Saturday, 7 April 2018

Final word

As there are a number of new people popping in, lets make a couple of things absolutely clear.

The reason Textusa claims I am the people she accuses me of being is quite simple - I have been rubbishing her fuckwitted claims for years and the easiest way she has found to muster the troops is to falsely claim that I am a McCann supporter

I am not a McCann supporter.

I do not, however, subscribe to the demented, shitwitted claims of people like Textusa and Baldylocks Bennett. They do no favours to the McCann doubters with their idiotic scenarios and their relentless bullying of anyone who doesn't fall in line with them. 

I loathe and despise people like Textusa and Bennett - ambulance chasers of the worst kind, trying to build their own profiles on the back of a dead child.

Now - you can think or say what you like, I don't honestly give a shit. I don't belong to any of your facebook groups, I don't tweet, and my activities are pretty much confined to here. However, there it is. 

And frankly, if you are daft enough to believe Textusa's rambling shit about swingers, tables that never existed and 'inadequate esplanades' then you pretty much deserve her


  1. Well said, this case seems to bring out the worst in people, whilst we're all waiting for the results of the PJ and OG some people are making up their own news.

    1. Thank you, I agree.
      Textusa seems to be moving into areas I find particularly disturbing, ruch as her obsessive stalking of individuals. I believe that's actually one of the hallmarks of cyberstalkers. For example, she keeps records of the times people tweet, the times between tweets, who they interact with etc.
      No doubt she would complain that it is all information in the public arena so she is doing nothing wrong, but it does not exist in cross-correlated, tabled form, and the act of doing that to perfect strangers is very disturbed. For example, yesterday in order to 'prove' some point or other she re-published every comment that Tigger had ever left on my blog, and then basically invited her followers to harass Tigger as a result.
      She could not possibly have pulled together that information in the short period of time so I can only conclude she has been ''keeping tabs'' on her for a while. Frankly, that's sick

    2. It's all very strange I agree pulling all that information together very fast and also pulling another innocent person who has had no involvement into an online disagreement, its personal and nasty just my opinion.

    3. Frankly, you’re sick, but too sick to see it. As for stalking ‘individuals’ I invite your followers - all 5 of them - to take a look at your choice collection and tell me if that’s not stalking, using your own criteria? Of course, I expect your usual filthy response...

    4. To anon 04.25

      I agree, there was no need for that at all

      To anon 04.59

      Fuck off.

  2. i think the stalker is textusa herself , the things she says needs addressing utter garbage , and this is absolutely everything i thought of textusa in one place and so funny. thank for the laughs .

    1. You're welcome!
      If you fancy a look back over the archives, you can see my response to some of her wilder imaginings, like the table that never existed and the way they were all ''in on it''

      Even the Pope.


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