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Evening all.

Well, having read Textusa's latest, I can only really plead with her carers to review her medication and perhaps double it

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Friday, 2 March 2018

The paedo offensive

Textusa's carers were in a quandry - should they own up that they'd lost her, or hope she'd return to the zoo when she was tired?

1. Introduction

We published our post “Very important concessions” on Friday Feb 16 2018 at 09:00.
Yes, we know.

In it we have shown how Walkercan1000, Insane’s character as the other side’s top Twitter minion, had been helpful in letting us understand what had happened in the Maddie case when Gemma O’Doherty announced she was going to publish an article about Maddie on Jan 7 and which she did so on Feb 3.
Again, neither I, nor this blog, has anything to do with Mr Walker

We showed that Walkercan’s tweet on Jan 23 containing the words “Madeleine” and “messing with” and having annexed a cropped version of the make-up photo– showing clearly that he searched for it, copied it, meddled with it and annexed it, so all intentional – was a distress call made by Insane when, from his minion point of view, he saw things getting way too uncomfortable.
Of course it was. Matron, the syringe please .

That confirmed that when under pressure he is unable to control himself, very typical of his temper in other circumstances, but has also shown that he is a coward who cannot be trusted as when he caves in he turns on his own.
I literally have no idea who she is talking about now, seeing as she thinks I am lurking behind every account

This, evidently, did not go down well with his higher echelon.
And who would that be? The PM? His Holiness the Pope? The Dalai Lama?

2. The dilemma

As we attacked Walkercan1000 and Not Textusa, we were intrigued as to how Insane would react to the post.

On one hand, Walkercan1000 supposedly does not read our blog so he could not say anything and on the other Not Textusa could not come out and defend someone who he says he isn’t.
Let's make something clear. The only person who has ever suggested I have anything to do with him is you. You have absolutely no basis for this false claim, you literally just made it up, and you seem to think that repeating it endlessly will make it true. Well, it won't, any more than repeatedly shrieking "Swingers!" will make that true.

So, we put Insane in a dilemma and we were curious about how he was going to go about solving it.

And he surprised us.

His reply came with a post not about us but about having created another of his blogs, this one dedicated to Cristobell, called “Cristobell Unhinged”.
That has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you. I know that is difficult for you with your textusa-centric view of the world, but that's just tough.

The post announcing the blog was published 16 hours after we published our post, on Feb 17, 01:07 GMT (Feb 16, 17:07 Western Standard Time (WST)).

But the funny thing, and what baffled us, was that the link there took us to a blog made up of picture of a cat. Nothing else but that-.
Are the words "Coming soon - bookmark the page" that difficult for you to understand?

A post announcing a nothing blog, or in other words, something about nothing, or so it appeared.

His Walkercan1000 persona had then stopped tweeting since Feb 14, 22:27, so as far as we could see Insane was not occupied.
He is not me.

The first conclusion we came to was to think that the dilemma had tied his hands and as he saw himself unable to react to the exposure, he published this post to try and say that he was “too-busy-to-respond-at-the-moment”, a tactic he has used previously, more specifically when he abandoned blogging against us during his break for over a year and a half.
I abandoned it because I could no longer be arsed. I can barely be arsed now.

But then he replied to our “Very important concessions” post with one on his blog published on Feb 17, 19:41 (Feb 17 11:41 WST). So, the post about the nothing blog couldn’t be about him pretending to be too busy.

Nonetheless, it took him over a day and 10 hours to respond. And 18,5 hours when he last blogged about that nothing blog.  
Some of us have lives, dear. Plus, it takes that long to read one of your nonsense posts

We assumed that it had taken quite a long time for him to come up with some sort of solution for the conundrum we had put him in: while wearing the costume of Not Textusa defending why Walkercan1000 had been so stupid as to needlessly draw attention to the “make-up” photo in that moment of panic.
He is not me

We will now apologise to our readers because we are about to do a very off-putting thing: we are going fully transcribe here his uncensored response.
Oh good.

We know it will be very unpleasant but we don’t want to be accused of ignoring, intentionally or not, some important point he may have made, so this is ALL he has written in his response post (we have only taken out what we wrote and he copied):
Hmmm - dilemma.

None of this will make any sense without the context, so I'll just delete it all. You know where to find it if you want to read it.

This is what he had to say after putting 1 day and 10 hours of thought into it.
No, that was what I had to say after putting about 15 minutes thought into it. You don't merit any more effort than that, dear.

Almost all passionless insults, no heart in it, showing that it was more about accomplishing a chore than expressing any sort of response.
You cheeky fucker

We would say that out of that waste of words, Insane only speaks of 3 relevant points.
Of course you would

Firstly, he repeats that he’s not Walkercan1000, something that seems to bother him a lot.
It doesn't bother me one iota. It just makes everything that you subsequently say utterly meaningless, as it is entirely predicated on your insistence that I am him

“Firstly again, for the record, I am not connected in any way shape or form to this Walker twat.


Oh do fuck off, Maria. You are well aware he isn't me. In fact, most people know who I am; you're just too thick to catch on


He [Walkercan1000] sounds as mad as you.”

Another coincidence is that Wakercan1000 also says people know who he is:
I think he was taking the piss, Maria

Michael Walker@walkercan1000
Replying to @CarlaSpade
I'm Wright, I'm Corner, I'm Gerry, I'm Gamble, I'm Marian, I'm Mitchell and now I'm Julie. I've told you all who I am Sunbeams. XXX #mccann
See what I mean?

Secondly, he distances himself from Nigel Nessling and even gives (why?) a reason as to why the mainstream media did not echo the news from a local paper about an assumed McCann supporter being sentenced for a serious crime:
Why not? You were the one trying to weave yet another conspiracy around it

“It's the local paper, you fuckwit. What possible interest would the national press have in a sad little man sitting in his bedroom wanking like a theme park chimp to pictures of little girls?”

It would be interesting to know how Insane knows the pictures Nessling had were of little girls and not of little boys or not even of both.
Read the fucking newspaper report, Einstein.

Thirdly, and most important, he tries to minimise why Walkercan1000 had tweeted the make-up photo:

“Ah - so the 'make up' photo is the ultimate distress signal, is it? Well, that's useful to know. So in future we won't dial 911, but rather sidle up to people sitting on a park bench, whisper "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" before pressing a shitty copy of the photo into their hand and basically fucking off?”

Trying to shrug off the importance of both the photo and of that tweet.
I said nothing about why he tweeted it, nor could I give a shit.

As all the rest is puerile and gratuitous insult
Thank you
and the first 2 points are about the past, one can only conclude that this response is all about him doing the best of his abilities and possibilities and without being noticed doing, to minimise the “make-up” photo tweet, which was something that supposedly someone else had done and not him.
Is there a translation available?

