitwiffle - so who exactly is ''perpetuating their outrage''? 

We have called their bluff years ago when we were the first to show that the hoax involved others in Luz outside the T9.
Called whose bluff? You ''showed'' nothing. You claimed, without any evidence at all, that a massive group of people were involved in this conspiracy. Most people consider you to be completely bananas - so whose bluff did you call? 

Then we committed a capital sin: we took the side of the truth,
You wouldn't know the truth if it shat in your sandals, dear 
which is boring and involves friends of friends (if not friends or even those there) of those in Luz, instead of taking the side lynching mob thirsty for Mc blood.
What the fuck are you on about, you screaming lunatic? 

No need to check profiles. :) A friend of truth is always a friend.
You can't possibly have any friends, in that case 

Going to copy your comment to the blog. "

A word to the wise, Maureen. She's a fuckwit.  


  1. Morning NT, I haven't been around lately as there is so much happening in the UK at the moment my attention has been diverted. On T I don't do BS you must be pro or you must be anti if you post here or you post there it's rubbish people have different views so what, different opinions make the world interesting.


    1. Morning Cat - I agree, and I certainly don't understand why she or her tagalongs think they have the right to demand that people take a definitive stand on a specific point, even to the point of withholding posts with the promise of publishing them if they commit to a particular answer. It's no surprise she is often told to go piss up a rope.
      In my opinion, the two worst for that are Textusa and Bennett. Bennett has his little catchphrases - his "grave doubts exist", for example - when insisting that the 'last photo' was taken on the Sunday, and basically just lies about the evidence to the contrary. Textusa's is built more around bullying - if someone doesn't agree with her for whatever reason she will try to isolate them, drive a wedge between them and others - we have seen plenty of examples of it. Classically, she lies about who they are, as with her frequent claims that I am any number of named pros. She knows it isn't true, but it suits her to say it anyway.

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