Monday, 9 April 2018

A couple of suggestions for Textusa

  1. If you can't take criticism, don't write a blog
  2. You are entitled to your opinion, and the reader is entitled to call you a dull-as-ditchwater boring old hag with a swinging fixation
  3. If someone suggests your blog is boring because of your rampant obsession with one of your critics, writing endless posts about said critic is probably not the best way to win them over
  4. In case the penny hasn't dropped, most people think your blogs are utter shite; you have been tolerated up to now, but that is melting away as people realise how readily you turn on anyone who disagrees with you.
  5. You are fucking thick. You are thicker than a whale in a bap. Ask around.
  6. Er....
  7. That's it. 


  1. “That’s it” - really? What a pound of rancid melting butter you are.

    1. Oh, do fuck off dear. Those who have read something other than the washing instructions on their straightjacket will get the cultural reference


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