Wednesday, 16 September 2015

In Deepest Sympathy.......

This blog wishes to offer it's condolences to one Vikki Scott, who wrote a much-shared piece on the Madeleine affair this week

It was all going so well, and then this happened:

" Some other event was happening in Praia de Luz that week and that some of those in attendance were powerful movers and shakers who needed to be protected at all costs. For those of you who have yet to read Textusa I urge you to visit the blog where all will become clear." 

"Another schmuck"

So close, Vikki; so close. Never mind, pet.  


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  2. Not about the above which I couldn't find but the latest offering of Textusa where a new and highly recommended post would explain all, but I stumbled at several fences and now languish at Beecher's Brook:

    For example, we would like to know why the Tapas staff lied about there having been the Tapas dinners and Quiz Nights within the paedophile theory, to just name a known one.

    - has completely baffled me, it's going to take most of the weekend to fit Tapas dinners into a paedophile theory - do paedophiles not eat Tapas dinners?
    Then there's the JMFS and it comes up everywhere, scroll, scroll - more JMFS. I will wait for the review - those red islands containing reason and Tourette's syndrome in equal portions.... (it does set mine off as well ...)

    There's one thing though, Kafka would have been right at home with Textusa's mindset.

    1. Hi Tigger
      I am going to be replying to it later, I have only had a chance to quickly scan it so far, but on first examination it seems to be one of her most deranged yet. What the buggering bollocks is the Jenny Murat stuff all about?

      She is now picking numbers out of the air, randomly, which is truly hilarious.

      She seems to be saying that in excess of 400 guests, every member of staff, which also runs into hundreds, a whole bunch of local residents, two of them pensioners and one a child, and every single member of the police, including Mr Amaral, conspired together to cover up swinging. And never once in the 8 years since has any of them ''told''

      I am afraid there is only one possible conclusion.

      She is out of her fucking mind.


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