Thursday, 8 March 2018

Temper tantrum

Morning all!

Those of you familiar with Textusa's modus operandi will know that she is a great one for stamping her impotent little feet.

Boy, did she stamp them last night!

I won't bring it over, you can read it for yourselves, but suffice to say she is steaming, hopping mad at the challenge to her nonsense assertions about PdL and 'swinging'

Textusa claims to know the British psyche. She claims that swingers are regarded by Brits as ''disgusting perverts''. I think this is nonsense. I think the usual response is "Well, it's not for me, but so long as they keep themselves to themselves, I have no problem with it"

Her Loonyship absolutely cannot deal with this. Again and again she brings up a case of a former MP, totally failing to understand the background to the case, and ignoring the fact that British tabloids are awash with salacious stories of people shagging the neighbours just as car parks are awash with people out for a spot of dogging.

Anyhoo, I shall leave you to enjoy it in peace. Her tone is increasingly shrill as she desperately tries to persuade her readership of her many conspiracy theories - the swinging holidaymakers, my supposed inhabiting the same personage as Michael Walker - without really getting anywhere.

I'll allow one little aside - the reason for the additional blogs is that they take the place of my commenting on her blog, because it was generating traffic for her. She has got round that by copying them over in their entirety 😆😆😆😆😆

PS - a little word to your tagalong, who decided that the reason the paper did not name a man who died at a swingers party was to spare his blushes.
Dear - it's a little tradition we have here in the UK that in the event of a death, we don't go splashing the name of the deceased all over the papers until their family have been informed. As I recall, the police were also investigating the death, so it's up to them when the name is released.


  1. Saying they were all swingers is most ridiculous.

    1. I agree - it's total invention and nothing to indicate it at all, in fact quite the opposite. She has never given any justification for her batty theories

    2. True.......
      But without this.....we wouldn't have so much fun!


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