That’s the chore he had to do. Him saying, you Textusa have said that tweet was a distress call Walkercan1000 sent out but I must now say it isn’t and I must say it isn’t really that important, so people should overlook he published that.
No dear, I was taking the piss out of you

And that’s how he solved the dilemma.

Using the Not Textusa character to diminish the enormous and serious blunder made by Walkercan1000.
No dear, I was taking the piss out of you

3. The attack on Cristobell

But the question remained, why open up a blog in the middle of a crisis and do nothing with it?
Have you ever heard of a teaser campaign, Textusa? Go look it up.

There had to be a reason for doing this in his mind but he simply wasn’t showing it.

Only 4 days after creating the blog, on Feb 21, he does write something on it. And 4 posts on that day. Then 6 posts on the next one and 1 on Feb 23.
I don't think you quite understand the concept. Cristobell, like you, is a liar. Her posters have been having problems with her refusing to publish their replies if they undermine her position - like you. So now they can send them to me and I make sure they are published. I am not interested in commenting on her blog.

Whereas I critique your nonsense blogs.

See the difference?

A total of 11 posts in 3 days and then no more. A blogging frenzy that lasted only 3 days, well, 2 only as the third day only was limited to a single post-
You really need to find a job.

By coincidence, in this blog only the dates in which the posts are published are known, not the hours. Not a coincidence when one takes into account he knows we are monitoring his McCann case activities.
No, you are monitoring someone else's ''McCann case activities''. Or 'stalking', as the police call it.

Reading the content of the posts, one gets the idea that he’s angry, that he’s resentful, that he hasn’t yet forgiven Cristobell for having been “made” to leave her blog.
Oh dear, how little you know

Before we go any further we would like to make a point about the content of these posts, on Insane’s Cristobell blog.

We are fully aware that Cristobell does not like us, which she’s entitled to and we respect.
She's almost as mad as you are.

We debate ideas, we agree or disagree with them, but irrelevant of whether we like Cristobell or not, we have to say that we find abhorrent Insane’s dismissal of the personal experiences that she has described that she has gone through.
I haven't dismissed anything

That is an utterly disgusting and totally reprehensible behaviour on his part but unfortunately is one we have gotten used to from him, both on his blog and his Twitter account.
I have no twitter account

People like Tigger and others who support him must carry that weight with them in their consciences.
Ah yes, the typical approach of a bully. I think Tigger is able to look after herself.

But back to this strange blogging frenzy.

Him having pressure coming from all sides due to that stupidity of tweeting that tweet during “Gemma crisis” he very strangely just decides to go on what appears to be pointless rambling against Cristobell.
Because it wasn't me

Could it be he was simply venting?

Limited to keep in Walkercan1000 character and to not be Walkercan1000 while being Not Textusa, was this a release valve for all his pent-up anger? If so, why only 3 days of it?
He isn't me.

And it was during days that he had put in a very solid work of tweeting as Walkercan1000:
He isn't me.

- On Feb 21 he started at 11:23, put in 12:29 hours of work and ended it at 23:52, after 47 tweets;
He isn't me.

- On Feb 22 he started at 08:32, put in 16:00 hours of work and ended at Feb 23 at 00:32, after 25 tweets;
He isn't me

- On Feb 23 he started at 08:55, put in 11:44 hours of work and ended at 20:39, after 17 tweets
He isn't me.

So, it wasn’t because he had nothing to do. Why this tweeting/blogging frenzy? There had to be a reason.
He isn't me.

And there was as we’ll later see.
Oh for fuck's sake.

4. Insane and Martin Smith

To understand all we have to, once again, thank Insane for helping us along.
Have you? How was that, then?

After the publication of Gemma O’Doherty’s article it started with his “relationship” with Martin Smith.
I have no relationship with Martin Smith

Gemma O’Doherty had tweeted about the Smith sighting before the publication of the article, to be more precise on Jan 31 and Feb 2.

But the truthfulness about the sighting that the article was to have, seems to have caught Insane by surprise.

His second tweet of the day for Feb 3 was this one (please add 8H00 for GMT to all the mentioned hours):

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Replying to @Heavy_Dave
I spoke to Smith. He is 100% certain that the man he saw was not G #mccann .

Ah - I see the problem. He isn't me.

At 10:17 that morning no one knew what exactly the article contained but Insane says this very interesting phrase “I spoke to Smith”.

Then, this 10 minutes later:

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
The #mccann Trolls won't be happy with @gemmaod1. Half the Bums were expecting a film (dim as) and the Smith sighting bebunks all their fruitloop theories. Happy days. XXX
Yeah - none of this is anything to do with me, so........

This seems to be him goading someone who has for many years defended that Martin Smith had changed his mind, and in fact the article totally debunks that theory.

But only debunks that one, as the remainder of the Maddie internet world saw being confirmed all that is in the files and all that Mr Amaral had said in the TVI documentary about this sighting.

This shows that Insane was not himself.
I literally have no idea what you are rambling on about

In the space of 10 minutes he says Mr Smith told him he did not see Gerry, so what the article says is false, but then what the article says serves to debunk a theory. What is it? Is it true or is it false?

Insane seems to be confused. He isn’t. He’s blinded by anger.

So much so that he keeps on insisting that he has personal knowledge of what Martin Smith knows or doesn’t know and with whom the man speaks with or doesn’t:
Er no, on account of him not being me.

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
LOL. Held back. @gemmaod1 has no more interviewed Lord Lucan than Smith. Smith speaks to no one anymore, following hounding and harassment from the #mccann Bum Trolls.

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Bullshit. @gemmaod1 has not spoken to Smith. Behave. Liars. #mccann

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
So @gemmaod1 is claiming credit for changing BBC's Panorama? She's such a liar. It was changed months ago AND Smith confirmed to me he would no longer discuss the case with anyone following abuse from #mccann Trolls.

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
"Her investigation". Too funny, she even starts her Tweets with a lie. She's not spoken to Smith, she's a liar. Nor the BBC. The iPlayer was edited a long time ago. Deceitful. XXX #mccann

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
100% Bullshit. @gemmod1 has no more spoken to Smith than Lord Lucan. Imbeciles. XXX #mccann

7 days of “I spoke to Smith. He is 100% certain that the man he saw was not G”“Smith speaks to no one anymore”“@gemmaod1 has not spoken to Smith”“AND Smith confirmed to me he would no longer discuss the case with anyone”“She's not spoken to Smith, she's a liar” and “@gemmod1 has no more spoken to Smith than Lord Lucan”.

And your point is?

For 7 days Insane kept himself in denial and repeating that he not only had spoken to him as he had told him that he wouldn’t speak to anyone else.
No, not me. Your friend Mr Walker.

