Monday, 5 February 2018

Pointing the finger

On reading Gemma O'Doherty's article, Her Loonyness had the following to say:

Textusa's local police respond to reports that she has escaped her restraints

We think someone should ask Gemma to clarify the following sentence: “The Met said local police had already done this and there was no need to repeat the process, but the Portuguese investigation was littered with failings and best practice in cases like this dictates it is always important to eliminate those closest to the child first”

Specifically the part “…but the Portuguese investigation was littered with failings…”.

Is this a personal opinion? If so, based on what and could she provide one example of one these failings?

So, Textusa takes offence at any suggestion the Portuguese investigation was ''littered with failings''

However, she also believes that they completely failed to notice that the place was full of swingers and every person in the resort was lying their arse off. They also ''failed to notice'' the absence of a table from the Tapas or that Sky News faked one for their footage.

In fact, if you believe Textusa's nonsense you have to draw the inevitable conclusion that the PJ was totally and utterly inept. After all, if they 'missed' all this evidence despite being on the scene, yet Textusa managed to find it all sitting on her lumpen arse thousands of miles away, they can't be up to much, can they?

Can't have it both ways......

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