Wednesday, 28 March 2018


I just had to share this

For the second time, the blog is going to speak about a current VERY controversial thing: the Skripal poisoning.
For no apparent reason on God's green one 

The first time was to give our opinion about how we feel that the Maddie case has contributed to the general mistrust that the citizens have for what they are told by their government and the nation’s intelligence service.
ie, nothing 

As we said then, we will keep our opinion about the Skripal subject to ourselves.
Which is why you are blogging about it again 

What we would like to note is the Portuguese position on this issue.

Irrelevant of being true or not, it’s a fact that the UK government accuses Russia for that poisoning.

It’s also a fact that the various members of the EU have aligned themselves with the UK government and have expelled Russians diplomats from their territory. NATO and Trump’s US have taken a similar attitude.

What about Portugal?

It hasn’t expelled anyone. It says it’s watching and has noted the Skripal poisoning.

Again, we are not judging whether those being expelled are rightfully being so, nor saying that Portugal should or not expel Russian diplomats.

We are just highlighting that Portugal is not aligning with the UK on this very sensitive and controversial subject even after various EU members, the US and NATO having done so.
Neither has Malta. Or Bulgaria. Or Slovakia, Or Austria. Or Switzerland. Or Cyprus....... 

Please make the appropriate transfer of this to the Maddie case.
There isn't one. 

We are NOT taking any comment about the Skripal case as we have no intention to invite any debate on this subject, we just want for this non-alignment between Portugal and the UK to be noted.
Okay. Now talk about the non-alignment of the other nations and how it's all about Maddie. 

Stupid cow.

This is what the Portuguese ministry has actually said:

 The Portuguese foreign ministry said this week that it "believes the coordination at the European level is the most effective means to respond to the gravity of the current situation".
It is understood that the number of Russian diplomats based in Portugal is very small and that the Portuguese could not find a security-related reason to expel any

So stop warmongering, you toxic midget.


  1. Her views are off the wall and she's misleading
    People big time.

  2. Yes, she is what we would have referred to in less politically correct times as 'a complete mental'

  3. Yes.......But I think she is playing this......

    This is too funny to be true

    1. I see she is now attempting to stick her gnarled dagger into Blacksmith - yeah, good luck with that one :)

    2. Greetings, NT

      How interesting, anatomically speaking... Into what part/s if you know and are in a position to divulge?


    3. Evening Ag,

      Probably just whatever she can reach, which given her lack of stature and the fact that she buys her underwear from Sumos'R'Us, translates to somewhere around knee-high

    4. How delightful! Thank you, NT, for sharing

      In the circumstances, I must admit I feel for Blacksmith, as one would.


  4. Please don’t make me look over there.....

  5. Maybe you think Tex is a stupid cow.....Or whatever....
    BUT we deserve bread and circuses .....And she is providing this.....
    So some respect


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