Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Sleeping with the fishes.

I am literally in tears of helpless laughter 

Do not publish.....” identified reader at 1 May 2018, 11:03:00

We share your suspicions and have even more reasons to be even more that we cannot reveal other than saying that one of them was that we found extremely “opportune” Insane jumping on a bandwagon that was not his nor should have knowledge that was passing.
We keep saying he’s extremely helpful but thankfully he insists in “not” believing us.

Currently we are debating within team on what we should do. If to act, to sideline it for now and just send a message or pretend we haven’t realised. We have to see and decide what serves best the interests of the truth”

Now, can I just check - can I put a horse’s head in the recycling bin? 


  1. What's the above supposed to be about?

  2. I literally have no idea. It's just more of her tinfoil-hatted, stalking nonsense. She likes to pretend I'm some kind of big-shot McCann supporter. She does it in an attempt to get her readers to attack me - it's a complete lie, of course. You know - those things she never tells?

  3. What I find most funny is she thinks you are helping her unknowingly giving away clues, its funny to watch.

    1. I know! I’m waiting with bated breath to see what this massively ‘important’ point is that she intends to make, which could well be hilarious. It’s also rather amusing that she hasn’t shut her trap once since she “stopped writing”

      My guess is that she is kicking herself for that declaration, probably made in a fit of pique after she was told off. We can now expect comments which are 5000 words long :))

  4. My guess is that because she feels that she is right and anyone who doesn't believe is muddying the waters, so it's conformation to her that's she's on the right track which in reality is rubbish, everyone can have a theory but there's only one truth.

    Amusing to watch.


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