Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The stages of grief

The Modified Kubler-Ross model of grief

The Kate McCann stages of grief


  1. Nah it goes
    Self important anger
    Narcisistic anger
    More self pity
    Xenophobic anger
    Acceptence she's actually a shit mother

    1. It does.
      But you over-estimate my photoshopping skills......

    2. So you didn't alter the last photo then? I thought you had removed the clouds? Thats good photoshopping ;)

    3. On that topic, and studiously ignoring your vile slur on my photoshopping ability, I notice that absolutely nobody from Team Baldylocks has been over to defend their thesis

      Of course, it is probably because they haven't seen my post, but I was allowing myself to think like Textusa for a moment there

    4. :D

      Your photoshopping skills are fine AFAIC, NT.


  2. Quite telling actually; her own admittance of lashing out in anger that very night, when you'd still be in a blind panic, surely. The things that registered with her just wouldn't cross your mind would it? I imagine my mind would have no room for anything other than my child's face or name.
    The 'fucking tossers' too, now there's a display of suspicious behaviour. The police are only usually fucking tossers when you're the one in the wrong. Being helped, the worst they might deserve is a fleeting "oh they could've ***...not a torrent of abuse.

    1. Sade, there is so much in that book which strikes an odd note it's like the AGM of the Society of Campanologists.

      I have a theory about some of it which I might expand on in the next couple of days, but I want to run it past someone first, just to see if it makes sense to them, or it's me over-analysing it

    2. I'll look forward to that NT.
      It's a shame there's an army (red, blue, who knows?) sized 'mob' likely missing out...or is it 😁


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