Saturday, 3 March 2018

They're coming to take you away.........

I will be blogging in more depth about Textusa's latest mad rant, but before I do, this needs saying.

Maria, get some help.

Cards on the table - I don't give a shit about you, frankly, but even so it is not pleasant to watch someone slide into mental illness and be egged on by sycophants and idiots.

I don't know why you took it into your head that I am this Michael Walker character, but who knows why you take anything into your head? I have become, just like your obsession with swinging, invisible tables and grand conspiracies, another of your delusions. It matters not how many times I reiterate that you are wrong, you are utterly incapable of ever accepting that. You have never been able to - even when provided with proof of your error - like a video of a reporter sitting at the famous 'big round table' you swear never existed. You merely invent yet another narrative to try to explain away your error.

However, what is genuinely disturbing now is the extent of your obsession.

You appear to be reconstructing Michael Walker's day based on his tweets.

You attempt to do the same to me, based on blog entries.

You assail anonymous posters with aggressive replies because you believe them to be me.

You even look up restaurants and check out the prices to see if a receipt is genuine

These are not normal behaviours, Maria. I don't know how long you have spent doing this, but whatever the total, it is too long.

However, this paragraph is the most revealing of all:

For example, we do not wish the man any physical harm, however much we dislike him and we do. What we wish to happen to him, is for the police (please note that it’s the police and not anyone else) to identify this individual and legally charge him with his share of responsibility in the obstruction of justice in the Maddie case.

That suggests to me you really have lost all reason.
So what I want you to do is this:

Report him to the police. Report me to the police. Show them all your ''evidence'' and cyberstalking. Tell them we are obstructing justice.

Because that might be the quickest way to get you the help with your mental problems that you so obviously need.

Edited to add:

Just spotted this
Unpublished Anon at 2 Mar 2018, 22:54:00,

We repeat, we do not have an ISP to compare him with whatever your ISP might be, which we haven’t even tried to discover.

We make deductions, we don’t rely on ISP identities.

We have published your words, unaltered and even went to the effort of contextualising them.

If it’s a case of mistaken identity, then only you can be certain.

If you’re sincere, then you can be sure you’ve made your point.
That looks to me very much like one of the anonymous posters you insist was me has not taken too kindly to it. You should be careful, Textusa. It's not like you have that many readers to begin with, so you probably shouldn't shoot the ones you do have in the head. 

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