Friday, 27 April 2018


In response to one of my replies to a comment on here, idiot Textusa responds:

This would be illegal. Only the PJ are authorised to question citizens of any nationality in Portugal. A LOR would be needed, which we haven’t heard of, and it would be PJ Officers do the questioning. Evidently this is false. This illustrates the “Imperialistic” view some hold: the British want to question, they can just walk in like in the times of the Raj and question, after all they are the British.

Where, at any point did I say they were questioned in Portugal? I said they were people who were in PdL as ex pats “at the time”. That doesn't mean they are now.

 So you can fuck off with the “imperialist” racist slur.

2. He says he links with ex pats in PDL as the Met wouldn’t be telling anyone this. If this were to be true, which is not, it would either come from a British immigrant who has been questioned and who knows Insane or from McCanns themselves who have links with ex pats, as the only people who claim to be kept informed about Operation Grange are the McCanns. Even though this story is fake it’s to be noted that he is admitting publicly to links with PDL, which we don’t have.

At no point did I say I “linked with ex-pats”, nor do I have any contact with such. Nor do I have any links with PdL

Your innate racism is showing, Maria. Cut it out. 

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