Thursday, 31 May 2018

When in a hole, stop digging

Textusa and her sisters proving that stupid loves company 

Okay folks, let's put this one to bed, because Lady Liesalot is starting to seriously get on my tits.

Here is the actual comment that I made, on a single occasion

“Well, why do you think? Might interest you to know that it’s impossible to field walk in this country without finding small pieces of human bone, due to centuries of ploughing disturbing medieval graves. Consequently, it finds its way into the topsoil very readily. Try thinking outside the box for a change.”
This was in response to someone posing the question "How could there be an alert outside?"
I made the fatal mistake of inviting the textaloons to try using their brains. It turns out they don't have any.

So for those who do, allow me to explain.
It is not uncommon to find bone fragments in the soil. There are many factors which come into play: Local burial practices (many burials were of cremated remains containing lots of charred bone, or grave cuts into the ground which were then disturbed by later ploughing activity) can result in ancient bone being brought to the surface. That soil may then be moved, used as topsoil or in landscaping, further distributing bone fragments. If the soil is very alkaline, the fragments may not survive - so lots of variables.

We know that trained cadaver dogs will alert to ancient remains or even sand which previously contained human remains, so my comment was nothing more than an invitation to the lunatic fringe to bloody well think for a change.

I did not say the apartment was on the site of a medieval graveyard. Nor did I suggest that cadaver odour ''wafted in from outside'', that was Textusa's invention.

So how did the liar Textusa disseminate this?

Let me show you.

"But then again we are before a SCIENTIST. One who has invented not only the “Playful but endlessly patient airborne molecule thesis” but also that of the “Maddie’s graveyard theory”, whereby apartment 5A lies, behold, on an ancient medieval graveyard:"

He has even defended his “Madeleine graveyard theory”, whereby apartment 5A happens to be where a medieval graveyard was, as when we we wrote in the post:"
"Nothing in the article about this. Why? Because the only lies that have been running about this are ridiculous, Kate McCann having been in contact with corpses before coming to Portugal, the seabass story and Insane’s graveyard in the backyard."
"Insane who says that the scent outside in the backyard signalled by the ERVD dog was either human bones in fertilizer or apartment 5A is on top of a medieval graveyard!"


"About what Eddie marks in the flowerbed, Insane has given 2 options: fertilizer with human bones and apartment 5A being built on top of a medieval graveyard."

She even had the nerve to change this quote by Martin Grime:

“What we have to be able to understand in a situation such as this is in a hot climate with the apartment being closed down, the scent will build up in a particular area. If there isn't a scent source in here, i.e. a physical article where the scent is emitting from, any scent residue will collect in a particular place due to the air movement of the flat, the apartment and what I would say in this case is that there is enough scent in that area there for him to give me a bark indication but the source may not be in that cupboard, the source may well be in this room somewhere else but the air is actually pushing into that corner.

.....Into this:

''It seems to us that Martin Grime is quite clear in contradicting him when he says “a scent source in here, i.e. a physical article where the scent is emitting from”. removing the words "If there isn't.." from the beginning in a staggeringly inept attempt to change his meaning

So when I say Textusa is a liar, I mean she is a proven, unrepentant liar


  1. That is exactly it, you made the mistake of offering *possible explanations* for things - as I'm sure scientists, or anyone who at least likes to research the nitty gritty of science, are compelled to do.

    This is not possible with Textusa it appears. It's like saying "ah, but did you know the sea isn't actually blue" try and explain the reasonings for things only makes you, on the surface, a liar.
    "But what do you mean? I know the sea is blue, I've seen it with my own eyes! So NT is a pro McCann, end of."
    It's far too complex. I feel the only impending solution is sponsorship from Crayola I'm afraid.

    1. I see she is trying to get clever with respect to this Walkercan nonsense.

      So here is her claiming it in no uncertain terms

      "So, we are all to believe that for 563 days Insane stood quietly on the side-lines while all of the above that was happening on the Maddie case happened. Seriously?

      We find more credible his airborne playful molecules and we do believe that whoever believes in them should have their heads examined.

      It’s evident that Insane abandoned his blogging persona (Not Textusa ) and decided to concentrate his full attention and efforts on his Twitter one (Walkercan1000) during more than a year and a half.

