Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Here, there and everywhere

Honestly, you couldn't make this up

"As we have been calling attention to lately, there has been serious attempt to rebrand Not Textusa as an anti by some well-known names on the internet. 

Many may have come to think that this has been a personal quibble between us and those people. The readers who know us, know that we don’t get into personal feuding."

Number of mentions of Madeleine on current Textusa comments page =26
Number of mentions of McCann on current Textusa comments page = 77
Number of mentions of  'Not Textusa' on current Textusa comments page = 154


Edited to add:

Apparently, the above is evidence of my being a martyr, which came as a surprise because I was sure it was me taking the piss.

Anyway, the bad-tempered MariaTroll is jumping up and down demanding answers.

Maria, that's not how it works, petal. You don't get to sit there on your gigantic behind, telling lies, and get to demand anything, sweetheart.

So as a reminder, I will post this, from my thread "Jealousy"

"Okay - this is the last time I am going to reply to this particular nonsense. Textusa has dug a hole for herself so deep she may well already be speaking with an Australian accent, but I really don't see why I should waste any more of my time on a proven liar who is too thick or too lazy to grasp even the simplest concepts."

Is it all coming back to you now, angel? Excellent. 

Now fuck off, there's a good chap. 


  1. The lengthy and increasingly fraught dog discussions etc. are essentially a private matter. You and I are like strangers in the street pausing to watch an increasingly nasty row between an angry couple – until the pair stop simultaneously and start screaming at us. You know that one?

    I can’t speak for you, but for over a year now I’ve been repeating Menezes’ words to the Usual Suspects: “Show it to us”. Soon they’ll loathe those words with the same vehemence that they hate that phrase “the empty cupboard” – understandably because both catch-phrases relate to the same truth. There’s nothing to show.

    The inability to produce anything in favour of the abduction from the shelves of the post-2008 emerging evidence did for the pro-McCanns. Latterly, one simply threw rotten tomatoes of fact, seasoned with mockery, at their claims and they didn’t have even a bread roll to throw back. After a while it was clear that they never will have anything.

    You and I both faced them on the Amazon forum after the 2017 judgement, as they twisted and turned from their own gibbets, like little Green Misty, the wonderful dentist and the pathetic but viciously nasty Honestbroker, all spitting and shouting, sometimes hysterically and tearfully, like poor Rose, all struggling to evade coming to terms with what that judgement might mean and presage. HB, in particular, has had a genuine mental collapse. He won’t be the last.

    But facts, old or new, among the abuse to show us that the Amaral judges were wrong? That we should think again? Zero.

    So the pros are now irrelevant and have no role in the affair any longer. I don’t wish any of them ill: they simply chose the losing side. It could have happened to us if the evidence hadn’t turned out the way it has.

    Now it’s the Usual Suspects’ turn to face a shelf containing nothing but mouse-droppings. They’re sounding just like the Amazon posters of 2017, very, loud, very repetitive – and increasingly torn and bewildered: hence the invariable symptoms of a losing cause - wild accusations, paranoia and the search for “traitors” and double agents, the poor sods.

    But Show Us? Anything? Never. Words, words, words, acres of them, but all opinion, never something they can share. M/S Brown has gone silent – rather than show us the Grange criminality evidence; Bennett sounds more like the late-stage mad HB every day as he claims more and more and produces less and less. And others, like textusa herself, who, like Brown, is simply running on empty, are just leeching off you. At great length.

    When are they going to realize that their struggle is not with us at all but something inside themselves and their own situation? Just like that couple in the street.

    1. That's a brilliant and eerily accurate summary, JB.

      One day, maybe 20 years in the future, papers will be written about these sad individuals and how they created the virtual equivalent of the Jonestown Massacre within their little empires.

