Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Crowdfunding - we need your help

Dear friends

For many visitors to the JH forum, what follows is a familiar, if distressing, sight

 Re: McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW!

Post  jeanmonroe Today at 12:56 pm
WHY would Kate say 'I TOOK' (the 'tennis balls photo) when she DIDN'T??????

JT............... DID!

WHY did KM , ('desperately'?) 'need' everybody to 'know' SHE 'took the tennis balls photo'?

Even to the 'point' of 'dissing' JT's and RO's 'proven' claim, to have 'taken' the tennis balls 'photo'


Why indeed.

This is an example of the painful condition ''Punctuitis''

Jean has suffered with Punctuitis for many years. Fighting back tears, she told this reporter how it felt to live with such a debilitating condition.

"Well, you know, it's hard. Every day is hard. I do try to control it, but before I know where I am I am randomly inserting commas around 'words'. Then it 'becomes' a 'compulsion' and I 'just' can't 'stop'  'it'.
I need help!!!!!!! "''@<>//"

There is no cure for Punctuitis, although studies using a baseball bat and a stern reminder are showing some promise. But you can help sufferers like Jean. 

£40 buys a taser so she can be zapped when she does it. It seems cruel, but it's effective.

£50 pays for an English language teacher, to teach her how to fucking write properly, for Christ's sake.

£100 covers the cost of a specially adapted keyboard, from which every last punctuation key has been removed.

Please help sufferers of Punctuitis to live a normal life. Visit the Crowdfunding site and look for the link



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