      But was exposing Not Textusa as Walkercan1000 the only issue Insane found important enough to justify a comeback? No, and that is quite telling.

      First he butted in a debate with an Anonymous about how the sedation disproves by itself the neglect theory.

      We defend that someone had to be present at the time of death for the blood spatters on the walls, floor and back of a couch to have happened.

      Insane disputes this, says that was no blood found, basing his arguments solely on the FSS report which we all know has absolute no credibility while simultaneously discrediting Keela who has 100% credibility.

      In his Walkercan1000 persona, not only does he also deny the existence of blood as he takes this denial 3 steps even further forward."

      More lies

  2. What the actual fuck?
    How you haven't simply spontaneously combusted from the incredulity of all this over the years, I'll never know.
    Carla's at it again on Twitter, "suggesting" I go and apologise to Textusa for something I didn't say. Obviously.
    I was more polite over there, only out of respect for 'the tag' but I'll say here; Carla, I suggest you fuck off. To put it politely.
    Where do people get off exactly, thinking they can dictate what people can say online? Try it with me in real life lol, you'll get the same reaction 😄
    Sanctimonious twats!

    1. Laughing at the imagery, Sade - I have sometimes thought I should blog with my feet in a bucket of water, just in case.

      Carla is a vile fuckwit of the first order and slightly to the right of Attila the Hun, one of the most unpleasant characters I have ever encountered online. She's also, like Textusa, thicker than a big thick thing.

      Textusa is really showing her true colours now - could you believe that comment earlier where she said "Are you forcing your people to take a position?" I mean, I can't even.....

      This might not be politically correct, so apologies, but she is fucking mental.

      One think I am going to hammer home on is this ''playful molecules'' nonsense she coined. She actually has no understanding of how odour works and made a complete arse of herself by failing to understand that what I said was precisely what Martin Grime had said. Christ, she truly is dim.

      I've had years of this so I am impervious to her nonsense. I make allowances for the fact that she is staggeringly dimwitted.

      Incidentally, I should have mentioned this before, but my email address is and people are welcome to email if there is anything they want to ask or discuss without it going on the blog (I assumed you could all see my email address at the top of the page and it only occurred to me today that you might not be able to. Duh. )

    2. *thing, not think. It's late :)

    3. Calm down NT ......She ran out of text......
      She is just playing you now

  3. Peter Mac And Cheese1 June 2018 at 02:00

    Textusa all too often grabs the wrong end of the stick then proceeds to beat people around the head with it. The only value that blog has now is as a slightly disturbing comedy.

    1. Very apt description - thanks for that!. There are some moments of pure comedy, like the one where she led herself up the garden path to such an extent that she ended up publishing a blog that basically reached no conclusion whatsoever. It was like going for a walk with a demented person

  4. Lol, I hadn't noticed.
    Thanks for that, the email. It'll come in handy no doubt.
    I've once again got dragged into commenting over there. Why do I do it to myself lol. Oh well.
    Without us, there'd be more life more life more life, in a tramps vest 😄

  5. Hi NT and Sade last night on Textusa is shocking, I've also been included in the latest witch hunt so I will address it here as I have no intention of posting over there.

    Textusa I am just a member of the public, I have no agenda or theory, I'm only interested in the eventual outcome of Operation Grange. I don't hang out in any forums or comment on Twitter or any Facebook groups. I have an opinion just like anyone else but I don't state my opinions as fact as I'm not an expert. That is as much as you'll get from me as I will NOT respond to you.


  6. If you don't mind, then I'm just going to copy and paste a comment here as well which I left on the Textusa blog earlier. (She has 'previous' for not publishing my comments in response!)

    Cheers, Andy.

    "Hello. As you've copied & pasted my tweet over yet again, then it's only fair that I make a brief comment in return (and you actually publish it)!

    I'm not sure about others, but I personally think that the Walkercan twitter handle was mainly operated by Michael Wright (Which I've always said)!

    Ignore the name 'Wright' though. I also 100% believe that the Walkercan and the NotTextusa blogger are NOT the same person. I've spoken to that vile idiot Walkercan on Twitter and also exchanged a few comments with NT on his blog & again, I absolutely believe they are not the same person!

