Monday, 1 February 2016

A Conspiracy by any other name

Evening all.

Just a quick one for now as the mad out trout has got the old red pen out again, and refuses to publish anything containing the word ''Conspiracy''

She is very sensitive about this - she hates anyone pointing out that she is a conspiraloon.

Anyway, here is the post which she won't publish.........

A conspiracy is defined as
"a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful"
A cover-up in which you allege hundreds of people took part is, by definition, a conspiracy. Unless you are suggesting they all acted totally independently, which you are not.


  1. I'm curious as to what the theory here is? Having read the files, and done as much research as I have, it seems pretty obvious to me that the parents know what happened. That she likely dies accidentally and they disposed of her body somehow.
    Someone told me that I should go to textusas blog, and so I did......
    At first I found myself wondering if I was just not intelligent enough to understand everything she spoke about. Soon I was pretty sure that she was in fact a paranoid and narcicistic loon. She seems to be pulling things out of her ass, and presenting them as fact, and what is even more insane is that she has a following of people exalting her insight.

    1. Hello and welcome.

      You have hit on exactly the problem.

      She's a loon. But she is also extremely manipulative. I don't think she believes half of the bullshit she publishes; she gets her rocks off by manipulating others to believe it, which they generally do, as most of them are on an intellectual par with pocket lint.


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