Friday, 16 March 2018

Foaming at the mouth

It looked as if Textusa was due a Rabies booster - Matron, the syringe!

Well, dear friends,  it is going to be a slightly different blog this week. As Textusa's post is basically a repeat of a mad rant she posted previously, and as she first posted it at some poor unsuspecting Anon who happened to be wandering past, I'm not going to bother with it, although the apology is worth a laugh

By suggestion of our friend J, this week we have decided to make a post of the 28 questions that we put to Anon in our post “Very important concessions”.

They were addressed to Anon (please forgive the aggressiveness below but as you know, then we thought you were Insane) and he has replied. We now invite all the paedo-theory believers to answer them (we will not put into our usual italics as it constitutes the entire post)
Instead, I am going to examine what took her off in this direction

It was a post by an anonymous contributor who disagreed with her thesis. That's it. Just one.  But here is the thing - she thought the anon was me.

She then waltzed off for a spot of stalking on Twitter, at which point she appears to have satisfied herself that Mr Walker shared the view expressed by the anon.

Anyway, shortly after she reappeared and stated the following:

The paedophilia we think is involved in the case is the one Insane mentions: the establishment paedophilia

However - here is the thing.

I have never mentioned it. Nor do I think it plays any role in this case. The only people who mentioned it are the people she mistakenly insisted were me.

But, amusingly, by making a big song and dance about it, she has attracted lots of people to her blog to argue the toss about it with her and to ridicule her ludicrous ''Swinging'' agenda.

I think that's a result, don't you?

Edited to add:

An anonymous poster left the following comment on Textusa's blog
"...we thought you were Insane..."

Symptomatic of Textusa's embarrassingly laughable approach, jumping to conclusions based on misunderstandings, misconceptions and just plain ignorance, which is why this whole blog is a load of rubbish, only worth an occasional glance, for the purpose of amusement, to see what blind alley she has gone down each time!

Textusa immediately responded:
 Textusa16 Mar 2018, 17:02:00
  1. Don’t be a naughty boy, Insane. Quote the entire sentence please “They were addressed to Anon (please forgive the aggressiveness below but as you know, then we thought you were Insane) and he has replied.”

    It’s important that you quote all because there seems to be a person who disagrees with you:
    In our post “The paedo offensive”:

    “Anon6 Mar 2018, 09:40:00
    Keep trying to find the truth Textusa. It all makes sense to me that they would would be trying to divert the truth, and what better way than to push a theory contrary to the truth. Hopefully people will see what you see clearly and the truth will out. Thank you for helping me make sense of it all. I’m sure the paedo element is there in the background, but not directly involved with Maddie or her disappearance.
    It’s good to see you stand up to your mistakes and admit when you are wrong. I for one respect that greatly.

    In our post “Why?”:

    “Anon15 Mar 2018, 16:02:00
    Its plain to see the “ugly seed” was sown right at the start. It has been growing since, with plenty of “evidence” following it closely. It’s what is hidden or denied and that which is kept from growing, this is where the answers lie, always hidden. Is it any wonder it’s shot down if it ever appears! Yet the ugly seed is fed and is allowed to grow and grow.
    Textuas, keep watering and nurturing the seed of truth, you are the only one doing so.”

    Now, go back to your owners and tell them that you’ve earned a biscuit. Even though you did misbehave a little by not quoting the full sentence, you didn’t swear and that saved us the time we would waste censoring you.
Sadly for the mad old bint, that Anon isn't me either. Which rather reinforces the point I was making.


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