Who was he trying to convince?

Well, we think he was telling the truth. And letting others know he was telling the truth.

We think Insane was part of the group of people who contacted Martin Smith back in 2008 after he declared publicly that he had recognised Gerry as Smithman when he saw him coming down the stairs of the plane.

A group of people who sat down with Martin Smith and his family and convinced him that it would be best if they did not speak to anyone anymore about the issue and that the press would start reporting that the family had changed their minds, that they were no longer certain that it wasn’t Gerry they had seen.

And then the Smith family “agreed” to do just that until they were released of these shackles on Feb 3, 2018.

If the reader researches this change of mind the Smith family is supposed to have had, the reader will not find a single quote from Martin Smith to that effect.
Indeed they won't, because he never said that. Martin Smith has, to the best of my knowledge, never changed his position at all.

So why are you asking me about it?

Nor will the reader find any journalist saying they had spoken to any member of the family and “s/he now says that s/he’s certain it wasn’t Gerry McCann”.

This change of mind was just one more lie the British media spread about the Maddie case.

But seeing the truth written in black and white in Gemma O’Doherty’s article meant a lot to Insane.
It confirmed my own belief, yes.

For example, it meant that his distress call/threat had really fallen down badly among his side of the fence.
The 'distress call' you made up, dear.

It also meant that he had been kept completely out the loop in the negotiations that happened and no one bothered to tell him what was really going to appear in the article.

He was completely ridiculed before the eyes of all those who knew he had indeed spoken to Smith, which basically were all the people on his side of the fence.
I have never spoken to Smith.

The proof that he was furious is that he tweeted more angrily against Gemma O’Doherty AFTER the article was published than he did before it was.
I have never tweeted to or at or about Gemma O'Doherty

Logic dictates that after an armistice the parties involved treat each other politely even if they continue to hate each other.
I doubt that very much.

After the publication would it would have been expected and accepted as part of the game for him to have made polite ridiculing of Gemma O’Doherty. No real animosity, just keeping in character.

One must not forget that the side that had to concede to see truth being published was the UK, so it was the weaker side in the negotiations.

So, it is absolutely incomprehensible for someone from the weaker side, to go on an insulting rant against a player of the stronger side but that is what Insane went on doing.

He was so angry that he tweeted the following about Gemma O’Doherty and the Mary Boyle case (note the journalist had blocked Insane on Twitter long before the article was published):

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Interesting that @jemmaod1 thinks that Uncle Boyle was porking his own sister yet feels free to block anyone on #mccann Tag that doesn't agree with her. Free speech on a one way street. XXX

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
#Boyle latest. The Uncle did it. XXX
Okay, I'm bored with this now. There is very little point continuing because as you understand perfectly well, Textusa, I am not Michael Walker. I don't know what bizarre thrill you get from this, but it's just really tiresome

As far as we know Gemma O’Doherty has never said what Insane accuses her of.

He was simply in a rage and using her to lash out.

As this was after the UK had negotiated with the Republic of Ireland and able to leave all that other damning stuff that would link the McCanns to Maddie’s death that had been tweeted by the journalist, we would say that those who were on the UK side of things, weren’t pleased with either Insane’s insistence on telling the truth about himself and Martin Smith nor with him libelling Gemma O’Doherty in this manner.

5. Insane and Malinka

Insane’s rebellion started to show with this tweet:

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Replying to @Loverandomleigh @nowayjomo and 2 others
Interesting that @gemmaod1 had to imply some sort of sinister Irish connection between Boyle and #mccann to drum up inquisitiveness. Typical journo (albeit unemployed) tactic worthy of the gutter press. What a fail, first Malinka now this fraudster. Poor Trolls.

The tweet seems to be an attack on Gemma O’Doherty once again but is not, it’s Insane starting to turn against his own.

Otherwise why mention Malinka in it and call Malinka a failure?

The Malinka campaign had gone badly and not only had exposed Sergey but had also shown clearly that the Murats were not innocent bystanders as some persistently insist they are, as well as showed that the Mirage bar, owned by David S Jones, had been a “collaborative” location for the hoax.

The Malinka campaign had shown with total clarity that Praia da Luz is collaborating with the hoax.

But the Malinka book campaign had died in December.

Nothing to do with this article or with the Smith sighting, so why bring it up?

Because Insane was starting to feel isolated and hearing a gurgling sound coming from below deck and he wasn’t liking it.

6. Insane and his breaks

In our last post an Anonymous published the following comment:

Anonymous19 Feb 2018, 12:46:00

Walkercan hasn't tweeted for ages. Gone thanks to you?”

To which we replied:

Textusa 19 Feb 2018, 15:02:00

Anonymous 19 Feb 2018, 12:46:00,

We have also noticed his absence but we don’t think we have anything to do with it.

After the publication of the article on Feb 3, Walkercan100 went “AWOL” at the following intervals:

- from 05/02/2018 00:53 to 06/02/2018 18:16 (01d 17h 23’)

- from 07/02/2018 05:22 to 08/02/2018 15:47 ((1d 10h 25’) – but if one takes into account that on Feb 7 he only tweeted for 14 minutes at strange hours (05:08 to 05:22), one should consider that this silent period started at 06/02/2018 21:15 and that would mean a break of 1d 18h 32’)

- from 12/02/2018 01:10 to 13/02/2018 10:29 (01d 09h 19’)

- from 13/02/2018 19:22 to 14/02/2018 19:28 (01d 00h 06’)

We published our post at 16/02/2018 09:00.

He then broke his silence of 2d 18h 24’ (which had started at 14/02/2018 22:27) at 17/02/2018 16:51, tweeted 7 times in 37’ minutes and hasn’t returned since 17/02/2018 17:35.

So, credit is due where credit is due and his “tweeting crisis” started long before we published this post, as we said in it, it was equally interesting to watch the afterwards of the post as it had been watching what had happened before it.

These silence periods are between him and his higher echelon, in our opinion nothing to do with us.”

He was to return tweeting 2 days and 3 hours later on Feb 19 at 20:30.

As we have seen, during this prolonged break he created the Cristobell blog on Feb 17, 01:07 and responded to our post on Feb 17, 19:41.
What I will do is interject here

In all seriousness, what you are doing is cyberstalking, especially in the monitoring of his internet activity - that is actually one of the hallmarks of a cyberstalker. If he was to make a complaint, you could find yourself in rather a lot of trouble.

