Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nastygate - an idiot speaks

Evening all

Here's the latest from her loonyship.


One thing was clear - Textusa had picked a bad week to give up crystal meth

To our readers,
Yes, both of you 
We are perfectly aware that the “debate” between us and K9 may be quite off-putting.
It's not a debate. Getting snotty with someone because they don't agree with you is just dickishness 

And it may even seem unimportant. It’s not.
It is 
It’s very important that it takes place (although we should say took, as it seems that t is over but what has been written has been very helpful and informative).
No it isn't 

K9, a person who has on the banner of his Twitter handle the phrase “Why does the UK media never mention the Gaspar Statements in the McCann case?” is unable to answer promptly questions that we supposed he should have asked himself before he decided to “believe” that paedophilia was THE secret being defended in the Maddie case.
No, as I have already made clear, you asked questions that no-one is in a position to answer and the correct response to you was "Fuck off and mind your own business, twatchops" 

As we have said, we believe he knows the answers to the many questions as to who is being protected and why.
And on what basis do you make that ridiculous claim? None? Thought so. 

Even though we have put our focus on him, we are aware that we are not talking to him alone. Others are (were) helping him and many others on his side of the fence are (were) reading what is being (was) said.
What? (What?) 

It was not by coincidence that Walkercan1000 resurfaced
Er, I think it probably was 
after having been in silence for 12 days and 15 hours
to briefly tweet about nothing that would appear to the common eye as important for 4H40 minutes and submerged again and has been holding his breath now for 2 days and 22 hours.

These are critical times. Very critical times indeed.
No they're not 

Not only because of the hostility the blog has been receiving lately, reminding us of those 2008/2009 days but because we feel there are winds brewing and gathering up for a storm.
The hostility is of your own making because you have been behaving like a complete fuckwit 

K9 alleges he doesn’t have time but is able to find it to continue to spread paedophilia on the Maddie case, which serves the agenda of some, like this one:
K9 is not beholden to you or anyone else.
Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
The McCanns' Abuse of Power: Dr David Payne, Woodland Hospital, Kettering, didn't want to tell the Police what he knew about Madeleine McCann's death - and still hasn't to this day #McCann … …
4:35 pm - 13 Mar 2018

Unless we are talking about a different Payne, we believe that this “Dr David Payne, Woodland Hospital, Kettering” was heard by both the Portuguese and the British police. So what police force is there which he didn’t want to speak to?
That's not what K9 said 
If he didn’t want to tell them the truth, that just means he has a guilty conscience and not that he has a conscience filled with paedophilia related guilt.
 How would you know?

We would like to point out that 3 of the T9 are practising consultants in the U.K.

Are those like K9, who believe paedophilia was involved suggesting that the government are covering up and allowing them unfettered access to patients?
Did K9 suggest that? No, you just did. 

Please note that the blog does NOT condemn, as it fully supports the exposure of any crime of paedophilia. 
Good. So fuck off then 

Our blog is well aware of child abuse and exploitation in the U.K. One of the team has had professional involvement in the past and would never minimise such serious crimes and why we are very careful when speaking about Yvonne Martin and her participation in the case.
Are you bollocks 

Who we do condemn is people who point to paedophilia as a possible reason for Maddie’s death when they know full well that was not the case.
You don't know whether it was the case or not, so don't pretend otherwise 

We condemn people who deceiving alert to an apple problem in the bottom of the ocean instead of an orchard, with the intent of seeing people dive looking for them and because they can’t be found, create a new Atlantis.
What the fuck are you on about? 

In other words, mystify Maddie away from the truth.
Maria, you wouldn't know the truth if it shat in your handbag, petal. You have spent a decade trying to con a small collection of simpletons into believing that it was all down to 'swinging' and you basically can't con them any more, apart from a few truly stupid ones like Carla, who couldn't find her own arse with both hands 

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