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I just had to share this with you. I am still laughing

In our comment at 5 Mar 2018, 22:23:00 we didn’t focus on one VERY IMPORTANT aspect which pushing the myth of an “unknown powerful British paedo” being protected BENEFITS SIGNIFICANTLY those who we believe were swinging in Praia da Luz at the time Maddie died there accidentally.
You believe, in the absence of any evidence.  

We have said before, and have said also in the comment mentioned above, that if truth is outed, the news on it will quickly disappear. 

They will be very rapidly replaced by new ones in this voracious world of news-addicted modern world we live in.

The news cycles are getting absurdly shorter and shorter. What was in the past said figuratively that something was yesterday’s news, is now said literally. We really mean yesterday.

What happened yesterday has now become a long passed historic past. Yesterday’s news these days is what has happened the morning if we happen to be in the afternoon.
Oh get to the point, you verbose dickhead 

But what we also have said is that the problem these swingers have is not with the national news or even local news but with their social circles. 
What problem? 

A social circle made up by their neighbourhood relationships, that of their parish, of their children’s school, of their workplaces. People who they greet every single or other day and who will never, ever forget that they were in Luz the truth is outed. When the papers’ headlines will be on that day, or possibly up to a week, about how Maddie’s death scandal had all been because they were covering-up a large swinging “party” which was taking place in Luz at the time.
Well, they can relax. That's never going to happen because you made it up. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that our neighbours who we haven’t forgotten that were in Luz the week Maddie disappeared (even though more than 10 years have passed, we haven’t forgotten) to add two and two and conclude that they hadn’t gone on a family holiday after all as they always alleged they had when commenting the amazing coincidence of being there when Maddie disappeared.
Yes, because I always remember where my neighbours holidayed ten years ago  

The conclusion that one will come to is simple: they were there because, well, because they are disgusting perverts.
Okay, let's stop there.

The next bit is priceless. Read on. 

Yes, “disgusting perverts” are words we are using on purpose because that’s what the British society deems swingers to be even though what they do is completely and absolutely legal and between consenting adults.
No it doesn't. I can say this quite categorically because I am a member of said society, and you're not 

BUT, there’s a way the swingers can escape this fate.

If the “death-by-paedo” campaign is successful, the swingers can always turn to these neighbours, look them in the eye, do a shake of the head together with a tut-tut and say in that patronising way only those with ‘inside information’ can that “…we were there, we know there was no swinging… the paedo they just continue covering-up for and protecting must really be powerful!”.
OMG - you are seriously delusional 

And follow this with a long and prolonged sigh and end it with the punch-line: “… oh, the government and what it is willing to cover-up is really flabbergasting… one just has to go on the internet and see that there’s plenty of evidence that it was a paedo who killed that poor little girl”.
Maria, you really need to get out more 😆😆😆😆😆 

And their life will simply continue because when their neighbours do go online, as what the swingers have said is what they will find.

An internet blowing up with how a the “establishment paedophilia” had been able, again to protect one of their evil own.

That is what the other side is hoping for and is betting all their chips on.

So your story now is that the ''disgusting swingers'' make up stories about elite paedos to cover up their swinging in case the neighbours find out ?

Here is a story from the Daily Mail, a british newspaper

Read the comments. No-one cares

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