Monday, 5 March 2018

Oh dear, oh dear again

Evening dear readers

Remember how a couple of posts back I challenged her looniness to explain why, in two paragraphs or less, she got it into her thick head that I am Michael Walker?

Well, she finally replied. 

I am still in tears laughing at the length of her reply, so let's start with that

I make that 33 paragraphs 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Jesus fucking wept, she is such a loser, it cracks me up.

Anyway, let's have a rummage and see what shite she has come up with this time
  1. First, to Insane. You do not challenge us to anything.
Yes I do. Do as you're told or fuck off 
  1. Much less tell us in how many words we are to say whatever we wish to say.
Don't worry pet, it's given us all a laugh 
  1. But so you know, one of the reasons that we know that you are both the same person is that arrogant personality of yours that makes you think that you may walk in grocery, a butchery or even in a court and order the grocer, the butcher or the judge on what they are to do.
Oh bless. That's it? Don't ever give evidence in court, Maria, they'll piss themselves 

  1. But then reality bites. You are just who you are and you are not that grandiose self you have convinced yourself you are.

    Don’t flatter yourself. We are not debating with you. We are publishing your words because they help us prove a point.
You couldn't debate if your life depended on it, you daft cow 

  1. You are a minion, trained to show your teeth to try and get us scared.
Now you see, this is how you function. You are incapable of holding sway, even with your tagalongs so you tell them I am the big bad wolf. I mean, they are so stupid, of course they'll believe you. But most people see right through you
  1. But to get what you want, you have to turn to whoever holds your leash, sit, wag your tail and if you do it nicely and be an obedient boy you may even get a biscuit.
I can tell this is probably one of your wank fantasies, so it's a shame to have to break your heart, but no, dear. Although you already knew that 

  1. Now go away and go amuse those who find you amusing, like the ones who think your Cristobell Unhinged blog (which we have said to be absolutely abhorrent) is “a hoot” even though we fail to find in it a single piece of humour, even by your sick standards.
I don't write it for you, petal. And they all think you're a complete loon, anyway. 

  1. By the way, we hope you understand that not many of those who have read that blog realise that in blue it’s not supposed to be you. It’s supposed to be someone who you say has been unable to post their comments on Cristobell. But it’s clear to all that it’s you, again, impersonating someone else and doing the usual bad job in going about it.
Oh, you think so, do you? But then, you think I'm Walker, so...... 

  1. Now to those who matter, our readers.
Your readers don't matter, dear. Not even to you.  

  1. As we have noted, this time he didn’t copy fully our comment. He just put in what was convenient. Why? Because we mention Keela and Insane runs away from her as the Portuguese say as “the devil runs from the cross” (o diabo foge da cruz).
Oh bless. You are trying to be funny. How adorable! 

  1. But what is interesting to note is that Insane has been allowed back to blogging and that Walkercan1000 has been ditched.
Ah - but I thought you said he was in Cuba, dear? You're not seriously going to try to play this ''paid to troll'' nonsense again, are you? 

  1. As we said in our comment at 4 Mar 2018, 23:36:00 “Insane as Walkercan1000 has the purpose to drive people away from the #McCann. Not Textusa has the objective to make us, specifically, look off-putting.”
You don't need me to make you look off-putting, dear. Everyone knows that your interminable blogs are utterly turgid and pointless; they laugh at you openly. Pros and antis alike laugh at you, because you are the stupidest creature in McCanndom 

  1. The first conclusion to take is simple. If Walkercan1000 has been shut down and Not Textusa continues to be allowed to blog, that means the other side’s reaction to Insane’s rebellion was to turn all their guns on us on social media and abandon that repugnant Walkercan1000 character on the eyes of the “outside” Maddie world.
You are going to look like a bit of a twat when he comes back from wherever he's gone and starts tweeting again, aren't you? Or haven't you thought that far ahead? 

  1. The reason has to do with the dogs as Not Textusa’s supposed belief in the dogs may come in handy in the future while Walkercan1000’s dissing of them is now a liability.
Take deep breaths, dear. You are rambling. 

  1. (Cont)
  2. (Cont)

    To shut down one and allow the other to continue, it tells us that the other side is exploiting Insane’s rebellion against the establishment paedos.
Are these the 'establishment paedos' that have to read your comments page to get their instructions, dear? 

  1. This has 2 objectives, separated in time. One until the truth is outed and another if and after that happens.
Oooh - story time! Do go on.......... 

  1. Until the truth is outed, it’s to maintain the pressure on the establishment paedos and getting them to stop the truth to get out.
Okay - now you're losing me. I'm supposed to keep the establishment paedos in check so they won't tell about the swinging? The swinging that never happened?  Can you see the problem, precious?

  1. But, and as is most likely, if the truth is unable to be stopped, they will revert to the next objective: mystifying Maddie’s death into a paedo one.
Who will dear? The Pope? The government? The inadequate esplanades? 