      I know it is something we have spoken of before, but the cult-like sectarianism is the common ground between Textusa and Bennett. Their 'power' lies in their ability to manipulate their followers - and that is the only word to describe them - into not only a blind belief, but a blind obedience, on pain of banishment or denigration or both. That's why Textusa is struggling so much now. She made a fatal error - she made claims that some of her casual readers knew to be untrue, specifically about the multi-headed hydra she believes Michael Walker to be. The fact that those who knew she was talking bollocks told her so was ultimately her undoing, as, for all her claims about always correcting an error, in reality she just cannot do it.

      The other thing they have in common is the complete absence of any logic from their central claims - Bennett's bollocks about a Portuguese man waiting for a random holidaymaker's plane to take off before making up some story and getting Tanner to do the same? Seriously, now? The only thing which rivals that for madness is Textusa's desperate need for them to have been swingers. Neither has ever been able to string together a coherent precis detailing how they arrived at these ludicrous conclusions and they never will. Not that it matters because, despite their egocentric outlook, the only people who think they are important look back at them for the mirror

  2. She has a crush on you NT.....
    What's it called....."hate love affair" ?

  3. It would be doomed to failure. Insanity is a dealbreaker for me, KC.

  4. "Well known names on the internet"?

    Congratulations NT. I had no idea you had support from the likes of Yao Chen, Mark Zuckerberg, Bethany Mota, Alexei Navalny, Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian.

    Proof - if needed, of Bruce's massively misplaced sense of self importance, and distinct lack of spacial awareness when it comes to the galactic size of the internet.

    We, none of us are 'well known'. If Swingstein actually poked its swollen head beyond the McCann bubble, they would see that there are millions upon millions, upon millions of people who have never heard of any of us, let alone care to. They certainly don't give a shit if several people have decided to prefer one McCann blog to another. Yet, 'Dancin' in the dark' seems utterly consumed by the sub-atomic shift in balance.

    I guess we should be honoured - if not slightly uneasy, at the facade of grandeur, Textusa bestows upon us, and of course, your mighty self.

    As for re-branding, I can only assume the loon is referring to one of two things. If your right buttock isn't stinging from a sizzling rod of forged steel, then I'm assuming they're upset that you're knocking out some sterling blogs that are generating a great deal of interest from those who follow the case. More than that though, I suspect the super-salacious non sequitur specialist is seething over the distinct possibility of their keys being the only set in a very empty, yet convoluted bowl.

    Who knows...

    1. What can I say? I move in exalted circles.
      She is fucking clueless, isn't she? Someone once mentioned the BBC and she said she didn't need to send stuff to them because she was sure they checked the blog :O

      Off her rocker. Or fallen out of it, perhaps.

      She really is seething, isn't she? Maybe she ought to reflect on the fact that if you act like an utter fruitloop, people will vote with their feet and stay away. They are staying away in droves. She seems to have a hard core of CarlaFknSpade, that Whispering creep who has left some very dodgy messages here (all in the bin) and some other twat I've never heard of.

      I am just picturing it a year down the line, when she is on comments page number 257, still ranting about Walker and demanding sight of my credentials (Oooh er missus, etc)

    2. Haha! Yes, I remember that. I also have a vague recollection of their claims of "proof Kate McCann reads our blog". I say vague, as it's very hard to remember where bullshit Brucie's claims end, and what is actually real; it's a fine line.

      All gentle teasing aside though. You touch on a great point at the end of your comment. It was Textusa's constant references to yourself, that actually led us to look here in more detail in the first place. As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong), you've never actively promoted your blog on any social media platforms. After Textusa's constant references to this blog though, we did look closely, we enjoyed, and on the whole we agreed with a great deal of what you published. It was a calamitous oversight, bathed in the usual arrogance, for Textusa to imagine they were so admired, and so trusted, that people like ourselves, would just take their word when they described you as the anti-christ, and that we'd actually see for ourselves.

      Which reminds me, you still owe me a groat for my soul...

