Friday, 20 November 2015

Loony post

Evening all

In the absence of a new post from Textusa, I thought I would pause briefly to bring you this:

Brilliant stuff Textusa! I suspect "Insane" must be feeling like Ronda Rousey right now (...)

Me? I couldn't give a fuck, mate!

You've spent the entire week arguing the toss with that famous tribute act Baldy and the Fruit Loops, don't let me interrupt.

Also, who the hell is Ronda Rousey? 


  1. Wakeup Not-T.....
    Tex finally squeezed out the last one for this year (thank god)........ everything is in it..... Pimpleman, the BRT, tampered booking sheets .... you name it...... the works
    Looks like she ran out of inspiration (again)...... please help her Not-T

  2. I'm doing it! And you're right, it's like a Best of Take That album, she has thrown everything in. It's like the dying cry of a thousand lemmings as they launch themselves over a cliff. It's an inadequate esplanade away from a boxed set. As such, it may take me some time, but never fear. You will have it soon.......


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