Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Nasty Girls

Textusa and her sisters were enjoying their Nasty Girl roles just a little too much 

Evening all.

I am going to let these posts speak for themselves.
This is what Textusa does to those who don't toe the line. She bullies. She belittles. She stalks. She attempts to separate her victim from the herd and then attacks.

Very Nasty.

    1. One person who apparently who doesn’t see the coincidence is… K9. He gets asked:
      SadeElisha‏ @SadeElisha86
      Replying to @K9Truth
      Why the random capitals for Textusa if you don't mind me asking?
      11:37 am - 12 Mar 2018

      And replies:

      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @SadeElisha86
      No reason, sorry for the lack of consistency. I have never really thought about it, but will stick to "Textusa" if I ever refer to her again. #McCann
      11:49 am - 12 Mar 2018

      As if someone who writes TextUSA multiple times just happens to press by accident caps lock at the exact same time whenever he writes that word.

      Why the difficulty to acknowledge such an evident fact?

      And then get to be humiliated, when trying to hide the obvious, getting it pointed out by someone:
      InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
      Replying to @K9Truth @SadeElisha86
      American....Text USA.
      11:50 am - 12 Mar 2018

  1. Identified reader at 13 Mar 2018, 01:43:00,

    We are not publishing your comment because we want to give first the honour of answering those questions to K9.

    We are certain K9 would be offended if he wasn't given first the opportunity to answer them.

    We will wait patiently. If K9 shows clearly that he has no intent whatsoever in answering them, then we will publish your comment.

    Hope you understand.
  2. Hello Textusa,
    I am currently writing a response to your question about the Gaspar Statements, but confirm that I would not be at all offended by your publication of anyone's comments, however abusive, critical or impolite they may be. I'm well used to that sort of invective from both sides by now.

    I'm sorry for the delay, but my time is limited, as I have two children that I have to cook for, two businesses that I have to run and assorted sporting and social engagements that I have to participate in or observe.

    You are, of course, free to interpret my inconsistent capitalization of your blog's name however you want. My only defence is carelessness and a lack of attention, but it was certainly not intended to offend you.

    All the best.



    1. K9,

      Oh, no, we INSIST. We want to hear it from YOU, FIRST (intentional use of caps).

      However, we must say we are surprised. For someone SO FAMILIAR (again, intentional) with the eventual death of Maddie McCann by a protected powerful British paedo you would promptly reply, especially about the Gaspar statements, which you have shown to be SO FAMILIAR (yes, you guessed it it was intentional again) with.

      Do take your time. We hope you are able to organise it and not get distracted with other things, outside those you mentioned above and those are not distractions.

      We will be waiting.
    2. K9,

      About your carelessness.

      You have tweeted the word “Textusa” 37 times. 2 of which were after you were given a heads-up:

      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12: Textusa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12, which was the reply to the question about caps:
      No reason, sorry for the lack of consistency. I have never really thought about it, but will stick to "Textusa" if I ever refer to her again. #McCann
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12: Not TextUsa and TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12: Not TextUsa and TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA's and TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 9: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 9: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 8: TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 8: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 2: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 2: Textusa and TextUSA's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 1 Dec 2017: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 1 Jul 2017: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 31 Mar 2017: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 20 Jan 2017: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 13 Jan 2017: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 13 Jan 2017: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 30 Sep 2016: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 3 Mar 2016: TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 3 Mar 2016: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 15 Jan 2016: Textusa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 19 Dec 2015: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 20 Jun 2015: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 11 Jun 2015: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 25 Apr 2015: TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 5 Apr 2015: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 19 Mar 2015: Textusa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 5 Aug 2014: Textusa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 2 Jul 2014: Textusa

      Before getting a heads-up, you tweeted “Textusa” 35 times.

      TextUsa, 15 times
      TextUSA, 15 times
      Textusa, 5 times, of which 3 were the first time you tweeted the word.

      No other Caps misspelling.

      We would say that you suffer from a consistent carelessness.
  3. Hello Textusa,

    I'm not quite sure what the point of your messages is.

    Yes, I have been careless and erratic with my capitalizations, although I believe that I have spelt your name correctly since @SadeElisha86 pointed out the error of my ways at 11:37am on March 12th.

    And so?

    Maybe you want to weave some theory about my identity around my inconsistent use of caps? Go ahead, I'm sure you have the time to do so if you want to. However, trust me, it would not be very dignified and sensible to descend into the sort of paranoia that seems to beset so many disbelievers of the McCann jackanory. I can assure you that not only Not Textusa but also the "antis" who know my identity would find it more than amusing.

    Am I trying to save you from ridicule? Yes. There is a lot of common ground, and maybe even a shared friend or two, beween us.

    I have signaled my willingness to enter into a civilized discussion with you and would be happy to repeat here my Twitter apology for any intemperate language that I may have used.

    However, my time and patience are limited, so I would be disinclined to continue this discusssion if I feel that my good faith and good will are not being reciprocated.

    All the best


    1. Why aren't we surprised?

    2. I'll leave you with this
    3. Adult Bullying Facts: Self-Esteem Issues

      Even though the basic characteristic of a bully is low self-esteem, research suggests that they really feel superior to others. Instead of having a regular self-outlook, they have pathologically high views of themselves; this is very unbalanced. When a bully feels as though they are thwarted; this ego threat causes them to lose control and lash out in defense to maintain their ‘dignity’ and superiority before their ‘perpetrators.’
    4. And here are some of the attacks made on K9 and others by Textusa's tagalongs last night
    5. And here's Teddy the fkn c*** BACKING UP K9 who SUPPORTS Walker/Wright the biggest on Twitter
    6. And note this >> K9 says that NotTextusa knows her indentity. Well that's fkn interesting isn't it? Cos Not Textusa is Walker/Wright, the most disgusting there is trying to cover up the death of Maddie. And NotTextusa knows who K9 is?

    7. So what WAS your response that Textusa didn't publish? Eh? Publish it here, on Twitter, where you say you have "freedom of expression". Go on. What's stopping you?

    8. Apparently, Textusa has no problem with one of her hangers-on, a known racist, following another poster around twitter calling her/him a ''FknPretendy'' and a "Fkn C***"
    9. Like I say; Nasty girls.

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