    3. Ah yes - that groat. You won't be sorry you went for the 'eternal hellfire and damnation' package, trust me.

      You're quite right - I have never promoted the blog on social media. The only promotion it has had has been a couple of forums who picked it up and posted the odd quote and Textusa's incessant references, which has worked out well because it brought you guys over - yaaay!

      It is quite amusing, I must admit, to have been regarded in some places, for years, as a 'notorious anti' and then have her bunch of fuckaloonies hitch me up to a 'notorious pro'. You honestly couldn't make this shit up.

  5. As for CarlaFknSpade, a little easy fun:

    1. M/S FKN-Guided herself today: “It's interesting that Walker AKA @Bale2N never attacks Ben Thompson or the Sade person, even though Thompson and the Sade person are supposedly anti #McCann but then they're over on his NotTextusa blog being buddies. This little girl deserves better than this.”

      Shall I break it to her?

      Dear M/S FKN-Guided,

      Walker1000 has only one method of operation, he repeats it relentlessly and it works for him 99.9% of the time. He picks on those anti-McCann posters who always repeat mindlessly what they’ve been told, or guided towards, and, in the rudest and most revoltingly unpleasant way, demands the source. Said posters rush to ask people, or occasionally look up the source. They don’t find one.

      When they come back to post next time, empty handed, Walker crushes and humiliates them like a sexually frustrated and misshapen dwarf stamping a cockroach into the ground while masturbating.

      That's it;that's what he does. A few days pass and then the victims come back for more punishment, armed with another fairy story while he’s armed with a huge wooden club studded with rusty nails and with the words Facts FKN Hurt! burned into the wood. And hurts them again while getting off in the same way again.

      Just occasionally he gets it wrong, there is a source and so he lies and then never mentions it again and usually stays away from that poster.

      Now here’s the bad news – can I call you FKN Guided for short? Thanks, FKN Guided - he avoids like the plague anyone who knows the case moderately well, doesn't allow him/herself to guided and doesn’t make stupid, untrue, self-destructive, FKN moronic claims from the list beginning “find the body and prove we did it”.

      You won’t hear him bullying JCL on twitter Nor those names you mention. Nor a lot of others we can both mention.

      But you, my dear…

      And now you know why.

    2. Weeping.

      She'll be FKN furious, mainly because she won't understand a word. :))

    3. Good Lord. I've just looked. Do they not realise how hilarious this Walker probably finds all this? The account thrives on the spats as much anything.
      All she ever goes on about is how despicable people are, disrespecting Madeleine, yet she engages with the likes of Walker and uses the hashtag for her incessant paranoia.
      She finds things strange that are quite rational; what you've said there JB is it, in a nutshell. Carla might notice, if she opens her FKN eyes, I don't entertain Walker. I think I did on my very first day on Twitter, until I was told what they were all about. If they did 'attack' me, it could be days before I even knew about it. Centuries before I'd care.

      I'm tickled at 'the Sade person'. I can only assume she's in agreement with those who say I don't exist/am a 'persona' of Ben's. It's easier on the mind to roll all of your critics into one person I suppose.

  6. Now i'm getting it in the neck. Look i'm not posting over there textusa as you have deliberately not put up my whole post about my position, or been honest about nts theory. I'll put it here where everyone can see and take across if you want. I( and nt as i can see) think that the mc canns are at least guilty of concealing madeleines death. I think kate sedated the kids and probably the groups kids. With madeleine dying either accidently or due to overdose a plan was hatched to fake an abduction. If it was found the kids were drugged the docs would lose custody,their jobs and in the mc canns case, their liberty. Now why would a pro mc cann think that??? I don't doubt what the dogs found put courts rely on corroboration...thats how it is. I am not dissing the dogs and because i disagree with your swinging theory i am a pro. I want the trith out whatever it may be but obviously the evidence is not strong enough to jail the mc canns. And to ex army anon on your just proved my point about the shit analogy. To find the bomb maker you needed to do the bomb forensics to track them know...secondary evidence. Not circumstamtial.

