Sunday, 8 April 2018

In a nutshell

Textusa refining her debating skills 

Evening all

Well, it's been an interesting time, watching Textusa wash her smalls in public. I could just leave it there, but I think there are a couple of points still to be made. To illustrate, here is one of her posts from today. I am redacting some names, as I don't have their permission to use them and frankly this isn't about individuals, but some general principles.
Anyhoo, here goes

So, things are absolutely clear about what happened between myself and XXX XXXXXXXX (XXXXXX XXX) today. XXX XXXXXXX is a public name. Not revealing or outing anyone. He chose to let his name be known publicly, we have chosen anonymity. 
Names redacted as discussed 

He is admin of a FB group, Justice for Madeleine. That group, for some reason, since our Gemma O’Doherty’s posts, probably disagreeing with our opinion about Colin Sutton – to which they are entitled – have decided to react to our posts since then with insult.
Let's be blunt about what happened here. They sound as if they have been worn down with your increasing craziness and utter obsession with the identity of a few individuals. It's quite obvious from the comments that they are not interested in the slightest in your inner mania 

Not dissent but sheer insult. No valid argument about which one could agree, disagree, debate.
It is difficult to have a 'valid argument' with someone who is being a deranged pain in the arse, Maria. That's the problem. I didn't read insult. I read disbelief and disparagement, and frankly you earned those. If you invent ridiculous scenarios you are not going to enjoy the benefit of a reasoned debate, are you? 

It’s their right to insult us, which is something we will not dispute. 
 But here you are complaining about it

And it’s also the right of their admin to support those who insult us. 
But here you are complaining about it 

However, it’s also our right not to have to put up with that. Not a question of ego, simply of self-respect.
It is absolutely about ego. Specifically, it is about your massive, misplaced ego. You think you are something special, with your "Never mind the quality, feel the length" posts. You regard yourself as incredibly clever and surround yourself with fawning imbeciles who maintain the illusion. Sadly, everyone else can see that your particular emperor has no clothes, unless they are a clown suit and some gigantic shoes 

Just like I found to be unacceptable to remain in the CMOMM FB page for reasons we have expressed in a post, I decided to leave Justice. It’s been a while now.
How heartbroken they must be to see you go

It was a personal decision, didn’t make a fuss about it nor called for any attention to it.
And here you are, drawing massive attention to it. 

Today, Mr X, after having dissed and supporting the insult, decided to day to go to into my PM on FB, politely as he states, and start to talk to me as if he hadn’t been part of the needless dissing, as usual on length and writing style.

He said “X”. An X made up of many words. 
Well, I think we know what he said, don't we? or at least in part. He made it clear to you that your accusations that a poster referred to as 'Meerkat' is me, are false accusations. Most people would be grateful to be corrected, so they could stop making an utter plank of themselves

What that X represents is private and I will not reveal. Have not said up to now if he was wrong or right about what that X meant. I simply didn’t and don’t care. Mr X may call it ego, I call it self-respect. I don’t engage with people who simply insult, privately or publicly.
What a pompous prig you are - you do nothing but insult people, using your blog as an instrument, and encouraging others to do the same.

Now, getting to what Mr X has revealed publicly – and which I won’t confirm or deny if mentioned privately but am only commenting what he has said publicly – we have strong reasons to believe Meercat is Insane. Various reasons to suspect that. In much the same way we have reason to believe that the Walkercan1000 account is no longer managed by Insane.
So basically, having boasted that you are always happy to be corrected, you utterly dismissed the correction from someone who knows one of the parties personally, proving that the last thing you are happy to be is corrected.

Your accusations are utterly false, Maria. You basically just pulled them out of your arse. You can't even defend them as you had no basis for making them in the first place

That said, we also had strong reasons to believe that “Anon” was also Insane and we were wrong. And once we realise that we are wrong about Meercat being Insane, we will come and recognise we are wrong.
So you basically know you are wrong, don't you? You are admitting it. But you won't actually admit it because you think its beneath your dignity.

To clarify the list of who we have said Insane is, is made up of the following: Not Textusa, Walkercan1000, Meercat and Anon. We wouldn’t call that an extensive list and we have recognised being wrong about Anon being Insane.
And you are entirely wrong on all accounts. I have also asked you to refer to me as NotTextusa, and not your insulting nickname of Insane, but you have the manners of a pig, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

But we will come to that conclusion for ourselves, if that is the case, without the help of people who insult us and then waltz in as if they are owed some sort of loyalty on our part.
So much for your lies about being happy to be corrected. Basically, you will not admit your mistake until you are ready to, which will be approximately never.

On our part, we have put a stone on this issue. We thank Justice for all the support they gave us until we stepped on Colin Sutton’s toes.

You can't help yourself, Maria. From what you have posted, it appears that this group supported you for a long time, always started a thread about your posts, and generally tolerated you. You are the one who appears to have thrown that support away by your obsessive behaviour and your arrogant refusal to admit and correct a mistake.

I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. You told people I was Walker as it benefited you to have people believe that I was a particularly hated pro-McCann figure. In that way, you were able to shrug off the fact that I was pointing out that you were talking ludicrous, repetitive bollocks. 

No doubt you will go crawling back to the same group in time. More fool them if they tolerate you and your megalomania again

Edited to add:
Don't worry, I am not going to ask you for money ;)
A while ago I started to put together a glossary of Textusa terms, but ran out of steam
So if you have ever wanted to know what a VHLCU is, or need to execute a Negligence pirouette, then leave a message here and I'll help


  1. She accused me of being from the other side when all I did was leave a perfectly innocuous comment on her site.

    Talk about paranoia and getting it all completely wrong.

    1. I'm afraid she does that to everyone. She can't defend any of her ideas because they are all based on complete fantasy, so her only refuge when someone doesn't agree is to label them a 'pro' and then set her flying monkeys on them. I wouldn't take it personally :)

  2. Succinct and bang on the money - I can guarantee you they won't be getting back in, nor will they be missed. For a very long time Textusa has shown a complete lack of respect for anyone else's views in a public discussion group (what with everyone being beneath her), attempting to shoot the members down with verbose, vacuous and nonsensical comments.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It's interesting to read about how she is perceived elsewhere as I don't belong to any of the groups, but she obviously behaves in exactly the same way. I'm amazed she hasn't been rumbled before, tbh, because really she's just a wind-up merchant, but I reckon that's part of the reason why her blogs are so ludicrously long-winded and repetitive - she relies upon people giving up after the first 10,000 words. One of the funniest comments I ever read was from one of her tagalongs who posted only 10 minutes after Textusa put the blog up, waxing lyrical about her ''insight'', when there was no way she could have read it within that time, let alone figured out what the bloody hell she was on about.

      Mostly, I just take the piss, tbh. She provides a rich source of material for that ;)

    2. 10 minutes? Was this reader a real person, or Johnny 5 from the film Short Circuit?

    3. Might have been Data, from Star Trek, perhaps :D
      Can you get repetitive strain injury of the brain?

    4. I wouldn't know, you know, because I "know fuck all" ;)

    5. Ah - "Knowing Fuck-all Syndrome" or Textusa's Disease, as it is often called. Nasty thing, there's a lot of it about. I believe it is spread through human populations by swingers, the filthy beasts :D

  3. Replies
    1. Ben and Insane in the bar snug, swigging pints, cackling and spitting on the floor. Two gobs in a pod. Hilarious (!)

    2. Such wit! Can we catch you at the Edinburgh Fringe?

  4. Looking at last night's Twitter eruption can we now safely say Carla Spade IS Textusa?

    1. She probably isn't. But let's say it anyway :D

      After all, that's what they do.


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