Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Grow up

It has been a very strange 24 hours. 

When you blog, it's your little piece of cyberspace. Within reason, it's up to you what you choose to say or allow and you are answerable only to your service provider, the law and the authorities.

By the same token, anyone is free to use their bit of the internet to comment on what you have written on your bit of the internet. 

The internet is not unique. It is the 20th/21st century version of news sheets, town criers, journals, but the output of person A, whether poetry, prose or art, has always been subject to critique from person B.

However, this isn't quite what we have witnessed.

THIS is what we have witnessed:

"Mr van Gogh, I am not keen on this post-impressionist style of yours"

"Fair enough, Mr Monet"

"Mr Pissarro thinks it's crap too"

"Well, that's fine, I have no issue with Mr Pissarro"

"Mr Gauguin here - I quite like this Post-impressionist style, I think I might give it a go"

"I see - so you are siding with Mr van Gogh. Well, you showed your true colours, didn't you?"

"Sorry? What's the problem?"

"Mr Pissarro, Gauguin is siding with old Vincent One-Ear"

"Erm, just a minute, Mr Monet...."

"No, no - we've all seen who you align yourself with, Gauguin. You hate Impressionism"

"I didn't say that - I just said I quite like this Post-Impressionist style!"

"We all heard you. And I now declare that you probably painted all van Gogh's paintings - I recognise the brushwork"

Grow the fuck up, Maria. You are in this position because of your inability to support your claims with a single fact. Stop taking your impotent temper out on everyone around you. If you want people to respect you, stop lying to them. Just fucking grow up.


  1. Good example above so true, if she feels passionate in what she believes she should get back to doing what she enjoys and stick to the facts and leave out all the different personalities. In my opinion as there has been no recent media coverage in the case she has used Sade and Blacksmith as clickbait.


    1. I completely agree. I stopped commenting on her blog as I felt it was just clickbait for her, so immediately she starts hoovering up any comment made anywhere with the rather vague excuse that she is ''bringing it over to the blog''. Trying to generate traffic, I think.

    2. Yes I agree, all I see on your blog is an honest blogger who is really interesting with a lot of knowledge. I've enjoyed reading your posts where you've explained science in layman terms for people like myself.

    3. Well, thank you, that's good of you to say so! Quite often the response is very hostile, as if I am challenging some sacred tenets. There has always been a huge amount of misinformation out there and it really doesn't help anyone to let it go without trying to clarify it. So I'm glad you found it useful


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