    1. Ah ffs just ignore the typos...typing pissed of on a knackered samsung young is impossible woth my sausage for fingers. I'm sure it makes sense.

    2. No worries. I just assumed you were typing it with your elbows.

    3. With my tongue...after i remove it from the window looking at strangers going by.

  7. I've just seen it too Nick. What I love best is how she's deleted my comment, blocked me from commenting on the page then copy pasted my comment and expects me to reply. She really is a genius isn't she?
    She really hates me "speaking for others" doesn't she lol. It's called reading, Textusa, you should try it some time. NT kindly typed a word, you took the liberty of - shock horror - turning it into what you wanted it to say, and I pointed out the word he actually used. This is elementary stuff, right?
    Don't waste your time Nick, it doesn't matter what you say, she won't comprehend. She doesn't want to comprehend.
    Actually, the bit I loved the most was how I'm 'stoking up the mob'. I think she's starting to consider us almost as important as she considers herself. Almost.

    1. Her grip on reality has always been akin to Gazza's grip on his alcohol consumption - fragile at best - but I do honestly think she is starting to lose it big time. She has a version in her head of what I have said, which bears little relationship to what I have actually said, but that doesn't stop her repeating it like Long John Silver's parrot.

      I'll be honest, I have only given her deranged wittering a cursory glance over the last week or so - it's like a little holiday :)

    2. Same here, it's peaceful isn't it?
      Jokes aside, yes, I truly do have concerns for her grip on reality. This whole 'feud' (which Textusa doesn't get involved in the likes of, apparently) has clearly taken over her life.

    3. Its the dishonesty. Put up part of post but left out part that explained...genuinely...why i felt that evidence wasn't conclusive. At least she hasn't mentioned swinging for a bit though.

    4. A long way back I had to forbid her publishing my posts unless she did so unedited, as I was sick and tired of her barefaced dishonesty, cutting bits out to alter the meaning. Actually, that's really how this place came about, I needed somewhere to post my responses that she couldn't get her gnarled, arthritic claws on.

  8. Keep em coming NotTextusa, you witty genius ������

    1. “Keep em coming NotTextusa, you witty genius”

      Indeed! DO-do-do-do!


  9. I must admit to being " directed" here by Textusa… really do have a lot to thank the old bat for.
    I started out by reading a lot on the CMoMM forum and, having reached some sort of opinion on what I think happened, eventually joined to put my theories forward for discussion. Unfortunately, if ones opinion incorporates anything but FACT, the facts according to Verdi that is, you're immediately shot down, subjected to an online birching and told not to be so stupid. If you're not part of the cabal, you can't come in.
    Thus I wandered over to the Textusa site and, having endured the complete bollocks that the majority of the twittering is over there, and being admonished for having the temerity to make a light-hearted comment a propos the swinging, here I am on your site.
    I find it both informative and mahoosively amusing...….I must read more of your back issues.

    1. You are very welcome here, DE F.
      I am convinced many of her readers in the past paid scant regard to most of what she said - in fact, I remember one notable occasion when one of her loonies posted in fulsome praise of her "razor-sharp mind and phenomenal analytical skills" less than ten minutes after she posted 28ft of drooling nonsense. Ten minutes was barely long enough to page down through the article, let alone read it!

    2. Added to the fact that I do believe she's been posting more since she said she wouldn't be posting for a while !
      And she wouldn't be posting for a while because she was shining up yet another golden nugget of drivel, quite possibly between her buttocks. Can't wait. Well, I can.

    3. I had the same problem DEF a few years ago.
      Verdi likes to lay down the law to all newcomers and drives many away.
      NT described her as a gruesome ass wart recently.
      I think that is being kind to her quite frankly.

      On a side note I see the hole where verdi resides has a new theory,or at least one dweller does,it's all about golf apparently.

  10. 10 minutes.. ...
    What do you want people to do? Read all the shite?
    You are 😈 NT


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