Friday, 27 April 2018

Rounding up the lies

Evening all,

Here's a quick run down of some of the recent lies and bollocks

2. About this that you say “though the original plan was the ocean, disturbed by the S family”, is it right to assume that you disagree with us and maintain that Smithman was Gerry carrying a dead child, even though we showed in our post “The ambush” that Smithman was able to see the Smiths long before he crossed with them (so he could have perfectly avoided them), that he zig-zagged between them while stopping by Martin Smith and his wife before heading towards AS and the alley?

Your false claim that he zig-zagged or stopped is completely contradicted by all the witnesses.

"The tidal range isn't big in Praia da Luz". It's the same as everywhere in Portugal.

Bullshit. It depends on the topography

"Are you suggesting I shouldn't trust my own eyes?"

Yes. You see what you want to see. And definitely no-one else should trust them.

"He says that the cadaver scent produced by a decomposing body does not come from any substance the body produces while decomposing but is simply a gas released by it"

Jesus wept. Please try to understand, most 9 year old have grasped this. Unless you actually insert a substance up your nostrils, all smell is caused by gaseous material reaching the receptors in the nose. Cadaver scent is composed of various volatile compounds, given off as a gas

 We are not persuaded by the tertiary contamination of cadaver scent in Scenic. It’s our opinion that if the pants were that soiled then the contamination would have been more widespread than signalled by Eddie and not only at the door of the Scenic.

You literally have no idea what you are talking about. If your theory was right, the sales of scented drawer liners would be nil

 We say the body was taken from apartment 5A to Murat’s property, where it was kept safely away from any prying eyes during the critical hours of searches done by authorities.
Despite having literally no evidence of that whatsoever



  1. I thought this comment was rude "Are you suggesting I shouldn't trust my own eyes?"

    I did laugh at your comment up above though about drawer liners, ha ha.

    Just out of interest have you watched bogarts 7 part series on youtube link to the first episode below, in my opinion he's done an amazing job on putting it together.

    1. Thanks,I'll take a look at that, not seen it before

      Yes, she's being exceptionally rude at the moment, the silly cow.


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