Friday, 26 February 2016


I don't like liars

I specifically don't like liars who ask me to leave their blog then lie about the reason why I went.

Enjoy the quiet


  1. I asked mrs mutton why you had been deleted.....silence!

  2. She asked me to go. It's in there amongst her posts. Then lied about me refusing to answer questions - silly cow.

    I deleted my comments for two reasons - one, because I don't see why they should serve as clickbait for her, and two, because I have no further wish to be associated with her blog. I have a copy, naturally, in case she wants to deny anything.

    Unfortunately, Ros, for all her grandstanding, is just another blogger whose knowledge of the case mostly comes from the TV. It became increasingly obvious that many of her readers are profoundly stupid people who can see no further than the 'kneejerk' reaction they pull whenever anyone points out to them that half of what they think they know about the case is total bullshit.

  3. A full account can be found here

    including, this

    Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton25 February 2016 at 11:45
    I can translate passive/aggressive too NT, and I'm getting a bit sick of your aggressive responses to MY readers. Please take your dogma and anger issues back to your own blog.

    So, as requested, I did just that. Only for her to claim I went when certain of my posts were challenged. I knew she would pull the anonymity handle at some point - unlike her, some of us have no wish to dangle our drawers from the window. It's called privacy.

    Ultimately, it's pointless trying to have an intelligent, rational discourse with people who are not only pig-shit ignorant, but are proud of being pig-shit ignorant.

    1. There's real irony in you talking about your 'privacy' but you probably wouldn't get it. "Ultimately, it's pointless trying to have an intelligent, rational discourse with people who are not only pig-shit ignorant, but are proud of being pig-shit ignorant." Oh dear.... what an invasion of your sacred space? But you probably only publish 'positive' comments that reinforce your own 'world view'.... Enjoy your world, Glupe.

    2. Oh do fuck off dear. Come back when you have mastered sentence construction

  4. And she has been involved in Poultons' documentary.

  5. I'm not having this turn into a slanging match, no offence.

    I just think that myths, lies and bullshit, whichever side of the fence they emerge from, do nobody any favours. You end up with the ridiculous situation now where Dicky Bollocks and his Tin Hat circus are travelling the UK, the Festering Tramp's arm up his arse working his vocal chords, and delivering what can most generously be described as a pile of utter wank

  6. Just to say, I won't be making any further comment on this matter. I think that when someone has shown their true colours, it would be a shame to dilute them.

  7. Waky waky Not-T......
    A real psycho-analysis of yourself..... on the Luna-site.....
    looking forward for your 'breakdown'

  8. Yep, seen it. It'll have to wait a day or so, I'm kind of busy. Still, it shouldn't take too long, she's off her head as usual :-)

  9. glad that more people are seeing the other side of ros, she's a self-serving muppet, who doesn't really have a full grasp of the case, she just blogs whatever random thought comes into her head that day, is rude and condescending and I have no idea why so many people hang on her words, similar to textusa. I have actually stopped posting on all Mccann forums because I could not stand reading the garbage she spewed and being shot down by mods/other posters when asking a simple question.

    Love this blog though, it's hilarious, keep up the good work


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