Saturday, 7 April 2018

Every breath you take

Well, no sooner had the ink dried on my last post when she kicked off again.

Let me explain.

Her Loonyship posted this :
Bugsy‏ @TheBunnyReturns
Just politely messaged Textusa to let her know she is falsely accusing others of being this "Insane" character they're obsessed with, and got a boat load of abuse. Have your little know-it-all fit mate, but if you don't correct your mis-info, then you're knowingly lying. #McCann
9:31 am - 7 Apr 2018

We never reveal private conversations even to defend ourselves as it’s a fundamental principle of PMs is that they are private.
So, this is the tweet she copied over, as it originally appeared

There is also a facebook reference

Ben Thompson I'll await your correction over the Meerkat being the "Insane" character, Maria - still as you just informed me: 

"And so you know, you know fuck all. You are being used as much as Tony." 

You're a diva mate, get over yourself.

We then had this contribution from the stupidest person in the world

So, for the twenty billionth time, let me make this absolutely clear.

I am not Walker, the Meerket chap, K9 or any of the other people the liar Maria Santos aka Textusa has declared me to be. Mostly people seem to ignore her, with the exception of the truly stupid. Like Carla Spade who would believe Textusa if she claimed I was the Prince of Wales.

The entire false claim emanates from Textusa who took it into her head some months ago, apropos of nothing. She is now obsessively pursuing anyone who hasn't fallen for her "swingers" crap, trying to link them to me by the flimsiest of reasoning

I can tell you that she is the subject of an ongoing investigation as a result of her obsessive monitoring of the activities of others, including compiling long lists of their tweets, the times they tweeted, the time intervals between their tweets and then attempting to draw parallels with the online activity of others in a feeble attempt to give weight to her false claims about their identity.

As her abusive Facebook reply to Mr Thompson illustrates, Textusa is far from the sweetness and light character she pretends to be; she is a fucking menace who will end up in the same boat as the one who found herself in the slammer this week.

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  1. And there's more:

    ''7 Apr 2018, 20:58:00
    Your ego is so massively over inflated that you refuse to admit you're wrong - instead opting to tell me I "know fuck all". Only I do know Text, as do many others. I messaged you with a perfectly polite PM, and you acted like a complete diva. All hail Textusa and their superior mind. I know the person who owns the Meerkat account, personally. They're not Michael Walker, yet you're too stubborn to admit you're wrong, because it would cast doubt on your other 'outings' of Michael Walker.

    It's a pity your aims are to promote yourself as the all seeing, all knowing, almighty, far outweigh your aim to present the truth.

    Still, what would a mere peasant like myself know, as you so eloquently put it - "fuck all".''

    Oh dear


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