Thursday, 14 June 2018

Give it up, Baldylocks

How long does Bennett think he can get away with this for?

This is like the wrong Martin Smith all over again.

The satellite image he has posted for May 3rd CLEARLY SHOWS that the PdL area was cloudless by the afternoon. Endlessly repeating that “it was sunnier on Sunday”  is meaningless. The fact is, there was ample sun on the 3rd, and he should stop trying to con people. 



    Blind twat

  2. And now we have Jill Havern, committing a massive Data Protection breach on twitter.

    That'll end badly

  3. All pretty much going as expected. The fighting that’s broken out is primarily due to Bennett at the moment but it’s only a symptom of what I was describing a couple of days ago – that the uproar has nothing to do with this place per se, or any other, but is in their own defeated and troubled heads.

    First Bennett. He’s completely stuck, like the rest. He feels he has to make some defence against the accusations of being a crooked windbag whose libels, horrible enough in themselves, are also comically inept. But he can’t.

    NT put his finger perfectly on the magic spot when he said that Bennett, (along with Textusa) is incapable of “stringing together a coherent precis detailing how they arrived at these ludicrous conclusions and they never will”.

    That is not an insult but a truthful observation based on every piece of blue-pencil wanderings (there’s no need to mock them yet again here) he’s come out with since 2009. And for those in doubt you will find a nice legal completion of that proof in Judge Tugendhat’s judgement – an excessively kind one, by the way. Two examples:

    “The main reason for my not doing this is that the Defendant is extremely verbose, and this judgment would be enormous if I were to set out the whole context of each publication.”

    “…if he had been professionally represented he would not have caused the Claimants to incur the costs of dealing with the adjournments and the prolix and irrelevant material that the Defendant has put before the court. It is not just a self-represented litigant who bears adverse consequences from the fact that he is self-represented.”

    [That last sentence, with its hint of losing the will to live, or falling asleep so that his wig starts to slump, speaks volumes of what it must have been like listening to or reading him].

    The significance of this is that “Show it to us!” – yep, again – is not only about the production of physical or forensic or witness evidence but about exactly what NT described, for such evidence has to be embedded in NT’s "precis" both so we can follow the exact steps and check them for validity one by one and because “unembedded” they just become a kind of madman’s list, signifying nothing.

    Which all means that even if he had a case to defend he’d still be stuck because, due to this inability to express himself, he has no means to communicate it. But his “case” is itself a genuine madman’s list! Of accusations, libels, squeals, suspicions, obscure questions and retaliatory asides, all coloured by the greatest of his many sins: envy.

    So he’s stuck with nowhere to go except ineffectual tweets which are being met with abuse and contempt, while his revolting little forum, as the current void there and the fiddling with the site statistics demonstrates, has completely run out of either input or output. Exactly the same as Textusa.

    Why did I write, “all pretty much going as expected?” I’ll come back with that later, if that’s acceptable.

  4. Of course - look forward to it. Will respond properly later; still laughing at Textusa's latest delusions. I think my work there is done :)


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