7. The paedo offensive begins

What we call Insane’s paedo offensive started long before in his head, as we will see, but its visible sign was on this tweet:

And now, for those of you who couldn't read them the first time........
Words‏ @QuotesMcCann 
"As you can imagine Madeleine's parents are distraught and not doing very well at all. It's still questionable as to whether it's abduction. We are hoping that Madeleine is found as soon as possible and safe and well." John Hill BBC News 04/05/2007 #McCann”

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Replying to @QuotesMcCann
Is that the John Hill who worked for Mark Warner who with the local authority worked to conceal child sex crime in the vicinity to protect and preserve their tourist dollar. That one? #mccann

Those following the #McCann know there are 3 subjects that Walkercan1000 keeps on repeating: that Grime wasn’t a cop and his dogs were useless, that Mr Amaral had beaten up or had Leonor Cipriano beaten up and that Luz is a “Pedville”.
he isn't me.

But the Pedville accusations have only, until this tweet, been circumscribed to the Portuguese.

He has repeatedly posted a Daily Mail article about the Casa Pia case and has repeatedly implied that the Portuguese authorities have hidden the multiple attacks against little British girls that were invented by Operation Grange and their Burgundy man.
He isn't me

Basically, his message was consistently that Praia da Luz was a paedo haven but of Portuguese paedos and that the Portuguese authorities had put a lid on it so that the ignorant Brit tourists with their little Brit girls kept coming to the region pouring in their euros and their daughters and so leave the Portuguese business people and the Portuguese paedos wholly satisfied.

All heinous but all Portuguese doing. He has even said on Twitter that the leader of this alleged child sex ring was Mr Amaral.
He isn't me

But with this tweet, he turns on John Hill.

The man who we only know worked in Praia da Luz together with his wife. We don’t know if for the Ocean Club or Mark Warner as neither appear in either respective employee lists.

At least her name initially gets named as responsible for the Mark Warner childcare but then her name disappears into thin air.

We remind readers the Hills were called in by Operation Grange to be heard via the PJ in December 2014.

And with this tweet Insane links John Hill to this alleged paedo-cover up.
He isn't me

He couldn’t be clearer than he is when he says that Hill is someone “who worked for Mark Warner who with the local authority worked to conceal child sex crime in the vicinity to protect and preserve their tourist dollar”.

Insane had turned on his own.

On that same day, he launches the second attack of this paedo offensive by tweeting this, 02:23 after he had tweeted about Hill:

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Dirty swines ex-pats avoiding HMRC and hiding child sex attacks to preserve their holiday lets. When the #mccann NoWin NoFee lawyers turn up McAlpine style (en masse) they and the libellers will be taken to the cleaners. All Trolls are easily found when they break the law. XXX

No longer it’s a Portuguese thing.

Instead it’s a British one.
He isn't me

Link this tweet with the Hill one and the accusation is clear: Praia da Luz is a Pedville because of the Brits, who want it that way and have worked to keep at it like that.

And if it’s of the British interest that Praia da Luz is a Pedville, would it then be a paedo haven for Portuguese paedos? Of course not.

The accusation is clear, Praia da Luz is a Pedville created by the Brits to cater for British paedos.

Paedos who travel all the way there from the UK. The powerful and important British paedos.

Insane was on a roll, taking huge chunks with his teeth from the hand that had fed him all these years.
He isn't me

8. Insane and Cristobell

Let’s now go back to Insane’s Cristobell’s blog. The one he created on Feb 17.

Let’s revise the timelines so readers don’t get lost (all GMT times):

- On Feb 17, 01:07 he creates his Cristobell blog and puts only a cat picture on it;
No dear - that's a blank, default page

- On Feb 17, 19:41 he responds to our post in a very lame and dispassionate way to try to minimise the make-up picture threat that he had made with his distress tweet of Jan 15;
What are you on about?

- On Feb 20, 22:17 he tweets accusing John Hill is in on a paedo scam in Luz;
He isn't me

- On Feb 21, 00:40 he tweets accusing the Brit immigrants of Luz to be behind that paedo scam;
He isn't me

- On Feb 21, he publishes 4 posts on his Cristobell blog;

- On Feb 22, he publishes 6 posts;

- On Feb 23, he publishes 1 post.

Now let’s look at some excerpts of his words in that blog (our caps):
I'm not going to discuss another blog and comments left by others.

Basically, accusing Cristobell of using her blog to protect and defend British paedophiles and as her blog is mostly about the Maddie case, to protect and defend British paedophiles possibly involved in the Maddie case.

If one links this accusation to the ones made in the tweets we have just mentioned , Insane is very clearly on the offensive against the powerful paedophiles involved in the Maddie case.

9. Insane and Anon

As the reader can see, it’s a quite complex set of dots to join but as we said all was due to Insane’s help.

And that decisive help came when he decided to comment as “Anon” in our blog, in our post from last week.
As I stated some time ago, I would not be commenting on your blog again. The fact that you are imagining that I left anonymous posts is a symptom of your obviously deteriorating mental health.

He submitted 3 comments, 2 of them were replies to a reply from an Anonymous.

To contextualise

The first comment we received to our last post was from Anonymous 16 Feb 2018, 12:54:00.

This anonymous in this comment said this: “Also, I am still interested to know if you intend to do a post about the makeup photo - it fascinates me. Thanks again Textusa for your involved post which explains the intricacies of the 'game'.”

We replied by saying that we didn’t wish to do a post on the make-up picture and that we had only seen it used by the other side when it first appeared in 2010, then because they wanted to give the then government a warning to leave the Maddie issue alone.

In this reply we asked this anonymous if “would a heavily pro-McCann (to understate) media allow the surfacing of a picture of Maddie reeking of paedophilia if the secret to hide was that?” and answered it ourselves by saying “of course not, only if they were idiots. And they are not idiots and it was in the mainstream media the picture first appeared”

The anonymous in turn replied and stated quite clearly what was his/her opinion about paedophilia in the case: “paedophilia has always been used as a massive distraction at pertinent times. It immediately gets people talking about paedophilia (which I agree with you is simply not directly involved in M's disappearance). So when WalkerCan used it - it was a 'last resort' flashcard...”

And that’s when “Anon”/Insane makes his entrance by replying to the anonymous above with the following:

Anon 24 Feb 2018, 12:29:00

But it was about establishment paedophillia. It was targeted at government figures...a "we know about your predilections" warning shot. New government in place etc. Still think using paedophillia to hide swinging alone is too big a stretch though. The reverse would be far more likely.”
And anyone who has ever read my blog would know I would never express an opinion like that, so why you would think so is utterly beyond me.

There now follows an interminably dull bit about the standoff she had with some anonymous poster. I literally can't be arsed, nor with her regular attempts to drag swinging in.

See you on the other side.

We replied to this with quite a long comment that the reader can read in its entirety in last week’s post.

There we only addressed the unlikelihood of Maddie having been a victim of paedophilia.

