Monday, 11 December 2017


Hello all, long time no see

I haven't bothered blogging as, frankly, there wasn't anything worth blogging about.

However, those of you who still peruse the mad bitch's site may have noticed references she made to me.

I responded and she published the first comment but withheld the second. So here it is:

'I would say the fact that you posted your nonsense in the first place speaks volumes.
I have no idea who or what has rattled your cage this time - maybe you are finding it difficult living under a president who is even crazier than you are - but you are barking (mad) up the wrong tree, as per usual.
Now go and explain to your lunatic followers that you got it wrong again, dear'

Her craziness seems to have got the idea that I am some McCann supporter on twitter.

I am not. As I already stated, I have no twitter presence.

So, Maria, as I am sure you are aware that I have all your real-life details, I suggest you stop making or publishing claims that I am Michael Walker/Fireman whatever and that you do not make any reference to me in association with disgusting convicted criminal Nigel Nessling.

If you continue, I will issue proceedings against you. I will also have your Facebook page pulled again.

Have a nice day.