Thursday, 29 March 2018

Having your cake and eating it too

Afternoon all - another snippet to ponder

In response to a brief post from an anonymous poster:
Blacksmith derides the swinging theory, so he can’t believe the outcome will involve swinging being revealed.

Textusa posted the following:

Anonymous 29 Mar 2018, 08:09:00,

We have previously supported Pat Brown who defends neglect which is something we don’t think ever happened. However, Brown’s negligence links the McCanns to Maddie’s death and that is enough for us to see the ball starting to roll.
So, this next bit is what we want to highlight 

We are in support of any result that identifies, or helps identify, what happened to M - how she died, if not where she was finally interred or cremated.
 Indeed. At the end of the day the one thing which should unite people regardless of their position is   an answer to the question "What happened to Madeleine?"

However, in the very next breath........

We don’t support any result if it says taken by an intruder. 
And this is where the problem arises.

It is one thing to express a personal belief about what happened to Madeleine - we all do that - and many people, myself included, do not believe she was taken by some random intruder. There is, however, a world of difference between having an opinion and rejecting a conclusion because it is not what you want to hear

And if we are proven wrong, that it wasn’t all because of hiding swinging, we will be the first to recognise being wrong. We pursue the truth, we don’t pursue being right.
What bollocks. Your ludicrous theory has been debunked many times and on each occasion you merely move the goalposts - "the other guests were involved, the ex-pats were involved, the table didn't exist" There is no suggestion so ludicrous that you would hesitate to use it to defend your indefensible position 

By supporting the message conveyed in his last post, doesn’t mean we support what Blacksmith as said over the years. That would be difficult, if for no other reason, he keeps deleting posts so we can’t confront what he is saying today with what he has said in the past.
Allow me to help - he thinks you are a loon. 

We are supporting this particular post, one where he says he’s certain (only he knows on what he basis this assessment) that Operation Grange is going to produce a result.

That, we unquestionably support. We do NOT support Operation Grange closing without any palpable result.
Really? Would you like to state the obvious a bit fucking louder, lamebrain? I think it's obvious that everyone except the perpetrators is hoping for that. 

About what will be our opinion on said result, we will have to see what it is first.

No shit, Sherlock 

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