We put to Anon 28 questions – to which he has failed to answer to this day – based on a very simple and straightforward reasoning: if Maddie had indeed been a victim of paedophilia then she was raped and murdered by a nepiophile, and if the Maddie case is an establishment paedophile cover-up as Anon implied it was, then all those who are working and have worked in all the erag swinging intntities/agencies mentioned in the Operation Task debrief – the official document about UK’s participation ind case – knew they were aiding, know they have been aiding and know they are aiding that nepiophile/infantophile and have lived comfortably with that knowledge in their consciences for the last 11 years.

And besides the people above, the same reasoning was valid for all those besides them that we have seen being untruthful about the case in the same number of years: the media, the Ocean Club and the Mark Warner staff, guests and British immigrants.

As Anonymous 26 Feb 2018, 15:04:00 has said:

“And impossible to agree with the list of questions without blindly believing that child sex abuse was the reason for a cover-up. It’s absurd...”

Those who defend that the secret is paedophilia must agree that all the people above live in peace with their consciences. All and every single one of them.

But this post is not about that we think that paedophilia is clutter to distract as we have insisted for many years now but about Insane’s attack on paedophilia.

What Anon/Insane has said in this particular comment is that Maddie was a victim of the “establishment paedophilia” and the picture was put out to warn them that “we know about your predilections.

Or answering our question that we had put to anonymous, the heavily pro-hoax mainstream media had been immense idiots to the point of giving a warning shot to hide the paedophilia involved in what had happened to Maddie by using a picture of Maddie that reeked with paedophilia.

Basically, trying to hide paedophilia around Maddie by linking Maddie with paedophilia.

Does this make any sense under any scenario? No, it doesn’t.

But then Anon/insane doesn’t want to make any sense. He just wants to send a very clear message.

To understand it, the reader just has to abstain from thinking that the comment is about the make-up photo and extract from that comment the following: “…was about establishment paedophillia. It was targeted at government figures...a "we know about your predilections" warning shot”.

Join this with the offensive Insane has driven against the powerful paedos since he started it with the Hill tweet.

And with this comment he makes things clearer by putting a name to those powerful paedos he is threatening: the “establishment paedophilia”.

To our new readers we would like to clarify that we are certain paedophilia is involved in the case but we DON’T think it had anything to do directly or indirectly with Maddie’s loss of life which we believe happened as a result of a tragic accident involving Kate McCann and David Payne around 18:30 on May 3.

The paedophilia we think is involved in the case is the one Insane mentions: the establishment paedophilia. In our opinion it is involved in the pulling of favours by those knowing their sick predilections and using that knowledge them to force them to participae and help in the hoax.

Please do not limit “establishment” to government.

Remember Insane’s words when ranting against Cristobell: “paedophiles exist in every walk of life, every profession, every strata of society”.

Inside and outside politics. In the media, in the justice system, in the police forces just to name a few relevant areas of society there are people susceptible to blackmail and so easily manipulated.

But even though a serious problem in the UK, it is a small number of people, especially compared with the one of powerful people who engage in socially reprehensible but LEGAL sexual behaviours.

One of these legal but socially reprehensible sexual behaviours is swinging.

From Natalie Rowe’s book, “Whipping up a storm”, when she refers to her friend Stephen:

“…he was into swinging and took me with him to Paris, to a secret, exclusive and expensive club (the annual membership was several thousand pounds) called Cleopatra. Everyone seemed completely respectable, well-heeled and with reputable careers.... [skipping here explicit details].

Stephen also took me to an even more exclusive get-together in a huge chateau about 45 minutes outside Paris. We drove through huge electronic gates into expensive grounds. This swingers club was for judges, lawyers and politicians- nobody could be a member without being recommended by another member and then going through a thorough vetting by the club. Members, who were sworn to secrecy, could bring a guest but they had to take responsibility for the way they behaved. Anything against the rules and you were immediately black balled.”

Natalie Rowe who we remind people has tweeted this:

Natalie Rowe@RealNatalieRowe
(link:… Well according to @theresa_may the Police need to make do ! There’s no money left, so tell Scotland Yard to get jogging and come to think of it, how about arresting the #McCann under caution and start asking them for a recap on their movements that NIGHT
Sky News@SkyNews
Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have requested more money from the Home Office (link:

These “judges, lawyers and politicians” that Natalie mentions in her book, know the right people who know what there is to know about the establishment paedophiles, and so can blackmail them.

They then can use these establishment paedophiles to protect their own legal but seedy secrets in a society that is highly judgemental when it comes to sex, which the recently produced sex-pest list to discipline politicians by sex-shaming them, is proof.

Insane is not threatening the establishment swingers. They would swallow him whole between 2 appetizers and not even notice his taste.

Insane is threatening the establishment paedophilia. Why, we will see later.
So you think I am using the comments page on an obscure and barely-read blog written by a certified lunatic to threaten establishment figures? 

You are even more demented than I thought, and I thought you were a raving lunatic. 

10. Why is Anon Insane?
Yes, I'd be interested to know how you arrived at this erroneous conclusion 

As we said, Anon/Insane submitted 3 comments and most readers only noticed 2. One we spoke of above and the other we will speak of later.
No, I have submitted no comments on your blog, anonymous or otherwise, since I stated that all comments would be confined to my own blog 

But the reader didn’t notice the 3rd one because he submitted it to a different post, the “The reliability of the cadaver dogs” again in reply to a comment from an anonymous.

Again, we need to contextualize his participation.

Anonymous 29 Jan 2018, 14:36:00 replied the following to another poster:

“Anon29 Jan 2018, 07:26:00

Don’t you think that swinging was a plausible *initial* reason to simulate an abduction? The “big hitters” could have the Portuguese police under control with some appropriate political help, but what about the media? Who knows if some Portuguese journos would not find out about the swinging event and leak some names in the local press? Who is powerful enough to prevent that? Such scoop, even unlikely, would then be taken up in the UK and surely be devastating for some reputations, even more so if associated, loosely or not, with the death of a little girl, accidental or not.

In this scenario, the simulated abduction would be part of a quickly decided fallback strategy in the aftermath of Maddie’s death, the main goal of which was to exfiltrate some relevant people “incognito”. It is also possible that the McCanns accepted to play their role in the story on the promise of some kind of reward for being “helpful”, despite having *initially* nothing serious to fear on the judicial level. This would partly explain their pretty arrogant attitude.

Once the initial panic moment had passed, the motivation for the cover-up changed as a consequence of what this blog has called a “snowball effect”. With the PJ being less controllable than expected, there was some pressure to let the truth out, and that was probably possible without exposing the swinging, but not without exposing many people involved in the cover-up itself. And all this further escalated over time, with the government finally putting the whole reputation of UK on the line Operation Grange... Bloody dogs!

