Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What a difference an hour makes.........

Textusa loved moving the goalposts - since Fred's hernia, it was the only form of exercise she got 

Well, folks, it didn't take long. Textusa has thrown herself bodily at the reversing lever, in an effort to save her blushes. Too late, unfortunately.

I can't be bothered bringing it all over, but here's a taste:

If one believes in what we do, things couldn’t be clearer.
If one doesn’t believe in what we do, all of the above is nonsense. Ignore it.
We shall, dear

 And we may be wrong. We are only providing an opinion and have justified why we have it.

With no other data, it's impossible to come to any different conclusion and all else is guesswork which is something we prefer to keep away from the blog.

Yes, we've seen how hard you've worked to keep guesswork away from the blog *chortle* 

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