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The first alert was given with the dogs head in the air without a positive area being identified. This is the alert given by him when there is no tangible evidence to be located only the remaining scent. 

                                                                                         Martin Grime, August 2007 


  1. I'll just paste my latest reply here if that's alright, just incase 'n all that 🙂

    "Again, that tweet did not "make public" my holiday did it? What it said is in black and white, above. The comments on the Facebook post from today, do indeed confirm I've today come home from a holiday. It still gives no sense to the expectation that I should have been playing with kids on a beach, does it?
    Look very carefully at the words, and think carefully about how the rest has been, undeniably INVENTED.
    It's a very important point I've tried to make.
    As for the "goody two shoes" comment, you've lost me. Never have I pretended to be so; I can be polite and I can be rude, it all depends on the attitude of who I'm conversing with. Your perception of rudeness is perhaps different to mine, however, I think I've said this before: I'll write what I like. Whether you choose to publish it or not, is of course down to you.
    With regards to my comment about you blocking me from commenting, you did, from your Facebook page. It's quite obvious it's that I was referring to - to those who've taken the liberty of reading the comment in its full context of course.

    As for the questions, nope. Not on your life. Why? Because why should I?"

    Anyway, honey! I'm home! Hurry up with that spiritual glass of welcome home wine would ya?

  2. Well done, both of you. The following typifies the type of comment (anonymous of course) that one can expect from her followers (see how those of us who do not fall at Textusa's feet are portrayed as pro-trolls enacting some sort of devilish plot!):

    Anonymous 21 Jun 2018, 07:56:00
    In the valley of the blind the one eyed man is king. However i do not think it's the blind being led by the one eyed fake scientist. It's an obvious attempt at muddying waters with all involved knowing exactly what the end game plan is. At least this exercise in BS has brought to the fore who are the genuine seekers of truth and who are simply present to peddle lies. Well done sisters, your efforts are appreciated by those who see through the game being played.

    1. Thanks Lesley, and I'm glad you picked out that comment because it really does illustrate what we're up against.

      For example, I took a look at the Smith family timings. Why? Because the conclusion reached by the PJ was that the sighting occurred at about 10pm and that ruled out Gerry as he was alibied for then. However, when I did what I am sure the dickwitted cockwomble above has never done, and looked in detail at the corroborated times for that night, it raised at least the possibility that the sighting was later. That evidence was only gathered later, so wasn't available to help the Smiths at the time.
      My analysis does not in any way contradict the Smiths, or doubt them, it was simply an effort to narrow the timing window with reference to irrefutable evidence such as a time stamp on a credit card receipt. But dickheads like Textusa's minions just read the word "Smiths" and go into auto-troll.

      It is precisely the same with the fucking dog alerts. The problem there is that Textusa is both dishonest and irredeemably thick. She is still peddling lies on that, specifically two things I never said - medieval graveyards, and scent wafting in. Both HER inventions, the devious wassock.

    2. Wow lesly. Thanks for bringing that over. What execrable,paranoid,evidence free bullshit. I mean one here is playing a one here is defending a bullshit theory. Do these idiots not realise the more stupid unsubstaniated crap that they come up with allows everyone to be brushed as conspiraloons.

  3. Wassock, lol! Lovely to hear that word, which is not used here of course!! But regarding the Smith sighting you are pilloried for showing it might have been a little later than 10 (the Smiths themselves only estimated the time as I recall), and yet the Textusa tries to convince readers that the man with the child wanted and INTENDED that they saw him. Was he just hanging about until a potential witness appeared and it just happened to be the Smiths then? I don't follow the thinking.

    1. Indeed! And that he bounced all over the place, like a cat in a pedal bin, before stopping for a not-chat with Mrs Smith.