BTW, this is personal speculation. My view is clearly influenced by this blog, but may not be endorsed by the blog team.”

To this comment, Anon/Insane replied:

Anon 24 Feb 2018, 13:17:00

In a”

Could that be more Insane/Not Textusa/Walkercan1000? No, it couldn’t.
It wasn't me 

That told us that Insane was trying something on.
That tells me that you are suffering from paranoid schizophrenia  

Joining this with what Anon – now knowing that he was Anon/Insane – had said about the establishment paedophilia with all Not Textusa had blogged against this paedophilia under the guise of attacking Crsitobell and with Walkercan1000’s tweets against Hill and the Brit immigrants, we could see that all was but an offensive against the establishment paedophilia on Insane’s part.

Now the reader can understand why we replied to the above with the following:

Textusa 26 Feb 2018, 13:59:00

"Anon" 24 Feb 2018, 13:17:00

Thank you for such a CLARIFYING reply. 

As usual, we can always count on you to clarify things, as you'll see in a forthcoming post.”

And as promised we are doing that.
Yes, because you are quite, quite mad

11. Insane and messaging

Lastly, Insane’s 3rd  comment as Anon:

Anon 24 Feb 2018, 12:47:00

What i also mean is establishment don't threaten establishment using twitter warriors and media. Those threats and games are played well out of public view.”

To this we replied:

Textusa 26 Feb 2018, 13:56:00

"Anon" 24 Feb 2018, 12:47:00,

"What i also mean is establishment don't threaten establishment using twitter warriors and media. Those threats and games are played well out of public view."

When messages are sent to a collective, they have to be done publicly, usually done in a cryptic way so that the general public doesn't understand them but those meant to understand, do.

Mind you, twitter warriors working for the establishment are only foot warriors and only have Twitter at their disposal to send out their threats.”
Yeah - not me, sorry  

Okay readers - there now follows a long diatribe from her looniness. She displays clear symptoms of mental illness throughout, including paranoid delusions. Please be gentle with her, she can't help it. Having said that, have a big syringe full of ketamine ready in case she gives her carers the slip

As the reader has hopefully realised by now Insane wants to threaten the establishment paedophilia into action and he only has social media with which he can do it.

The message above is him saying exactly that. That is what he has and that is what he’s using. He’s a minion, he has no other means but by golly, he’s using it.

Insane as Walkercan1000, as Not Textusa and now as Anon has put the foot down on the paedophilia pedal and floored it, he’s going full gas.

As if this is all he has, as if this is his last option.

But if has no more options, why not then the goal be to give the game away and expose all?

Because it’s his last option to cut a deal and he knows that even if he doesn’t get one, he’s too small to expose the truth.

If paedophilia was the BIG secret being hidden in the Maddie case, would he really be doing this paedo exposure? No, he wouldn’t.

He would divert the subject away from it and point all to swinging to distract. Instead, he and all others involved in the hoax have done the exact opposite for years.

Even if he doesn’t cut a deal and his future looks bleak, Murphy’s law that nothing is so bad that cannot be made worse, applies.

If he tries to expose anyone without due authorisation, that bleak future will be far, far bleaker.

No threats implied, all he has to do is look at the McCanns to understand.

It’s easy to understand why he’s doing it. It’s his last stand in his fight for survival.

He’s reminding those powerful paedos who his people have dirt on, that now is the time for them to put their shoulder to the wheel and to do all they can to stop the Maddie truth from being outed under the penalty of their truth being outed.

Whether he’s speaking only in his name, or together with others who are as uncomfortable as he is, we don’t know.

How much these powerful paedos should be scared or not by this threat is up to each one of them to know but as we said in our post “The Red Card”, we think Nessling’s sentencing was done by the government to show quite clearly that the word ‘paedophilia’ is not exactly a trump card Insane’s people hold any longer.

Yes, his people may have the information on these powerful paedos but the question one has to ask is if his people can really use it?

Like all those who have had the information about what really happened to Maddie and have not been able to use it for all these years, now the tables have turned and they just sit helplessly and uselessly on the information they have.

It’s that old question of “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”, or in this particular case would be if one has the info but no one is willing to make it public, does one really have the info? No, even though one is holding it, one simply doesn’t have it.

So, it will be interesting to see what the reaction from the other side will be to this rebellious stance from one of their own, after having been through a really tough period with the “Gemma crisis”.
Seriously dear, take your meds 

12. Silencing Insane

On the strategic/political level, the Gemma crisis has shown the UK how embarrassing the Maddie issue can be for its interests in these critical Brexit times.

What that article has shown, is that all a nation, any nation, has to do is wave the Maddie issue even just slightly by suggesting that it will allow one of its journalists to do an article with some “depth” on the subject, that it will weaken the UK’s position on anything.

And it has shown there’s absolutely nothing the UK can do about it if it decides to do that.

That’s how internationally embarrassing the Maddie case has become to the UK.
No it hasn't  

On the battlefield level, Insane has now become a liability.
Have I? Oh dear, that's a bit of a fucker  

Unfortunately, like the international politics have demonstrated, Twitter is literally at the touch of a finger.

Even if one is told to stop tweeting, all one needs is an internet provider, a mobile phone and some folly and there’s nothing stopping one from speaking directly to the entire world.

The same with blogging.

However, one can be convinced that it is in one’s own best interest to behave, paraphrasing one of Walkercan1000’s most used words and apparently that is what has been done in Insane’s case.

On Feb 22 he announced he was going to be absent:
He isn't me  

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Following my success last year in France, Spain, Amsterdam and Egypt my USA event kicks off next week. All tickets are sold. However, in Cuba, due to visa problems, the event is still not confirmed. Apologies, but my team r working hard to resolve the issue. #mccann #bamber #knox

This was in the middle of the Cristobell blogging and before he came on our blog as Anon/Insane.

On the next day he tweets normally, starts at 08:55 and during 3 hours and 20 minutes sends 15 tweets until 12:15.

Then, something strange happens, as he only sends 2 more tweets, 8 hours and 21 minutes later, at 20:36 and 20:39.

On his Cristobell blog he blogs only once, we don’t know at what time.

Then he’s absent on Feb 24 and on Feb 25 at 04:34, after being 1 day and 8 hours absent, he sends this tweet:

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
@lycamobile @LycamobileUK Previously working iphone 6 displays this error message in USA. Help required.

One just has to google “The SIM Card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported” to understand immediately how ridiculous this tweet is.
I wouldn't know dear, on account of not being him  

That screengrabbed message is received when an iPhone is blocked by a service provider. Only that service provider can unlock it.

Note, the message itself says it: “Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier”.

