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Witless for the prosecution

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So that it’s clear that we had authorisation to publish a “do not publish” comment, this was what was submitted:

“Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The paedo offensive": 
Do not publish
Hi textusa,you said the walkercan1000 account may have tweeted in code.
can you tell me if he had mentioned France ,Amsterdam ,Egypt ,Usa & Cuba in tweets before? Or have the names of these places been mentioned at random? 
Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 7 Mar 2018, 09:43:00”

Anonymous 7 Mar 2018, 11:21:00 (09:43:00)
Yes, we can see how you might not want that published! 

We have every reason to believe that France, Spain, Amsterdam and Egypt were indeed picked at random.

And the reason we say this is because Walkercan1000 has mentioned them twice before.
Okay - hang on. You were asked if they were random, or if he had mentioned them before. And your answer is ''both'' ? 
When one mentions conferences one has held, one tends to list them chronologically because that’s how the memories of them appear in one’s mind.
Really? And how many conferences have you held, your Loonyship? 

However, with Walkercan1000, the 3 times he tweets about the conferences he’s held, he changes the order.
The ''not random, but random'' locations? 
In the first tweet he says “Egypt, Amsterdam, Spain and France”, on the second “Holland, Spain, France and North Africa” and on this latest one “France, Spain, Amsterdam and Egypt”. So very clearly he just randomly picked those 4 locations, to use as an excuse.
Oooh, clearly, yes. He just randomly picked the same four each time 

But your questions called to our attention of when did he mentions them:
Stalker time!
Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Following success in Egypt, Amsterdam, Spain and France I'll be lecturing in Florida and, subject to Visa constraints, Havana in Feb/Mar 18.
4:33 am - 30 Oct 2017
You have been stalking him for a long time, haven't you?
Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
To all the #mccann Trolls wishing violence towards me(U know who you are), I'm stuck in my London Pied-a'-terre this Christmas but following success in Holland, Spain,France and North Africa don't forget to book for my Spring tour of USA and Cuba. Now,who are these presents for?
12:53 pm - 25 Dec 2017

To note, that on his first tweet, he mentions Florida, so Orlando was already on his plans and that then the problems with Cuba were about visas and not political.

On the Christmas day tweet (yes, the man up to the “Gemma crisis” tweeted 265/7/24) he doesn’t mention any problems regarding Cuba. 
265? really? Does he have a shorter year than the rest of us? 

But he does mention being threatened: “To all the #mccann Trolls wishing violence towards me(U know who you are)” which is very similar wording to the ones used on Feb26 “For those wishing violence towards me ( you know who you are, all threats were cached)”

But most interesting is the date of the first tweet about his forthcoming conference in the US: Oct 30, 2017.
30 October 2017. Okay. Continue. 

We recommend that our readers revisit our post “Red Card”. This tweet was sent after a decision was taken to send Nigel Nessling to court, where he was sentenced in November.
Was it really? So you are claiming that the decision to prosecute Nessling was taken between the 30th October and the 16th November, when he was sentenced?

You really don't have much clue how courts work in the UK do you? A mere 2 weeks from a decision to prosecute, to a trial and conviction? It doesn't work that way, precious.

Especially when his initial arrest was on 11th April.

This means that this tweet shows very clearly that the decision to shut the Walkercan1000’s twitter account was not because of the “Gemma crisis” but because of what the sentencing of Nigel Nessling represented as we showed on that post.
Has it been shut? It would appear not. 

We hope that you now see the importance of your question and the reason why we asked you to allow us to publish it.
And I bet you're regretting it, aren't you dear? 

Thank you

You're welcome  

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