Sunday, 11 March 2018

Just a snippet.......

Textusa is locked in an ongoing battle with a couple of tweeters. I think it's fair to say her argument is in a rapidly-decaying orbit, having gone round in circles for days.

I did just want to treat you to this, though.

We will again try to be very clear, using only a few words: the make-up picture was to tell government to lay-off Maddie.

Hope that is now clear.

Well, I think something is clear, though probably not what you were hoping. Matron, fetch the ketamine please 


  1. No matter what she says there was no blood or cadaver scent found in that apartment.

    1. Well, the specialist dogs gave multiple alerts. Unless you can show that each was a false alert, we have to regard them as ''unconfirmed'' which is very different to ''incorrect''


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