  4. well hello all. after over 2 years of being on the sideline watching and reading im forced to set up a blogger account because I'm not as brave as Sade ;-)

    I commented on Text's - the comments continue v5 and she hasn't the perfectly reasonable reply I sent to another commenter who asked what your (NT) theory on MM was - which I summarised as 'likely dead, likely parent involved, likely sedation involved' and she has skipped that one and published this reply I gave to another comment:

    ---TextUSA Blog

    First this one submitted to us and that we didn’t publish (doing it now) which we are certain is from Anon/NicK:

    “Anonymous 22 Jun 2018, 13:45:00
    dogs wouldnt alert to the surface, they'd alert to the scent in the location the scent was strongest.
    Honestly - all this distraction from the original issue... that TextUSA's theory on questioning the Mccanns would cause Grange to be shut down. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so determined to avoid admitting a mistake!”


    So now i'm Nick. Whoever Nick is.

    To be honest, I was intrigues to see if I would be tagged as someone else, so she/he hasn't disappointed.

    So here I am, finally emerging from the shadows to support you (NT) Sade, John Blacksmmith (great blog), Cat, Ben, and all the other people who talk common sense and facts.

    I used to read Text with a fascination on her imagination - the swinging theory is what did it - or rather the decision to cling to it- that made me keep coming back. Plus I am a bit of a masochist for 20000 word essays that leave me wondering what I as reading in the first place :)

    Anyway, hello all - I feel like I might be part of a community of like minded souls in a sea of crazies - or conspiraloons as it were.


    1. Hello and welcome!
      I'm glad you've joined - it's really interesting to hear how others have experienced her rather selective use of the 'publish' button. You will find Nick here, but don't worry, she'll still be accusing you of being him with her dying breath.
      I'm quite enjoying her fall about laughing at things which are perfectly correct; I'm almost embarrassed for her. I do find it difficult to understand how someone manages to go through life with such complete ignorance of how things work. I have visions of her, when invited to smell a nice pie, breaking bits off and shoving them up her nostrils because she can't work out that it isn't required :)

    2. LOL NT! There's gotta be a gif for that last bit 😂😂

    3. Hi ba....i wouldn't worry...apparently l have more split personalities than an asylum. Its just typical textusa...write reams of absolute dross to try to distract that she is wrong....and hope that the lobotomy that reading said dross causes makes one forget her original point. And if you point out she's wrong're a troll. Hopefully people drift over and realise her lies.

    4. Welcome BA. You must be one of my multiple personalities :). Don't have survived her 20000 word essays that take such a circular route as to make no point, hoping that no one can remember what her point was in the first place. Slowy people are coming here realising how she misrepresented nt and other posters.

    5. Oops. Anyway nt have you seen the absolute bullshit she has just posted??? She is actually trying to say an evrd dog wouldn't signal in a hospital ffs. Can she not understand that even when a body is removed from the bed that in the case of people suffering long terminal illness that the scent of death will remain behind. And that if you are in contact with that person the residual odour will transfer. I give up.

    6. She's on a roll at the moment, Nick.
      The problem is, she is genuinely completely ignorant, which wouldn't matter that much if she didn't ponce about like the reincarnation of Einstein, if Einstein had been a congenital idiot, spouting total bollocks. I mean, we have explained how smell works, but they still cannot seem to grasp this basic science. She appears to have stopped even reading stuff before she quotes it, hence this quote from Martin Grime ''Cadaver scent contamination may be transferred in numerous scenarios.'' which she then repeatedly contradicts.

      And I am doubled over laughing at her ''demands'' for answers from you and Sade, especially as Sade has already told her to get stuffed and she thinks BA is you!

    7. I thought sod it and replied...peace while the next 20000 word circular pos is being written. Textusa its the last i'm replying have so little of substance to say that you are creating drama to fill your blog.