    The rest of my tweet still stands. As in I don't understand your obsession in trying to morph the 2 and also that it's a load of nonsense!

    If you have irrefutable proof & evidence that Walkercan & NotTextusa are the same person as you claim, then I suggest you show it?



  7. Is Textusa male or female?
    Some say she is a spinster or one of a trio of spinster sisters, while others, including Lord of the Loons Bennett, say Textusa is a cross dressing swinging man.
    Either way round of course she/he is completely barmy (or cleverly winding us all up) but I'm curious anyway.

  8. Morning all - very quick comment.

    Hi Cat -I saw her comments about you; she is a loon.

    Hi Andy - no problem, I welcome comments that she refuses to publish. Good idea asking her for evidence, that distant cracking noise is the sound of Hell freezing over.

    Anon - I really have no idea. I refer to her as female as that is how she identifies on here. I think she's 90% troll, tbh

    Have a good day, all

  9. Agree totally on cadaver dog and VOCs. I think many people get stuck in the idea of cadaverine alone and forget that there are countless volatile organic compounds resulting from decomposition and those are what the dog identifies either individually or as part of a group , a combination of some only ,or a combination of all the 3 just mentioned. Which one they identify is impossible to know, for obvious reazons . There are two or 3 free papers online that explain this and two excellent papers available for purchase in Science Direct. To check just how many VOCs are involved and why pseudo scents are not quite reliable I would recomend the reading of :

    On the matter of blood in the apartment, I am not too sure since the tests done , with the exception of the car key that was submitted to a different test , were LCDNA which is not suitable for testing which body fluid is present in sample. I do recall checking other methods used but those were in the Portuguese forensics in relation to different samples taken or areas examined on 4th May. I must go over the Lowe report once again for the samples re dogs' alerts, I may well be wrong.

    Regardless, the only forensics that would help resolve the case would be new forensics which, let's face it , would be a miracle if any could be retrieved from anywhere , with the clear exception of the actual body, after 11 years. In the same manner, the cadaver dog alerts alone cannot be accepted as evidence in a court of law since at the moment ( as in still without other elements to corroborate them) they are circumstancial only.
    Alice (not real but apt)

    1. Hi Alice - you are absolutely spot on, it does my head in when people refer to cadaverine.

      The anology I have used to try to explain it is to imagine an apple pie.
      An apple pie emerging from a hot oven does not smell the same as an apple. It does not smell the same as buttery pastry. It does not smell the same as cinnamon. But all those smells together produce an odour we describe as ''Apple pie''

      Decomposition is a bit like that.

      There are numerous contributors and they don't remain constant, they vary according to multiple factors, including the extent of decomposition. But to a cadaver dog, they all say ''dead human''

      Just as an apple pie doesn't always smell the same once it has cooled, or sat in the fridge for a bit - but we can still identify the smell as ''apple pie''

      Thank you for the reference too. Very useful

  10. Just parking my second response to Textusa here again! (she did actually publish the first).



    "I seriously think this is all a load of unnecessary bollox!

    I'd be grateful if you could leave me out of it. I know firsthand how bloody annoying it is to be constantly accused of being someone else!

    I think it's clear as day that Walkercan is not NT. And the sad & stupid thing is, I genuinely believe that you know that as well!



  11. Hi Andy. I haven't looked back over there since she accused me of "speaking on your behalf", but I do hope I haven't come across as doing that. I don't ever intend to do that.
    Just as Textusa accused me of doing the same with JB , which I thought I'd already made clear I only ever wanted to reiterate things he'd said that I found to make perfect sense.
    I am always happy to apologise and correct anything I've said if I've got the wrong end of the stick, incase anyone was wondering! 🙂

  12. Great analogy about the medieviel bones...i remember taking a springer spaniel for a walk down the Cornwall coastline. He went mental alerting to dinosaur bones in the all sorts of fragments out. To expand on a previous post i meant the liquifaction of the human body of course producing gaseous odour rather than liquid spilled. Just want to be clear in case textusa wants to deliberately misunderstand what i meant.

    1. We have such a great coastline in this country - I know a couple of beaches where you can literally walk along picking up fossils at will. Kids love that. I remember finding fossils in a cave when I was a kid, and it never really leaves you :)


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