Can’t Insane read what he has posted? If he can, then why is he posting it at all?

And a man so with so many FBI friends, or so he claims there is no one to help him out and tell him that the problem is solved by getting a cheap unblocked phone?

Apparently, his iPhone6 (which is not exactly a recent phone) worked fine in France, Spain, Amsterdam and Egypt last year, even though we are certain that if he was ever there as he claims and we very much doubt, there were different service providers so his SIM card didn’t work there either.

And, one is invited to go, supposedly to a conference in the US, knows he has a blocked phone and doesn’t take care of the issue before leaving?

But the big question that one has to ask, as was pointed out by one of our internet friend J privately, is how was he able to tweet that screengrabbed message?

His iPhone has no internet connection as he says, so even if that message has appeared offline and he can screengrab it, he has no way of sharing it to a laptop from which, supposedly he has tweeted it.

So how did that screengrab get out of an offline iPhone?

a screengrab from a mobile phone

Plus, it isn’t a screengrab taken on a mobile. Screengrabs done on mobiles are vertical rectangles and the screengrab annexed is a horizontal one.

That is much a screengrab from a mobile as Mona Lisa is the Eiffel Tower.

Lycamobile has a website:

In that website, it evidently has a “contact us” button which is what any normal human being uses first to contact Lycamobile and not go and look to see what the Twitter handle is the company uses there.

Insane, instead, decides to announce publicly his problem via Twitter.

Overegging the pudding to tell us all that he’s in the US.
No dear, I'm right here. No idea where Mr Walker is 

He sends another tweet to Lycamobile 9 hours and 41 minutes later at Feb 25 14:15. That tweet we will analyse later in detail but just wanted the reader to understand that he asks Lycamobile for help twice with an interval of almost 10 hours.

How he “survived” without a phone for those 10 hours in the US, we don’t know.

Lycamobile, certainly not used of getting requests for technical help via Twitter, responds to both tweets 19 hours and 37 minutes later, on Feb 26 at 09:52 and 10:01 respectively.

And when does Insane, the desperate Insane with a blocked phone reply back to Lycamobike? 17 hours and 54 minutes later, on Feb 27 at 03:55 and 03:57, respectively.

And only after he tweeted a receipt from a restaurant at 03:53 which we will also deal with later.

Asks for help twice, gets on Twitter and his first priority is to tweet a receipt and not respond to Lycamobile.

So where was the urgency?

There wasn’t any, it was just him using Lycamobile to show the world that he was supposedly in the US.

But let’s get back to the second tweet asking for help from Lycamobile, the one he sent almost 10 hours after the first one:
 You do know that carrying out and then publishing this sort of surveillance on a private individual is actually an offence, don't you? Just thought I would mention that in the spirit of helpfulness. 

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
Michael Walker Retweeted Michael Walker

Notice the all caps? Not ours but his.

Our internet friend J pointed this out to us.
I think your internet friend J probably needs to get themselves looked at too 

A show of despair. He’s not calling for help from Lycamobile (as is later tweets would show) but asking for help. In all caps.

To those familiar with Walkercan’s tweets, we would say it was the first time we remember seeing him using all caps on a tweet. And one begging for help.

He not only was trying to tell everyone that he was in the US and he was in some sort of really big trouble, or so it seemed to him.

13. Insane and the restaurant
And once again, it isn't me.  

To overegg the already overegged pudding of him trying to show all that he was indeed in the US, he decides, as we said above, to tweet a receipt from a restaurant in Florida.

The receipt was allegedly issued on Feb 26 21:54 local time (16:54 GMT) for a meal of 3 for $136.80.

Before we show the tweet, it’s convenient to understand that in the McCann minion-world a receipt from a restaurant or from coffee shop constitutes proof of presence.

This became standard procedure, by coincidence (NOT) quite recently, more exactly on Feb 20 at 17:43  when minion-tweeter Loverandomleigh sent out the following tweet:

Good morning @Trbnsky, wondered if you could tell me why your handwriting is the exact same as Walkers ?? Same arrow, same high up little c, is this just a McCoincidence too ?? (winking emoticon)
Walkers receipt on the left. If only we could ask Columbo (2 monocle emoticons)
(2 laughing emoticons)
#McCann #photoshopexpress

The details of the photos above:

Did the reader notice that both are screengrabs from mobiles? Compare them with what Walkercan1000 posted when asking for help from Lycamobile.

To the Loverandomleigh tweet above Walkercan1000 replied with this on the same day at 20:06:

Michael Walker@walkercan1000
Replying to @Loverandomleigh and @Trbnsky
The one on the left is definitely mine. When I flew into Tallard last year.

So, before getting into the details above, let’s fit this into the paedo offensive timeline: it all happened on Feb 20, the Loverandomleigh tweet was at 17:43, Walkecan1000’s reply was at 20:06 and the tweet accusing Hill was at 22:17. The blogging on his Cristobell blog would only start the next day.
All fascinating stuff, but sadly for you it is nothing to do with me.  

Let’s then look at the tweet exchange.

Firstly, supposing it genuine, what does a receipt prove besides that a purchase was made at certain location at a certain time for a certain value of purchased goods?

If I have two friends one in South Africa and the other in Australia, and they both have a coffee say around 10:00 am on the same day and mail me the respective receipts, does that prove I was in those 2 countries at the same time? It doesn’t.

Secondly, what’s this about writing #McCann on receipts?

Is it a fad? A fetish? Are they being submitted to some accountant for reimbursement?

If so, where and who is managing such #McCann account?

Thirdly, why on earth would Loverandomleigh have in her possession, in original form or a photo of it (why take photo of a receipt?), a receipt of a purchase allegedly made by another person on June 30, 2017 at 22:37 in some Pizzeria in the South-East of France?

Fourthly and lastly, why on earth would Walkercan1000 want to have his handwriting recognised publicly? Yet, he does just that.

All the questions above have a simple answer: after this, the next time Walkercan1000 is to show a receipt with that handwriting and with the #McCann on it, it will prove without a doubt that he was where he will say he will be.

As we have said, Walkercan1000 is the other side’s top-minion, and he just told minion-tweeter Loverandomleigh what to do and the minion-tweeter Loverandomleigh did what s/he was told to do.
That is serious paranoia. You need help. 

And when did the next Walkercan1000’s receipt appear publicly? In Orlando, Florida on Feb 26 21:54 local time (16:54 GMT) with his alleged handwriting on it as well as the #McCann:

Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
For those wishing violence towards me ( you know who you are, all threats were cached) you just missed me. LOL. Payback time for sponsors, fully sold tonight, great turnout. XXX #mccann (ps Havana STILL not confirmed, politics).

“Payback” wouldn’t be a word we would use, we would rather say sponsors were being repaid for their outlay.