    8. It's fascinating actually to see how easily she invents things to suit her. Maybe she doesn't know she's doing it, who knows.
      She seems to think I didn't have the time to answer her questions. As you know, I said nothing of the sort but made it quite clear (I'd thought) that not only would I not be answering, but that I wouldn't give a reason either.
      She slyly tries to make out I took offence at it being assumed I was on holiday - ridiculous. I used the fact I had not once mentioned holiday, the beach, or whether my kids were with me as a classic example of how those over there just create their own versions of anything and everything. I wasn't even offended at the "she should be playing on the beach with her kids", because as I've stressed a million times, I just couldn't care less.
      Which leads on to the rather funny idea that I was genuinely complaining in my tweet. How was it not obvious I was taking the piss? Maybe I'm just crap at it, will have to use more emojis 😂

      So I don't even have to mention her now and she's all over me like a tramp on chips. Duw duw 🙂

    9. It's funnier still when she quotes Martin Grime as if to say "See? He agrees with me!" and then completely contradicts him without even knowing she has done it.

      This was the bit that really killed me today, though:

      "We have noted that you did not answer the question we put to you, which is what YOU think is the source of the cadaver scent molecules that Eddie picked up in the backyard, so hopefully this interval will allow you to better think on the answer you want to give.

      Also, please take this time to think and then tell us what it is you think is the fluid source of the splatters found in the living-room as per our post “DNA is… DNA”."

      I was in tears :)) :)) What a daft cow.

  5. Welcome BA! Please, don't get on that plane. We're all very welcoming here 😄

    I did see that comment, and you'd probably want to punt your house on poker if you DIDN'T get accused of being someone else.
    I'm still waiting to be accused of being Aleksander Orlov after putting 'simples' at the end of my last reply lmao.

    I see she's evaluated my recent exchange with the frog on Twitter as some ploy, like it's us that's behind it or some shit...I dunno, my eyes did start rolling back in my head halfway through.

    As for the "Brilliant reply from strackers74", yahhh, if a reply from a bitter, bandwagon-jump Olympian who will support ANYONE who goes against someone who's called her out on her sly behaviour (including known pro WUM's) can be considered brilliant....oh it was a compliment from Textusa? All's well then 🙂

    1. I am always put in mind of the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the villagers want to burn a witch.

      VILLAGER #1: We have found a witch, might we burn her?

      CROWD: Burn her! Burn!

      BEDEVERE: How do you know she is a witch?

      VILLAGER #2: She looks like one.

      BEDEVERE: Bring her forward.

      WITCH: I'm not a witch. I'm not a witch.

      BEDEVERE: But you are dressed as one.

      WITCH: They dressed me up like this.

      CROWD: No, we didn't -- no.

      WITCH: And this isn't my nose, it's a false one.

      BEDEVERE: Well?

      VILLAGER #1: Well, we did do the nose.

      BEDEVERE: The nose?

      VILLAGER #1: And the hat -- but she is a witch!

      CROWD: Burn her! Witch! Witch! Burn her!


    2. LOL! But actually, scarily bloody accurate. Thank god some did have the sense to remain anonymous eh? For me it was a bit of a naive oversight; with FB I didn't see the point as I already had a presence in my own name before becoming admin and realising the lengths some nutters are prepared to go to.
      With Twitter, whilst I didn't openly advertise who I was, and have never used a photo on there, I suppose I never really tried to hide it either.
      It probably comes from growing up in an area - in which I still reside - where you soon learn you either dare the fuckers to knock on your door or cower behind it indefinitely.
      A hovel, if you like 😄

    3. I prefer leaving twitter well alone..not interested in what people are trying to say in 16 characters...never mind 160. Its certainly dumbed down reading capability...and seen a horrendous rise in bullying.

  6. Textusa pulls comments from here there and everywhere what purpose does this achieve, people have different opinions does it matter no, what matters is what happens when Operation Grange wraps up.


  7. well thanks for the lovely welcome!

    I think it must be killing her, not being able to write another essay. That hole she dug is like a tunnel to the centre of the earth now.

    I predict there will be a new essay soon - and her reasoning for resuming posting will be because she realised that actually we are all pro mccann's trying to shut her down :-)


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