Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Dear readers,

Whenever I take Textusa to task, it generates massive additional traffic to her site. Nowadays, she can barely scrape 50 comments per post; lock horns with me and that increases four-fold. I suspect this is partly why she has been posting nonsense, contradicting her own posts within hours of them appearing. So there will be no further communication with her on her blog. I'll comment on here and as always the comment page is open for anyone else to contribute.

In addition, anyone requiring a response can use NT, or NotTextusa. Those are the only names I use and consequently the only ones to which I will respond. If this is a problem then the option to fuck off is always available.




  1. Good morning, NT

    Your observation that your presence on T’s blog generates massive additional traffic to her site seems to be correct. I’ve had a look and come to the same conclusion.

    As to your decision to withdraw… Perhaps the educational value of your posts ought to be taken into account. You are an eloquent, interesting and well-informed observer, and your posting there would amount to ‘doing God’s work’, for it might have a remedial effect on at least those of the Textusons who haven’t yet become Textaloons.

    I admit I’m unable to determine whether the Textusa disease is treatable at any stage of its development.


  2. Morning Ag

    Yes, it was only when I realised how many comments the latest pile of nonsense had racked up and compared it to older threads that I noticed the pattern.

    I won't be withdrawing from commenting on her posts or on her responses to any published comments, but I'm going to do it here, rather than provide Her Loonyship with clickbait. I have always seen it as my solemn duty to correct the rampant bollocks she puts out, so that in 2,000 years when the signal finally reaches the next inhabited planet, they won't assume we are all single-celled lifeforms :D

    I doubt Loonius Textasaurus is treatable; the kindest thing is probably euthanasia, tbh, so our hopes rest on luring her to Switzerland......

    1. And thank you for your kind comments, by the way. Very much appreciated x

    2. Ag: “your posting there
      Dare I ask why worry about clickbait? Not that it’s any of my business of course, just curious, scientifically.:D

      Switzerland sounds perfect. I would tentatively propose that Her Looniness be advised that she has been nominated for the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry in recognition of her paradigm-shifting discovery of the cadaverine bollockside compound and that she is invited to address the 2018 International Linguistics Conference in Switzerland dedicated to translating her scientific writings from Textusish into all the major languages of the world/universe. That just might do the trick.


    3. Thank you, NT.


  3. You know, Ag, it might just work.........


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