And let’s be honest but repaying sponsors who had arranged a “fully sold tonight, great turnout”conference with a $45.60 a head meal, seems to us either stingy or the event was indeed quite unimportant, if it ever existed, which we very much doubt.

We have checked and the restaurant is genuine and the dishes mentioned are in its menu:

- the Beef Tenderloin Medallions (Portabella Mushrooms, Balsamic Cream Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes) does cost $31.50:

- the Chef KB's Lobster Carbonara (Spaghetti, Lobster, Smoked Bacon, Sugar Snap Peas, Truffle Cream Sauce) does cost $28.95;

- the Center-Cut Filet Mignon (8 oz., Italian Herbs, Asparagus, Garlic Butter, Steak Jus, Crispy Vesuvio Potatoes) does cost $34.50.

As we think the receipt to be genuine, we won’t go into how easy it is to create fake US receipts:

Knowing the IRS in the US does not joke around, we would also discard the possibility of the owner of the restaurant altering the cash register to give a receipt a fake date.

So, factually, a receipt has been exhibited with his alleged handwriting and the #McCann trademark on it by someone who really is trying hard to convince everyone that he is in the US.

But let’s pay attention to the content of the tweet. Please remember that this one is the one that follows the “HELP REQUIRED” one 37 hours before.

It’s easy to understand that the absurd claim of political problems around holding a conference in Cuba now that the country has long opened its borders to the world is just a justification for his forthcoming prolonged silence and most likely also for his physical absence from the UK.

But very interesting for him to have said “For those wishing violence towards me (you know who you are, all threats were cached)”.

As we have shown, we have been monitoring his Twitter account and publicly he has not received any threats.

We don’t know what sort of messages he’s getting via DM.
Neither do I, because I'm not him  

We are not seeing the so-called Twitter-antis sending him DM threats. We see them express their disgust for the man publicly.

For example, we do not wish the man any physical harm, however much we dislike him and we do. What we wish to happen to him, is for the police (please note that it’s the police and not anyone else) to identify this individual and legally charge him with his share of responsibility in the obstruction of justice in the Maddie case.

We also would like to see, after the police identify this man and link him to the Walkercan1000 Twitter account, for a British lawyer to offer up his services to Mr Amaral so he could sue him for all the libel he has committed against him.

This is no threatening, simply wishful thinking within the full boundaries of the law.

However, we would not disregard him getting real threats but from those he feels he should fear, threats coming from those that made him feel the compulsory need to fly to the US and give a conference there that is not to be found anywhere on the internet.
So let me get this straight:  you have researched every conference in the United States to see where he is? Maria, this is seriously disturbed behaviour which could get you into a world of trouble. So do carry on........

So, he may really be in the US and is not showing us all he is there but showing others that he is.

Making the paedo offensive threat from there as if to show how he really means it as he is outside the country and any move made against him for his arrest, for example, implicates first getting him and then extraditing him.

We repeat the interest we see in the use of the word “Payback” in the tweet.

When one only has Twitter to communicate and wants to convey a message, one has to be cryptic and subtle and payback has a very negative connotation.

We would like to point out that the owners of Boavista golf, Emerson Jones also have developments in Orlando, Florida.

He has threatened Hill, he has threatened the British immigrants, could he now be giving a coded message to the Boavista golf club in his tweet? Possibly.

For that reason we don’t think the use of green ink on the receipt was accidental. Especially if one takes into account that the waiter’s name has been blurred out with a blue ink pen.

We are not certain he is in the US as he could get that receipt in different possible ways, but we would say he is.

It’s evident that this paedo offensive took some planning.

And since Walkercan1000 has “left” the building the #McCann minions seem to have disappeared.

14. Conclusion

The Gemma O’Doherty has had a bigger effect than we even thought it had.
Is that what you were ostensibly talking about? Jesus.  

It has made Insane go rogue as because of it he may have felt the hairs on the back of his neck tingle really hard.

He certainly has pulled the last rabbit out of his hat by threatening the establishment paedophiles into action.

This is the reason we believe he has been silenced. Reading this he’ll probably tweet and blog something just to prove us wrong but his absent periods will grow longer and prove us right.
Oh really? 😁 

We have said that we think that Jim Gamble got to handle the Maddie case in the UK due to his performance with Operation Ore, which is alleged to have involved establishment paedophiles, many now publicly being targeted by the other side’s top minion Insane.
What? Where? 

It will be interesting to watch the reaction of the other side about this rebellious behaviour. That’s why we will see how the minions will now act with this absence of leadership.

Insane was by far the most knowledgeable of the contents of the PJ Files. Without his help the minions are basically helpless.

If he returns, then that will mean that the other side has conceded to his blackmail. That would show a weakness that these people have never shown and if it happens we will be sincerely surprised.

It will also be interesting to watch the government’s reaction to the rebellion of one so relevant from the opposing camp.
Wait - so if I am here, it makes your prediction a pile of shit? Okay .......... 

If it continues to pursue the hoax, not only it will confirm its weakness before the other side, as now it will be seen as folding before the establishment paedophilia.

Finally, one cannot go without saying that during the entire month of February we had only 1 “event” supporting the closing of Operation Grange, and that was the Feb 9 Mirror article by Tom Pettifor and Tracey Kandohla “Madeleine McCann's parents have £750k in Find Maddie Fund to help find daughter if police probe is axed”, which was quickly rebutted 3 days later by having the Met ask for the funding of Operation grange to be continued.

The deadline for the decision to continue Operation Grange for another semester is April.

By now we would be expecting for much more action to have happened and all is so eerily quiet.

And there’s always a quiet before a storm.

And did the reader notice the faux pas, or maybe not, that Insane made when he responded to our blog?

We didn’t. It was our internet friend J who pointed it out to us. Let’s highlight that:

“Okay, folks, enough of this bollocks. The Maddie case has nowt to do with Brexit not least because the poor child had probably been DEAD for years before the Brexitshambles hove into view
What is your issue with that? It is nothing to do with Brexit and I have always maintained that Madeleine was almost certainly dead on the night she disappeared, years before the Brexit vote

Anyhoo, here is a word to the textaloons

If you actually give a shit about your glorious leader, you might want to give her some advice. Her behaviour is seriously disturbed and disturbing. Stalking people and then inciting others to take acts of retribution is a serious crime. I don't know how much internet access she would be allowed from jail, but if you want to continue to be bored shitless on a weekly basis, you ought to tell her to behave herself

Oh - and a quick PS

She has responded to my previous post. Apparently:
Clearly, someone impersonating Insane and doing a lousy job.
So now the only one writing who is actually me, and not a figment of her imagination, is an impersonator. 
Readers, she is fucking nuts. 

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