Monday, 11 June 2018

Answers on a postcard please

"Please do not confuse us not thinking to be correct with us not considering the decision to give it legal value to be illegal or illegitimate."



  1. This late? No fair lol.
    If the answer comes to me in my dreams, I'll let you know 😁

    Some excellent posts here lately NT. I've just about caught up but haven't had much time to get involved in discussion. Though I see it's still going down fantastically well, the company you keep 😊
    I did see my name in one of her posts as I scrolled through Facebook earlier but couldn't be arsed to find out why. I doubt it's anything new.
    Anyway, I'm away to the sun tomorrow, if the Wi-Fi is decent I'll still be peeking in.
    Leaving the car keys at the airport parking 😊

    1. Thanks, Sade, good to have you back.

      I've only had a quick skim over the posts over there, tbh. Apparently, I'm coarse and low class - cheeky mare!

      Enjoy your time in the sun :)

  2. Just had a quick look at Twitter to see Carla ranting (how unusual), claiming Ben, Blacksmith and I have 'abandoned' you since we were 'exposed'. I'd say she should get out more, but that might be unfair on her local community.
    What they can't stand, none of them, is that they're realising how ridiculous they now look for their attacks on you and this blog. There's far too much intelligent discussion going on, new readers (or at least commenters) and a great interest in your knowledge and take on things.
    If we are all so despicable, no one will take any notice of us, so why do they care...

    1. Yes, normally I'd advise anyone to get out more, but the idea of Carla joining the outside world, like a bad-tempered Tazmanian Devil, replete with the rabies virus, would present some problems, not least for the RSPCA.
      They do seem awfully bothered, don't they? :)

    2. Afternoon all. Just thought I'd swing by and say hello.

      Abandoned, is it? I was doing regular checks, and posting links to the blogs. In fact, aside from doing the above, posting an article of my own on the 3 hour lunch smears, and tweeting a few shots to Bruce Swingstein this morning, I've scarcely mentioned the case, publicly at least.

      I hope you've coped with our atrocious abandonment NT, Crazy "I see shill people" Carla knows how tough that can be. No doubt Textusa will offer her a few (million randomly selected) words of comfort, and perhaps offer to pop round and trim her pampas grass.

      As for your Textusa quote's just further witterings of self loving from the soggy (broken) biscuit mind of Textusa, isn't it :)

    3. Hi Ben,
      I still laugh out loud each time I read 'Bruce Swingstein' :))

      Yes, how dare you guys abandon me? Don't you know I own your mortal souls now?

      She's posted another rant tonight, but I can't be bothered to read it. She'll just be going on about molecules, which is fine, except she doesn't know what a molecule is. She probably thinks it's a Cule. For moles.

    4. No its Mo LeCule...plays holding midfield for tunisia.

    5. Are you sure it’s not Mol O’Cule, plays on the left wing for the Republic of Ireland?


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