Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nastygate part deux

The barefaced cheek of Textusa. 

We could say a lot of things about what K9 says in that implied question with “aside from high staff/guest ratios”, rumours + Amy Tierney's alleged tweet”. We won’t.
Oh I bet you do 

We will gladly do so AFTER he answers the questions about the Gaspar statements. Diverting from a topic shows that one is trying to run away from it.
Why should s/he?

Let's have a little reminder of the questions you INSIST K9 answers

 - Why did the Portuguese REQUEST the Gaspar statements? Who tipped them off and when? Why did the British police send them?  (“The Brit snitch”)

- Why did the Gaspars keep in touch and visit the McCanns after that holiday in Majorca in which Mrs Gaspar allegedly witnessed the conversation between David Payne and Gerry McCann? (here and here)

- Why was Mrs Gaspar unable to say to David Payne, thanks for the offer, but we bathe our own kids?

- Why would she be afraid to offend anybody by saying that?

In order to answer these questions, K9 would require:

1. Information on the PJ investigation which is not in the public arena
2. Information on the UK police investigation which is not in the public arena
3. Information from Mrs Gaspar on her thoughts and decision-making process which is not in the public arena

What you REALLY want is K9's opinions and outright speculation, so you can see if they fall into line with yours.

I would never presume to advise K9 on what to reply, but my response would be to tell you to fuck off. If you are so keen on getting answers, answer the fucking questions yourself. The necessity of invention has never slowed you down before.

This means that outside what we have asked, until we get a clear and straightforward answer from K9 as to what he has been asked, we will not accept any other challenges or questions off-topic. Our lack of response to them does not mean avoiding them but keeping the pressure on what he was asked to answer.
Go fuck yourself 

To be very clear, we want to know what his opinion is as to why did the PJ request the Gaspar statements and why he thinks were the reasons for the Gaspars to continue to interact with the McCanns after the alleged creepy conversation reeking with paedophilia between Gerry and David and why he thinks were the reasons for Mrs Gaspar to allow David Payne to bathe her kids after that conversation reeking with paedophilia.
Exactly - you want an opinion. Since when is anyone obliged to share their opinions with you? 

We want the answers to the very objective questions above, we don’t want “a full examination of the evidence of paedophilia in the case and of the significance of the way that it has been handled and presented by the British police + media”.

Heaven forbid anyone should try to introduce something as mundane as 'evidence', eh? Why spoil the fun with evidence when you are having so much fun making it up as you go?  

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