  1. Until the truth is outed, Not Textusa will continue to defend the reliability of the cadaver dog with that caveat that it is cadaver odour but it does not determine that it’s from the apartment and will continue silent about Keela.
Oh dearie me. All this time and you STILL don't get it 

  1. After the truth is outed, Insane will start to defend that he has always maintained that the BOTH dogs were reliable, so even though the cadaver dog doesn’t determine the body was in the apartment, Keela is the one – because he always maintained that the dogs are reliable – proving that the body had been indeed there.
Could you try that again in an Earth language, sweetcheeks? 

  1. Remember this is to happen only after truth has been outed. The media will be reporting that Maddie did indeed die in that apartment so Insane will just be confirming it but boasting that he had always said it. 
Er, nooo,  I have always maintained that she died in the apartment, that night. You can't have forgotten already, dimples, you pointed it out only yesterday. 

  1. However, until truth outed he best remain silent about Keela because truth may never emerge. The moment he recognises Keela the dam has burst.
Ahh, I almost feel sorry for you. You sound as if you are shaking like a shitting dog. 

  1. But NOW the pressure on the establishment paedos has to be maintained. Why?
Why indeed! And how! And also where!  

  1. Because if the truth is indeed outed, they are counting on the good people of the internet who honestly believe in the paedo theory. For them, Maddie was the victim of a nepiophile and anything that anyone, even the government, says in the contrary to that, it is a cover-up.
And that would mean? 

  1. The idea is to then kill the true story as quickly as possible in the media and let paedo death grow legs as fast as possible on the internet. 
Paedo death? That sounds unpleasant. Have you seen a doctor? 

  1. Even If the McCanns come out and say it was all a cover-up for a swinging holiday and even if Operation Grange says the same, then the obsession of the paedo-theory subscribers is to be explored.
Oh god love you - you seriously think that if the McCanns confessed, and the plods backed them up, people would still think that it was the paedos what dun it? Why, honeybuns? Why would they think that?

  1. No matter how transparently and backed-up the truth is to revealed there will always be the die-hards that will say that it was paedophilia, period.
Why, dear?  

  1. The “unknown powerful British paedo” who really killed and raped Maddie and is being protected theory will emerge and the McCanns will go from the evil couple to being patsies, protecting that evil powerful one the establishment insists in protecting.
So you seriously think that if the McCanns confessed, there would be a massive uprising of people saying "No Kate, no Gerry, it was them paedos , not you!"

Question, dearie - have you eaten any unusual mushrooms today?

  1. Operation Grange will be closed, and things will be left to the social media in which, whatever fate justice determines for the McCanns it will all just be a cover-up.
Erm - if they confessed I think you would find there would be a trial, precious 

  1. Plus, the campaign now set by the other side on pushing paedo (again we ask if it was THE secret would they be doing it?) will provide that aura of mysticism required for the “unknown powerful British paedo” theory to fully blossom.
So, to recap, the parents have confessed, but some nameless souls would be shouting "It wasn't them!" Think dear - mushrooms? In an omelette, maybe? 

  1. That’s why Walkercan1000 needs to shut up about pork and the uselessness of the dogs. The dogs may be required to confirm that Maddie did die in that apartment and dissing them is counter-productive. 
So will that be to confirm the confessions or to drive away the elite paedos? You seem to be getting rather confused 

  1. What needs to be fed now is that it was a powerful establishment paedo whodunnit.
And who has suggested that, sweetheart? 

  1. The more focus is put on paedophilia now, the better are the odds that the swinging truth will last as much as the “sex-pest” list did last year, and that all the attention will quickly divert towards paedophilia which, they hope, the social media will be bursting with.
Not a single word of that makes any sense, twatchops. Do you want another go? 

  1. And the Maddie case although solved, will continue in time as one of history’s biggest mysteries.
Angel, it can't be solved and a mystery at the same time, can it? 

  1. (Cont)
  2. (Cont)

    For the government, the case will be closed and it can rest in peace, as the internet no matter how hard they look for stuff to support their theories they won’t as there’s nothing to be found. 
Well, a confession would do that, yes. 

  1. For the other side, it will be a burden lifted.
Other side of what? 

  1. It will just have to let that unpleasant moment pass and then sit back and watch people fighting and bickering until patience wears out and only always resistant nutters remain.
Are you talking about yourself, sweetcheeks? 

  1. After all, all will have been revealed but no one will really have paid attention to it, so will quickly be forgotten.
So you think there would be a confession, and no-one would notice? I think they might, you know? 

  1. This is the reason why we are witnessing their Twitter minions cosying up to the fiercest anti “paedo-believers”.
Are they like ''Daydream Believers", because we know a song about that 

  1. These people need watering now and are being watered with plenty of it.

  1. And it’s also the reason why the blog has be fought and shown as off-putting as possible.
Which one? 

  1. Thus Not Textusa’s hyper-activism.
Mine? You answered a question with 33 paragraphs honey, not me.  

  1. To be clear. If Operation Grange concludes that it was a nepiophile who killed Maddie and presents the appropriate proof, we will be in the front-line accepting the truth and recognising we were wrong all these years. 
No you won't 

  1. We are not trying to sell a theory, we are trying to find the truth.
No you're not.

Be honest, Maria. You are firmly wedded to your swingers theory, and there is literally nothing that will make you drop it because you will look like a total twat  

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