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Dear readers,
Seeing that Textusa's latest bullshit has resulted in additional visitors, I have resurrected this for you - it covers many of her deranged theories. Enjoy. The original dates from 2015. 

Having seen Textusa's reply to Tony Bennett, and finally managed to stop laughing, I thought I would take a look at her questions

1. Did the Big Round Table exist? We don’t think it did.
You claim not to believe the table existed because you said it wasn't possible to fit nine people around a table despite the fact that restaurants do it every day and you hadn't seen a photo of it. When presented with filmed footage of it, you claimed the footage had been doctored by Sky. When presented with a photo of it you claimed it was too flimsy to bear the weight of a meal.

Conclusion: Bollocks, of course it existed.
2. Was there total non-negligence (the one involving Ocean Club (Tapas & management) and Mark Warner (nannies)) or only there was no negligence because of “one Tapas in apartment”? Yes we think there was no negligence whatsoever.
There is individual witness testimony from several individuals stating that they were aware the McCann party left their children alone or they observed them leaving the table to make checks.

Conclusion: Bollocks, plenty of witness testimony to the contrary. 
3. Did the Tapas dinners take place? We don’t think they did.
Numerous individual witness testimonies from Tapas staff and diners who observed the McCann party there

Conclusion: Bollocks. Of course they did. 
4. Are the Tapas Reservation Sheets genuine? We don’t think they are.
The reservation sheets correspond to the witness testimony and show no signs of having been tampered with 
Conclusion : Utter bollocks  
6. Did Mrs Fenn hear Maddie cry for 75 minutes and why she only reported it over 3 months later? We think there was no crying episode.
There is no evidence that she only reported it 3 months later - on the contrary, she is reported as being concerned that it took so long to take her statement. There would be no reason for her to make it up

Conclusion: Utter bollocks 
7. Is Derek Flack lying about Pimpleman? We think he was.
You have given no reason why he would, and his sighting is confirmed by another witness

Conclusion: Utter bollocks 
8. Is TS lying about Pimpleman? We think she was.
You have given no reason why a 12 year old local girl would make up such a story. Your fanciful, abusing stories that she was ordered to do so by adults who were sexually abusing her is tantamount to harassment of the child. Her account is also supported by other witness testimony

Conclusion: Utter bollocks and possibly your most shameful hour. 
9. Is JW lying about Pimpleman? We think she was.
No; Other witness testimony confirms the account

Conclusion: Utter bollocks 
10. Were there Quiz Nights? We don’t think there were.
Multiple witness testimony states the opposite. As the existence of a quiz has no role in the disappearance of Madeleine there is no earthly reason to doubt these accounts

Conclusion: Utter bollocks 
11. Were there watersports? We don’t think there were.
Why? This is just idiocy - there is clear evidence of these being available and taking place

Conclusion: Utter bollocks 
12. Is it the Gordon’s little boy’s DNA on the wall and bedcover (the latter containing semen and saliva)? No, we don’t think the DNA is from him.
No, it is from him, as confirmed by DNA analysis by the FSS. The bed cover did not contain semen; you are well aware of this. 

Conclusion: Utter bollocks 
13. Why did PJ use the word “swing” to search Murat’s and Malinka’s computers? Because PJ knew swinging was going on.
They used lots of words. There is no evidence whatsoever that the resort was being used for swinging or that the PJ believed this to be the case

Conclusion: Utter bollocks
14. Were the booking sheets tampered with? We think they were.
No they weren't, and nor have you produced any evidence to show this

Conclusion: Utter bollocks
15. Were the crèche sheets tampered with? We think they were.
No evidence of this whatsoever, despite the ramblings of an assortment of twitter gobshites

Conclusion: Utter bollocks.
16. Is Stephen Carpenter lying about almost all he says? We think he was.
One thing you will never understand is that multiple accusations does not equal evidence. There is nothing whatsoever to suggest that Mr Carpenter lied, and the only reason you have accused him is because his evidence contradicts many of your demented theories

Conclusion: Utter bollocks
17. Is Raj Balu lying about the travel cot? We think he was.

18. Is Neil Berry lying about the travel cot? We think he was.

I am going to take these two together- what possible reason would these two men have to lie about a travel cot? It is a moot point in any case as it has no relevance whatsoever to Madeleine - it's just another of your flights of fancy

Conclusion: Utter bollocks

And there, in a single page, is Textusa's entire output for the last 8 years, dismissed.

The woman is a lunatic. 

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