Monday, 30 April 2018


Evening all.

I have a couple of treats for you tonight

Here is the first

"We never lie, which is to assert something knowing it isn’t true and with deliberate intent to mislead."

Yes, dear readers, Textusa apparently said this with a straight face. However, her nose just broke the sound barrier, and is currently visible from three continents and the ISS

Let's have a few examples

She told you I was a number of different tweeters. Those claims were lies. She can try to pretend that she made a mistake, but the fact is, she knew it was a lie. Even when informed by someone who had known her for years that she was wrong, she continued to lie. Ultimately, her bad behaviour and lies ended with her leaving a facebook group and lost her many followers.

She simply made up stories; stories that I was 'controlling' certain accounts. She was not confused, or misled. She simply made it up.
Lies, invented to try to damage me, which was a bit silly of her

She repeatedly lied that Smithman stopped, after zig-zagging his way around the Smiths. 

She knows these are lies.

She claims the Brunt video of him sat at the Big Round Table has been manipulated by Sky. She knows this is not true. It was a lie she told because her earlier lie about the lack of such a table had been discovered

She lies repeatedly. She lies by omission, withholding posts which challenge her version of events.

She is a fundamentally and profoundly dishonest person. She always has been and she almost certainly will be. Her first instinct is to lie. It probably started early in childhood and she will never change.

She's a liar.


An extra treat, courtesy of Alexandr


  1. Who would have guessed the trivial termagant trio would resort to being economical with the truth?
    That's right. All of us.

    Meanwhile, funny you should mention the ISS.....

    aleksandr orlov

    1. Laughing at how appropriate the Borg cube is :))

      Going to post this one up too - soooooo funny!


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